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BitLife MOD APK v3.2.7 (Free Time machine) Latest Version Free Download

BitLife MOD APK is a game that replicates life by allowing players to make decisions. In truth, the differences in each choice distinguish life from the next. Success and failure are things that everyone has gone through in their lives. Have you ever considered the decisions you make on a daily basis? BitLife is based on a basic concept that many people overlook. After the game screen, players can alter their behavioral habits. You will pay greater attention to future activities if you play life simulation games in-game. Few people are aware of the differences in decisions in each case. Here you can play the game and learn from the questions.

Candywriter’s newest simulation game, BitLife, is available now. They aren’t as well-known on Google Play, but their four titles have had a significant impact on the gaming world. As proven by the fact that BitLife has received over 10 million downloads on Google Play with a high number of 5-star ratings, their games frequently attract their favorite players. Here are some of my favorite aspects of the game.

BitLife MOD APK is a product of Candywriter, a publisher with a unique collection of four games available on Google Play. Candywriter is one of the most influential mobile game companies on the market, despite its uncommon name. BitLife, in particular, is the most popular game for building a brand. Since its release, it has become a “phenomenon” that has enthralled a large number of gamers on both the iOS and Android platforms. The game has received over 600,000 votes from the player community and has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on the App Store. So, what makes a text-based game so popular?

BitLife MOD APK – Life Simulator is a simulation game that recreates the entire life of a person, from conception to death. Candywriter, LLC’s production team was in charge of the game’s development. If you enjoy simulation and simulation games, this is undoubtedly a firm that has worked on comparable titles. This emulator is part of the company’s emulator collection. This game, on the other hand, will not be the same or identical to the last one.


Are you a fan of bitlife gaming? On your Android smartphone, you must try the bitlife mod apk. Because this mod program has more additional functions. The majority of gamers enjoy playing the bitlife life simulator game. The god mode was unlocked with this program. You may become addicted to this game if you continue to play it. This game is simple to download and install on your Android Smartphone. I’ll show you how to install bitlife mod apk on your Android device.

The bitlife apk mod may be readily downloaded from the following link. It’s completely free to download and use. This is something you don’t have to pay for. Bitlife life simulator game gamers would find this application very useful. Because the majority of players want to play modified versions of games. For those people, this is the finest option. If you’re a PC user, check out our article on how to download Bitlife on a PC. I’ll demonstrate the capabilities of the bitlife life simulator game. This article should not be skipped. It will be quite beneficial to you.

BitLife – Life Simulator is a fun human life simulator that spans the hero’s entire life from conception to death. In this game, the player will be in charge of his ward’s diapers. A character will go through all stages of growing up, schooling and higher education, finding a soulmate, and other life processes in the course of passing. It is critical not to sposobstvuet razgildyayski attitude of the hero toward his life, as this will lead him down the path of crime and dishonesty.

Gameplay of BitLife MOD APK

Life is similar to a story. You have no idea what will happen next; miracles may occur in your life, or you may never know when this story ends. BitLife’s gameplay is comparable to those of visual novel games. The only difference is that instead of selecting lines for the character, you will select an action for each of the key characters’ timelines. Each year’s events are listed in the game. Even when your mother takes you to a vaccine for the first time, you have the option of sitting still and obeying or biting your mother’s hand in protest. Increase the protagonist’s age by clicking the Age button to observe what happens in their lives.


Features of BitLife MOD APK:

Astonishing Quiz

The quiz in the Bitlife game is quite impressive. This software allows you to answer all of the questions. These responses are contingent on your actions. You are free to select any response. Because this is a game based on a real-life scenario. As a result, you have the ability to design your own life.

Begin a New Life

The app begins with a newborn baby. As a result, you’ll be able to make decisions at each phase. It’s enjoyable to play. Because bitlife is a unique experience. The majority of people prefer the choice to start a new life. This game is suitable for all ages, from childhood to old age. Simply play this game.

Personalize Your Appearance

You may quickly change the appearance of your gaming character. This option, however, is only available to Bitizenship users. In this game, the appearance of the characters is crucial. Because your character’s appearance is taken into account in this game. As a result, you’ll need to customize that on your smartphone.


The best element of the Bitlife game is Bitizenship. Because this option has a lot of benefits. This is a must-try feature. However, if you want to be a bitizen, you must pay for it. This is due to the fact that this is a premium function. You should give it a shot. You can play this game without any advertising if you purchase this feature.

God Mode is a special mode that allows you to

This is the game’s most endearing feature. Your character will die after 85 years if you play in standard mode. In god mode, though, your character never dies. You may quickly modify your character. This, however, is a premium feature. So, if you want something, you’ll have to pay for it.

Bitizenship is a completely free service.

You can gain bitizenship for free if you use the Bitlife mod apk. As a result, you are not required to pay for this. Simply download and install this software on your Android device. You won’t see any advertisements if you use this app. As a result, you will not be interrupted while playing this game.

Choose your options and see what happens.

The age of 18 is considered mature since it is at this age that you begin to take complete charge of your life and lessen your reliance on your parents. BitLife, on the other hand, allows you to make decisions regarding your life as a baby. Nobody is stopping you from doing what you’re doing. A good child with exceptional academic achievements and a bright future, as well as a lively child, are at risk of falling victim to social ills, including jail. What kind of life do you desire for yourself? If it were up to me, I would choose to live a free life and become a good person.


Returning to the past

Many people believe that they desire to travel back in time and repair their mistakes. When you’re 25 and working in a job with horrible working conditions and low pay, you want to go back to high school and study hard so that you don’t end up where you are now. But the truth is that it can’t happen, and you can’t travel back in time. However, BitLife’s Time Machine allows players to travel back in time. This isn’t a true scenario, but it does allow you to alter your past choices.

God Mode is available for free.

In this program, God mode is also unlocked. So, in this game, your character lives a lengthy life. This is one of the mod apk’s greatest features. You can modify your game character with this option. The majority of people prefer to select this option.

Complimentary Package

All of the features are available for free. This is something you don’t have to pay for. This app is simple to download and install on your smartphone. Follow the instructions in this article to download the apk file to your Android device. After that, install the apk file. Following that, you can play this game for free.

Some Factors Need Attention of BitLife MOD APK:


You don’t need a job while your child is a baby. When a child is six years old, though, he or she should consider enrolling in a primary school. Then, at the age of 18, you must make decisions such as enrolling in a university, choosing a career as an electrician, journalist, or joining the army (navy, marines).


Financial management is a necessary component of everyday living. Players can utilise their winnings to purchase a car or invest in real estates, such as houses and land.


Anyone must engage with others in their immediate environment, such as parents, friends, coworkers, and spouses. What will you do to show them your love in a variety of ways?

The passage of time

People cannot, in actuality, go back in time and correct their mistakes. However, BitLife’s Time Machine feature makes this possible.


BitLife is similar to a book that is being written by gamers. It can also be referred to as a diary. As a result, there are no 3D visuals, few photos, and an unappealing UI. The events, on the other hand, are visibly shown on the screen, allowing participants to reflect on their lives. This is the most intriguing feature of BitLife.


How to install BitLife MOD APK?

  • Step 1: Get the BitLife MOD or APK file from MODDED-1.
  • Step 2: Then, in the device’s Settings, look for it, then go to advance and unlock unknown settings.
  • Step 3: Open BitLife MOD and tap it.
  • Step 4: Finally, start the game by turning it on, entering your information, and clicking Start a Life.

Download BitLife MOD APK for Android

BitLife is a fun simulation game that gamers can’t afford to ignore right now. Isn’t just a tool for responding to player decisions; it also gives gamers a new perspective on life. You can manage your life whatever you choose, but this does not always result in favorable outcomes. What you’ll need is a positive attitude and a never-ending endeavor to create numerous future prospects. You can also download Timestamp Camera Pro.


Is there a God Mode in this game?

Yes, there is a god mode in this game. If you use the original version, however, you will have to pay for this function. You may simply acquire this functionality for free if you use a mod apk. On your Android phone, try out this function.

Is this apk mod working?

Yes, this apk file is fully functional. Check the app version if this app isn’t working. Then get the most recent version of this programme. It’s totally functional.

What is the cost of this application?

This app is available for download and installation at no cost. The god mode and citizenship features are also available for free. Simply click this link to download and install the program. Some users pay a fee to gain access to these features. If you use Bitlife mod apk, however, you can acquire these for free.

Final Words:

One of the best games is Bitlife life simulation. The majority of Android users choose to play modified versions of games. For those people, this is the finest option. This game is similar to the Archer mod apk. The majority of consumers nowadays desire a bitlife simulation game. You must pay for the above features if you are using the original version. Only the option to use these features for free is available. That is how the mod apk version works. So, give Bitlife mod apk a shot.

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