Alien Shooter Mod Apk 39.6 (Unlimited Money/Gems) 2022


Earth's last hope is in your hands, take control of the lone spaceship and protect Earth from alien swarms. Your goal will be quite challenging as you will have to save the Universe from its evil enemies. In this space shooting game, you will be facing an increasingly large number of enemies in hazardous environments. As the game progresses, you will earn the right to upgrade your spacecraft to unleash its full lethal capacity.
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May 31, 2022
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Alien Shooter Mod Apk 39.6 (All Ships Unlocked) Free Download Latest Version 2022

Alien Shooter Mod Apk features highly maneuverable controls and in-depth spaceship upgrades that gradually unlock new skills. As more and more developers release various, highly appealing shooting games, it appears that the shooting genre is edging closer to dominating the gaming industry. Kids and adults alike find Galaxy Attack – Alien Shooter to be one of the most captivating arcade games. Players can enjoy a completely unique experience with this edition that has excellent features and a gripping narrative. Even when losing, this game will give players intriguing and enjoyable experiences.

In the classic vertical shooter Alien Shooter (MOD, Unlimited Money), you take on the role of the world’s savior. In accordance with the story, you must take control of the final warship still in existence and attempt to exterminate as many alien invaders as you can, which will increase with each level. In Galaxy Attack mod apk, you must progress through more than 120 levels of varying difficulty while using your various modules to enhance your shuttle and make the main objective easier to achieve. Notable features include the multiplayer mode and graphics modeled after gaming machines.

In Alien Shooter Mod Apk, shoot down the alien spaceships that are attempting to destroy the earth to win the game. Players will experience controlling their spaceship to annihilate the approaching enemy as they become engrossed in captivating space battles while playing the game. As your adversaries grow in number and ferocity, you will be fighting them alone. You are invited to investigate exciting interstellar battles. Let’s start combat right away.

The video game that puts you in the role of the rescuer is called Alien Shooter. You embark on a journey in the game where you must eliminate all the enemies and put an end to the conflict. In a demanding gaming environment, the game allows you to put your talents and abilities to the test. You become the planet’s last hope in the video game. in terms of combat. Either you shoot or you get shot at.

The earth is surrounded by aliens. The conflict has begun. Everything has been smashed and destroyed. The last space shuttle is yours. You are the planet’s last hope. The objective is to destroy the hostile aliens and bring peace back to Earth. You can play the game to relive the excitement, adventure, and action of being on the battlefield. In the game, you can put yourself in the role of a hero and face up against aliens directly to prove that you have the highest chance of surviving.

If you were around for the early days of computer technology and played classic games like Alien Shooter and Chicken Invaders, those are wonderful experiences you won’t soon forget. Today, I’ll help you relive your childhood by playing a well-known game with a brand-new twist. Take a look at Onesoft’s Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. The renowned video game Chicken Invaders has been improved with this edition. Although it is still built on an outdated platform, this version offers several graphic and gameplay enhancements. You can also download Hungry Shark Mod Apk.

Alien Shooter Mod Apk

Take command of the lone spacecraft and defend Earth against alien hordes; you are the planet’s final hope. You will have a very ambitious goal because you must defend the universe from its malevolent adversaries. You will encounter an increasing number of enemies in perilous settings in this space shooter. You will unlock the opportunity to modify your spaceship as the game goes on and unleash its full deadly potential.

The renowned monster hunter is back on your screens in Alien Shooter (MOD, Unlimited Money), but this time on mobile devices! Immerse yourself in thrilling conflicts in richly drawn settings; the game’s action takes place within a secure military research facility. As you advance in the game, you’ll be able to unlock new types of weapons and complete protection. You’ll also be able to fight against armies of merciless monsters that annihilate everything in their path and search for survivors and caches with valuable items.

Are you looking for a game with straightforward but difficult gameplay? Or do you desire a fantastic game you can play every time you’re idle? Then you must include this game in your library! Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Mod will definitely surprise you with how intriguing it is! You fight in a straightforward but compelling space battle in this game. You take control of a lone spaceship and defend planet earth against alien invaders. Defeat all adversaries and defend our planet at all costs because you are Earth’s last hope.

OneSoft Global created the arcade game Attack Alien Shooter, which has received over 100 million downloads on Google Play alone. This game has had tremendous success in the arcade game genre and has a strong chance of surpassing all others. In this game, you control the captain of a lone spacecraft that is meant to defend the planet. See what occurs at the conclusion of each level! We only have one chance left to stop the alien invasion completely at their staging area now that it has started. You are our last line of defense, so do not let them get out of this place. You now hold the key to humanity’s future! Take them out quickly and live!

Now play the legendary PC Alien Shooter on your Android phone or tablet! abandoned military installation. swarms of vicious creatures. Here you are. Your mission is simple — cleanse the base so there are just dead creatures’ corpses left around. – burst through 10 missions and find out the reason for the alien invasion! – Enjoy intuitive control layouts with the available auto-aim feature! – stand up to the huge crowds of monsters appearing on one screen at a time- level up, try out superhuman fighting abilities in an intense battle- corpses of the monsters eliminated do not disappear.


In the game, Android gamers will find themselves playing as the spaceship captain of the lone spaceship – Earth’s only hope in front of the invading aliens. Here, you’ll have to take on a series of epic battles against the enemies’ fleet. Utilize your incredible firepower to overcome the enemies in your path. As you decisively take out your adversaries, make sure that none of them escape. Although it shares many similarities with DragonSky: Idle & Merge, it also has some unique space attack configurations.

Enjoy the vertical scrolling shooter where you’ll engage in a variety of entertaining battles with the foes and have fun as you advance through a number of amazing levels. Utilize the boosters and buffs that come from the detonated enemies to bolster the power of your spacecraft. Make use of your special attacks and shoots to successfully fend off the adversaries.

Additionally, for those looking for a fantastic casual game, the intuitive top-down view and gameplay will undoubtedly make the game very enjoyable. Additionally, even the most doubtful players would be impressed by the in-depth gameplay and variety of game modes.

Alien Shooter Mod Apk

Features of Alien Shooter Mod Apk:

Simple, uncomplicated, and incredibly addictive gameplay

Android gamers can become familiar with Galaxy Attack’s gameplay right away thanks to its straightforward and simple controls. Having said that, you can easily utilize the touch controllers to maneuver your spaceship around and avoid enemy strikes. Send unending waves of lasers in their direction and eliminate your adversaries with precise precision.

Additionally, you should simultaneously gather several buffs that your adversaries drop in order to strengthen your weapons and alter the laser types. You’ll discover that each of them is extra fantastic and effective depending on the circumstances.

Varying levels with different challenges

Additionally, you’ll discover that every level is utterly enjoyable as you immerse yourself in thrilling in-game activities. And this is because each of them is experiencing reasonably escalating difficulties. That being said, neither the challenging gameplay nor the game’s eventual monotony as you advance through the levels will overwhelm you.

Furthermore, you should have no trouble enjoying Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter to the fullest thanks to the game’s enormous variety of levels, which total more than 160 stages. This is especially true considering that each level has its own intriguing missions and awesome setups.

Gather specific bonuses to amplify your spacecraft.

If you’re interested, you can also pick up a number of amazing upgrades for your guns and lasers whenever you complete a space journey in the game. As you utilize your guns and lasers to defeat the opponents, amplify them. As you advance through the game, you’ll gain more firepower, firing rate, accuracy, and other advantages. Enjoy yourself as you use those unique upgrades to move through the game’s levels.

Utilize incredible powers to overcome adversaries.

Furthermore, you can employ many powers to destroy your adversaries during your flights and clashes with the space invaders. During your space conflicts, you can quickly activate these skills. Consequently, you can always use them to combat your adversaries and prevent the planet from being completely destroyed.

Enter huge fights with numerous foes.

And for those of you who are interested, it’s also possible for you to enjoy yourself as you progress through the levels because you’ll come up against a variety of opponents, each of whom has their own special skills and traits. Consequently, you should be ready for enemies who would shoot at you or obtrusively throw themselves into your spaceships. The most important thing to remember is to always be ready for the worst when you come across intimidating bosses of your enemies.

Play the game with friends and other players online.

Android players in Galaxy Attack can also find themselves having fun with the fantastic in-game Multiplayer Mode, which adds to the game’s intrigue. You’re welcome to jump right into the exciting 1vs1 or 1vs3 PvP matches as you take them out. Play the game whenever you have time with your friends and other online players.

Enjoy yourself while aiming for the highest possible score in infinite mode.

Additionally, the endless mode of the game offers fantastic enjoyment and in-game elements as you aim for the highest possible score. Here, you’ll be able to fight against waves upon waves of adversaries while having your lasers fully enhanced. Fight against your never-ending foes while traveling the furthest distances and having fun while earning the highest points. In Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter’s Endless mode, you can compete with other players while breaking your own records.

Be active and collect your daily rewards

Gamers on Android can also have fun in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter thanks to the fantastic daily rewards. Simply participate in Galaxy Attack and have fun whenever you play to earn some incredible rewards along the way. Additionally, you will definitely receive your special rewards at the end of the month thanks to the stacking rewards.

Enjoy a variety of in-game achievements.

The game also features a variety of different in-game achievements that are simple to collect and take advantage of. While taking the time to complete these achievements, feel free to dive into the classic gameplay. As you advance through your achievements, take advantage of special rewards, and feel free to brag to friends and other online gamers.

Free to use

For those of you who are interested, you can absolutely download Galaxy Attack for free on your mobile devices. Having said that, playing the game for free on the Google Play Store is always an option.

Obtain unlimited funds using our mod.

Although it is a freemium game, there are still ads and in-game purchases that you may find annoying as you take on the challenges. Hence, to make the game interesting, gamers in Galaxy Attack will also find themselves having access to our completely unlocked gameplay on their Mobile Devices. Simply download and install the Galaxy Attack Mod APK from our website, make sure it’s installed correctly by following the provided instructions, and you’re ready to go. Enjoy having unlimited money, no advertisements, and many other fun features.


Enjoy the straightforward yet incredibly entertaining and fascinating in-game graphics as you immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Galaxy Attack. Enjoy the straightforward and compelling retro-styled images that you will undoubtedly find amusing. Additionally, with full optimizations and compatibility for all Android devices, players will undoubtedly find themselves taking full advantage of the gameplay. Not to add that the undemanding aesthetics guarantee that the game’s gameplay will be satisfying and fluid throughout.


Along with the intense visual experiences, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter players also find themselves having a blast because of the intense sound effects. Having said that, the great immersive soundtrack will make you feel incredibly present in combat. Not to mention, Galaxy Attack’s engaging and compelling soundtracks will keep you engrossed in the game for hours on end.

Alien Shooter Mod Apk

Several players

It allows you to participate in 1v1 and 1v3 matches. There are also numerous game modes and maps with various difficulties and challenges available to you. Play with them all to put your talents to the test.

In order to climb the leaderboards, you must win as many games as you can.

Excellent Gameplay

High-quality animations and visuals that are prepared for larger mobile and tablet screens are what you can expect. You may employ a lot of active skills in the game during space combat as well.

Depending on your device and internet capabilities, you can adjust the settings to alter the gameplay quality.

Over 160 levels, missions, and challenges

You can take part in and complete more than 160 missions and challenges. Your skills will be enhanced, and you’ll receive many resources and gems to help you advance.

Lots of weapons and guns

There are several guns and other weapons available for you to use. Additionally, you can regularly update them to boost their power, damage, and other properties.

Upgrade your spacecraft to make them into beasts.

Alien Shooter Mod Apk includes an immersive SpaceShip section in addition to its impressive gameplay, where you can select your preferred SpaceShip and upgrade it to behemoth levels. It’s not like the old games where you had a single SpaceShip with the same skills and levels. You heard that right. These days, you can improve your spaceships by up to 20 grades to increase their Firepower and Bullet level by playing games like Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. So have fun upgrading and use all of your power when fighting aliens!

Pick one of the top spacecraft or planetary drones.

A versatile Android game with a tonne of content is called Galaxy Attack. The days of playing the same Galaxian level over and over with different enemies are long gone. To enjoy a total of ten spaceships, including Pulse Blast, Wisdom Glory, Thunder Blade, Pirate King, and the most potent one, Legendary, simply download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter right away.

You can also endure the wide range of Galactic Drones present in this immersive game, including the Boss-adoring Captain Galaxy, Alien Mercenary, Rush Fighter, Thunder Spirit, and Titan Wings! Pick your favorite and enjoy yourself!

Download the updated version to unlock tonnes of new powers.

Nothing in the world has only benefits; everything has both advantages and disadvantages. Every single thing has both benefits and drawbacks. Similar to that, Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter has a huge number of flaws. With the modification – Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD APK – we can still resolve them all in this specific article.

We play with the in-game servers and assist you with the cracked, cheaty versions because these Android games don’t provide in-game cheats. A similar customized version of the official game, Galaxy Attack MOD APK offers the best features including Unlimited Money, VIP Level 12, and an unlocked shopping menu. Download it right away to unlock the beast, Legendary, and complete all of the missions in a single day!

Get Unlimited Coins to make limitless, cost-free transactions.

Its primary goal as a modification of the original game is to provide all in-app purchases with upgrades at no cost to you. Because of this, Alien Shooter Mod Apk gives you an infinite amount of coins to use in the Shop menu and buy anything you want. Additionally, without changing a single penny, you can use this money to enhance all of your spaceships with galactic drones. It’s time to download the Galaxy Attack MOD APK and transform it into an armored spaceship!

Free unlimited crystals for the legendary purchases

Without Crystals, which are the second and most important game currency, you cannot buy legendary assets. In consideration of this, Alien Shooter Mod Apk also provides limitless crystals, which you can use to buy premium items like Captain Galaxy, Suicide Shark, and the Legendary SpaceShip. Why wait when perfect things are already here?

Free shopping options are available, and everything is readily accessible.

In addition to the features listed above, Galaxy Attack MOD APK also gives you access to a fully unlocked shopping menu that includes all the unlocked legendary items such as the premium spaceships, galactic drones, and their paid upgrades. Yes, you heard correctly! With the Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter MOD APK, you can use all the expensive items from the shop without paying a dime for the time.

Alien Shooter Mod Apk

Pros of Alien Shooter Mod Apk:

  • Direct downloads of the application are available from the third-party website in any version. You can access the app archives for the majority of versions and download them based on your requirements.
  • Downloading is instantaneous, you don’t have to wait for the review procedure, etc., unlike Play Store.
  • There is an APK file on your memory card or system memory after downloading. As a result, you can repeatedly uninstall and reinstall them without downloading.

Cons of Alien Shooter Mod Apk:

  • Google typically does not audit app downloads from outside sources. Therefore, it might damage your phone.
  • APK files could be infected with malware that destroys or steals data from your phone.
  • Your apps won’t automatically update because they don’t usually have access to the Google Play Store

How to Download and Install Alien Shooter Mod Apk?

  • Download “Alien Shooter Mod Apk”.
  • Install Download Apk without connecting to WiFi or the internet.
  • Start the installer, then finish the installation.
  • Allow it to finish installing on your Android device.
  • Launch the MOD APK app to access the free, limitless resources.


How is 100% security for the Alien Shooter Mod Apk App guaranteed by

A: If a user wants to download an APK file from, we verify that the appropriate APK file is available on Google Play and let them do so (of course they are cached on our server). If Google Play does not have the APK file, it can be found in our cache.

Does installing an APK from allow for Play Store updates?

A: Of course, it is. With the exception of downloading and installing your service, the Play Store installs from Google’s servers, and page loading from websites like is the same.

An update will start as soon as you download the new version of the application.

How come Alien Shooter Mod Apk requires Android App Permission to download?

A: Applications must have access to the systems of specific devices. You will be made aware of all the permissions an application needs as soon as it is installed.

Final Words:

It’s time to stop forecasting the future and changing it somewhere just like in the halcyon days! Download Galaxy Alien Shooter MOD APK to play with the game’s unlocked UI and an unlimited supply of resources for outlandish purchases. It is a practical Android app that can be downloaded and installed without root access on any Android smartphone. Enjoy the premium by clicking the icon below!

Everything about Alien Shooter Mod Apk has been covered. You are receiving the app’s modified version from us. You will receive all of the premium features of the app for free with this mod. Get every piece of gear unlocked so you can have a special experience. If you need any additional assistance from us, run into any problems during setup, or have any pressing questions, please send us your comments with all the necessary details. Many thanks

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