Apps Killer And Manager Apk Download


Apps Killer And Manager Apk Download:

Apps Killer And Manager Apk Download.

Close all running applications, free up memory, save battery and speed up your phone.

App Color and Manager helps you close all running apps, free up memory, save battery life and speed up your phone.

Shutting down all running applications provides a very easy way to kill many applications running in the background. Makes you own a faster phone with longer battery life.

Turn off features of running applications.

App Killer and Memory Cleaner.
Turn off all running apps tool is a super app tool that can stop all running apps and useless processes. It can speed up your phone by freeing up your phone’s memory and freeing up more space for other apps.

Speed ​​booster, battery saver and CPU cooler.

By shutting down all running applications or application managers, the application can help you speed up your phone, save more battery power, and extend battery life. Killing useless apps can also reduce CPU usage and cool the CPU.

Application Manager:

Apps Killer And Manager Apk Download.

App Manager makes it easy to manage the apps you have installed. It helps you find all installed applications, including user applications and system applications, you can use the application manager to open, install or check application details.


If you don’t want to kill some apps, you can add them to the whitelist. Applications will not be closed in the time list.


This app manager app does not collect any personal data.

This app needs access service access so you can close other apps.

Do you want to shut down all running applications, speed up your phone and easily extend battery life? All you need to do is start the app color and manager – close all running applications, it will help you.


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