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Ready to shoot some hoops? Grab a ball and start dunking!
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Feb 18, 2021
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Dunk Shot Mod Apk 1.4.7 (All Balls Unlock) Free Download Latest 2022

Dunk Shot Mod Apk is an entertaining game. Ketchapp, an Android game studio with a lot of experience and enjoyment, has created and published a game with appealing gameplay. You must throw basketballs into hoops and throw them into buckets in order to achieve high scores in this entertaining game. Varying stages of the game place different challenges in front of your feet, and you must use the game walls to improve your throws and score more points.

Dunk Shot MOD APK – Dunk Shot is one of those addictive arcade games that you’ll find yourself playing over and over again! As you sling through the net and aim for the hoop in this realistic basketball game, shoot, collect basketballs, and unlock new ones. Dunk Shot is one of Ketchapp’s newest Mobile Games, combining the established popularity of basketball (a prominent sport in the United States) with the successful gameplay style of Angry Birds.

Everyone will like Dunk Shot Mod Apk! Shoot hoops, unlock new balls and explore new realms to become a basketball superstar. It’s time to play basketball for as long as you want! Come out and play with us on the court. Dunk Shot (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a basketball arcade game in which the goal is to make as many baskets as possible while avoiding missing any. In this circumstance, you must also shoot the ball into legitimate baskets.

Dunk Shot MOD APK is a simple game in which you move your finger across the screen to aim your shot. The ball will follow the path you’ve drawn when you let go of your grasp. If you make it into the hoop, you can shoot again. If you don’t, you’ll lose. As you score more consecutive baskets, the game grows tougher, with baskets that move or are positioned in impossible-to-reach areas. APK Download Hunt should be your first stop if you’re a big admirer of the Mod Version of APK. Here you may receive free downloads of the most popular apps and games.

Similar to previous Ketchapp games, you collect stars as you play. After then, the stars can be utilized to unlock more balls. These additional balls don’t have any special qualities, but they do add some variety to the game. Like all Ketchapp games, Dunk Shot MOD APK is a fun basketball arcade game with gorgeous graphics and addictive action. On an online scoreboard, you can compete with players from all around the world.

The Dunk Shot techniques become more difficult as you play, but they remain surprisingly simple and achievable. It’s your responsibility to put the ball in the next basket. By tapping, holding, dragging, and releasing the ball aim, you may achieve this. A trajectory will be displayed on the screen to assist you in aiming more precisely. You get a score every time you make a successful shot.

Dunk Shot is a simple game in which the goal is to score as many points as possible by shooting the ball into the hoop. It’s simple enough for people of all ages to understand. Then there’s a game that will keep you engrossed for hours, a game that prioritizes player dexterity and technology. Dunk Shot MOD APK is a game that can only be learned by practice. When playing Dunk Shot, place your finger on the phone screen and drag to change the angle, then release the ball by untouching your hand, which will fly up and into the basket.

Dunk Shot Mod Apk

If you are looking for Dunk Shot MOD (Unlimited Money) Apk or the Hack Version of Dunk Shot MOD (Unlimited Money) Apk Game With Unlimited All and No Ads, then you have come to the correct spot. We will share Dunk Shot MOD (Unlimited Money) Apk with you in this post. All of the apps and games we recommend are always free, safe, and fully functional on your device. Your apps are always free and secure to use on your device. Download, install and use with certainty.

The concept behind this game, on the other hand, is so unique and amazing that you’ll be hooked as soon as it’s over! It’s a simple and straightforward premise, and it’ll astound you that such a straightforward concept hasn’t been exploited in a slew of other comparable games. Dunk Shot is a common occurrence. However, the game’s original concept is fascinating and one-of-a-kind. Throwing balls and basketballs into a ring is the goal of this game. Your goal is to climb to the top and hit the following set of targets. You must throw the ball from below the screen to the top to reach the basket.


To collect force on the shot by raising the ball in Dunk Shot, tap or drag your finger on the screen. Lift your hand off the screen when it’s high enough for it to fly into the basket. Then, unless you miss one, you’ll make the ball fly higher and higher from basket to basket. If you’re good at dunking in real life, it might come in handy a little too much in Dunk Shot! Our game may appear to be similar to Angry Birds, but there are certain distinctions that we encourage you to learn about by exploring both of them.

Professional basketball players begin with a little hoop and work their way up to playing in large venues. Similarly, knowing the actions that go into your regular throws will help you produce more precise shots and score more points. For example, learning what types of throws and tricks are required for particular techniques, such as the cycling throw or downhill cycle throw, can boost your confidence and allow you to perform at a higher level! However, these new techniques must be practiced at first in order to master them afterward.

Dunk Shot Mod Apk

Features of Dunk Shot Mod Apk:


If you want to download Dunk Shot, you should be aware that it will be a difficult effort. For some gamers, this could be aggravating. You won’t be able to master the game in one sitting, and it will need a lot of practice. In this game, accuracy is crucial to maximizing your score. By appropriately determining your trajectory, you should learn how to accurately aim the ball. To shoot the ball, players must find the appropriate angle. If you successfully shoot the ball into the net without touching the ring, you will receive a perfect score. Two points are awarded for a perfect shot.

If you successfully bounce the ball from the wall to the net, the same thing applies. A standard shot, on the other hand, earns you one point. The fact that the position of the net changes randomly and dynamically for each try adds to the game’s intrigue. Please keep in mind that if you drop the ball, the game will finish abruptly. This will leave you with no choice except to restart from the beginning.

Skins Can Be Unlocked

When you download Dunk Shot, you’ll also appreciate the massive amount of skins to unlock. The balls and the themes are two of the game’s unlockable elements. You can get new balls in a variety of methods. Players can obtain balls through earning Stars (common virtual money) in the game or through other means. You can get them by viewing Rewarded Videos or by hitting a Piata in the FREE Gift option.

Skins can be unlocked by watching advertisements, while Mission Balls can be earned by performing missions. Challenge Balls are skins gained by completing challenges, whereas Secret Balls are earned by achieving unspecified objectives. You can also get Fortune Balls by spinning the Daily Bonus Spin wheel. Tokens can also be used to unlock Themes.

MOD Features:

  • Money and Gems in Abundance
  • It’s completely free to download and install
  • All Versions Are Unlocked
  • Delete all advertisements
  • Everything has been unlocked.
  • There’s no need to root your phones or tablets.
  • Everything is limitless
  • Purchase fresh balls.
  • The game has a simple concept and is a lot of fun to play.
  • presenting a variety of appealing steps
  • The customizability of the tour
  • Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and tablets
  • Without the requirement for data, it can be used offline.
  • Voice acting that is thrilling
  • Each ball must be thrown into the basket to earn points.
  • By following the procedures, you can earn coins.

Dunk Shot Mod Apk


  • Free of charge
  • Safe
  • Modes: Offline and Online
  • Hundreds of Millions of Downloads
  • Simple to Play


  • Large File Size
  • Hanging
  • Highly Compulsive
  • Purchases made within the app

User Reviews:

Dunk Shot is a fun game with a simple principle. Pros: There are a lot of challenges to do, and they’re a lot of fun. You have the option of changing your ball and backdrop. Cons: Once you’ve completed all of the game’s difficulties, it becomes tedious. I’ve found that doing daily prizes only works half of the time. When I release the ball, it occasionally glitches and teleports away for no apparent reason. Conclusion: There are several aspects of this game that should be improved, but overall, I find it enjoyable.

It’s a lot of fun to play this game. You can buy different virtual basketballs, ring sizes, players to shoot from, and additional game modes like daylight or nighttime to make the game even more enjoyable. This game is one of my favorites, and anyone who enjoys difficulties will enjoy it as well.

Dunk Shot Mod Apk

How to Download and install Dunk Shot Mod Apk?

  • If you have an older version of Dunk Shot MOD APK, uninstall it first and then install the latest version.
  • When the mod apk game has finished downloading, go to your phone’s settings tab.
  • Navigate to the phone’s settings >>> Tab Security >>> Go to Resources Unknown >>> Check it out and switch it on. You can also turn it off to keep it safe from other resources.
  • To install the game, make sure your device or smartphone has enough space.
  • Wait for a second after clicking the Install Button for the installation to complete.
  • The mod apk has now been successfully installed on your device.
  • Open the file and take advantage of the limitless resources.


Is it safe to play Dunk Shot mod apk?

Yes, the free version is safe to play, and the premium version is equally safe to buy. However, because the modded apk is not 100 percent secure because it was created by someone who is not the original developer of the apk, I recommend that you pay for the premium version and then use it freely. Still, if you download from apkact.com, you will receive a safe mod apk that you may use to play and enjoy.

Is it possible to play Dunk Shot without an internet connection?

Yes, the mod apk requires a strong 3G or 4G Internet connection. However, if you have a good internet connection, you can play the game without using the internet.

How can I get limitless money in Dunk Shot mod apk?

You will complete the mission in the original edition of the application. Still, you won’t need to play any longer in the hacked version because everything is unlocked and you can attain success soon.

Is it possible to get the Dunk Shot APK mod for free?

Yes, the apk’s mod version is completely free, and you can download it without any problems.

Is dunk shot hack mod apk available for download or play online?

This apk is online, and in order to achieve a good result, you must connect to the internet.

Will the personal information be kept safe?

Yes, your personal information is not shared with a third party or another site. However, because your data is completely secure, you may easily control it in the Application.

What is the best way to get dunk shot cheats?

You will receive infinite cheats in the mod version of the apk and you will not have to pay extra money to gain cheats.

Final Words:

Dunk Shot is a simple and enjoyable game. It doesn’t require a lot of talent, but it still provides a good challenge. The overabundance of commercials, on the other hand, is a significant disadvantage. When you download Dunk Shot, you should expect to see a lot of advertising, as is the case with most Ketchapp mobile games. On the plus side, the game is compact and will not take up a lot of space on your smartphone. Above importantly, it works well even when there is no internet connection! Have a blast! You can also download Hills of Steel Mod APK.

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