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Learn a new language with the world’s most-downloaded education app! Duolingo is the fun, free app for learning 35+ languages through quick, bite-sized lessons. Practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills.
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Duolingo MOD APK v5.64.4 (Unlimited Hearts/Gems) Latest Version

Duolingo MOD APK is a language learning app that allows you to play while you learn. It’s pleasant and simple to use even for beginners. Each language learning app has its own set of features and advantages. And I’ve discovered that, regardless of what you do, for knowledge to truly penetrate your mind, your mind must be open and calm. As a result, I’ve always believed that “playing while studying” is the finest method to learn. And now, after months of waiting, there is a foreign language study app that meets my requirements.

Learning a foreign language has long been seen as one of the most significant things open-minded people can do to improve their capacity to communicate in a variety of languages. Fortunately, this post will present Duolingo, a program that is well-known and consistently praised for the high quality of its language lessons. The best part is that it contains a ton of bite-sized lessons that can be learned anytime, anywhere, and it only takes 5 minutes to finish a course and put it into practice.

Duolingo is a foreign language learning platform founded in June 2012 by two computer programmers Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker at Carnegie Mellon University (USA). In just the first two years after being officially released on the app stores, Duolingo attracted tens of millions of users. It is currently one of the most popular language-learning apps in the world.

Duolingo: Learn Languages is a language study program that has received high praise from professionals and reputable newspapers. Users can access engaging lessons written in the languages supported by the application as resources. Furthermore, when there are a variety of learning techniques, exercises, and types of skill practice, learning a foreign language becomes entirely successful. As a result, this is a platform that appeals to a wide range of people. You can also download Banana Kong MOD APK.

The app was built by experts who put in many hours and effort to make it the best it could be. Learn over 30 languages from across the world, including Korean, Japanese, Danish, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, French, and more! With this program, you can now make learning more enjoyable! Today, there are roughly 6,500 spoken languages around the globe. Some languages no longer exist since it is stated that a language does not die until its last speaker dies. Learning new languages has a lot of benefits, whether you’re a native English speaker, a Russian, or a Filipino. 

Duolingo MOD APK

Everyone has a desire for language study, and it’s also a really entertaining subject that everyone enjoys. Every country nowadays gives English over 60% of its attention and importance. It’s a global language that’s also become the default mode of communication in every corner of the globe. So now, we’re here to help you overcome all of your difficulties and roadblocks in learning English and any other language you desire using the program.

We’ve progressed to the point where, with the help of its excellent apps, we can turn our smartphone into a teacher for learning practically any subject and language available on the planet. Duolingo is one of those language-learning apps that may help you learn more than 20 different languages. The app’s user interface is one of its best features.

Duolingo is made up of hundreds of mini-lessons that are designed to assist you in learning new languages. It also includes a variety of events, games, and bonus options to make this learning experience as enjoyable as possible. It has transformed the way people learn all throughout the world, making it a little more leisurely than previous generations. One of the best features of this software is the pictures, which will assist you in learning new languages on a regular basis. 

Features of Duolingo MOD APK:

Duolingo MOD APK is a well-designed android program that runs smoothly on any Android device. It’s the only version of the Duolingo program that gives you practically all of the paid assets for free, including all levels and courses. If you want to learn more about Duolingo MOD APK, we’ve listed all of its features below –

All Language Courses are now available.

Duolingo is a massive Android app with lessons in more than 30 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Dutch. It unlocks all of the languages and allows you to learn the majority of them using your native tongue. It offers lessons in a variety of languages, including English, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Spanish, French, and many others.

Power-ups have been unlocked.

If you’re using the free Duolingo app, you should be aware of the paid power-up boosters, which cost a lot of gems. However, with the Duolingo MOD APK, you can unlock all of these boosters for an indefinite period of time. Streak Freeze, Double or Nothing, Scholar, Sage, and all other Power-ups in the Duolingo app are all available. Furthermore, you will be able to use the free stories approach without having to complete Chapter 1 while learning any language. Isn’t it fantastic?

Duolingo MOD APK

Offline Education

Duolingo MOD APK is a multi-purpose Android application. It allows you to download learning lessons and mini-games that will assist you while you are off the internet. This function is not available in the official Duolingo app, whether it is paid or free. Right now, you may get this software for free and learn offline.

The interface that is free of advertisements

You can’t disregard the two wheels of life that are learning and entertainment. So, if you’re tired of being interrupted by internet adverts while learning using the official Duolingo program, download the Duolingo MOD APK. It’s a completely ad-free app that won’t bother you at any moment, whether you’re learning online or offline.

Outfits that have been unlocked

Aside from the ad-free interface and power-ups, Duolingo MOD APK will also provide you with three premium outfits to help you learn. These outfits cost 100 gems, which are extremely difficult to obtain. However, you will no longer have to fight for gems. Formal Attire, Champagne Tracksuit, and Super Duo costumes are all available for free at this location.

A Simple Approach to Learning a New Language

You’re already ahead of a lot of folks if you can communicate in more than one language. The majority of individuals today can only speak their own language and a few words of other languages.

However, if you want to learn about other cultures, you should begin by learning their languages. Learning has never been more enjoyable or accessible than with Duolingo, as the program attempts to give you all of the lessons you require! You don’t need a personal tutor anymore!

This program is designed specifically for people who wish to learn a new language rapidly and in a more enjoyable manner. This is ideal for students, instructors, employees, visitors, and anybody else interested in learning a new language.

You can learn Hebrew, Hungarian, German, Turkish, Dutch, Latin, Spanish, Korean, Norwegian, and many other languages. There are a plethora of classes available to teach you everything you need to know about a language.

Duolingo MOD APK

35+ Languages to Learn

As previously stated, there are over 6,500 languages spoken in the globe today. However, even in our lifetimes, we will not be able to learn everything. However, Duolingo allows you to study over 35 of today’s most popular languages.

Turkish, Danish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, English, Esperanto, Ukrainian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Welsh, Hebrew, and a variety of other languages are among them. Today, there are plenty of lessons in each language for you to enjoy.

Various lessons

Although learning a new language with a book is the most usual technique, Duolingo is more effective! It incorporates a variety of methods for users to efficiently learn the language. What’s more, it breaks down these concepts into manageable chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Download Duolingo MOD APK for Android

I really recommend Duolingo if you’re searching for a language learning program with a lot of potential, a lot of words, nice start-ups, easy-to-understand visual learning frameworks, and a lot of potential. I hope that by using this program, we will be able to develop our language skills fast, efficiently, and affordably.

Duolingo MOD APK

How to Install?

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  • Then grant permission to the browser from which you wish to install the app.
  • Return to your File Manager or your Browser’s download chart after that.
  • Finally, tap on the APK file you wish to install, then tap on Install to complete the process.


Learning English, as well as most other new languages, has become an essential aspect of modern life. English can help you get one of the greatest jobs and can also help you grow as a professional. Duolingo MOD APK is the most in-depth Android app that can assist you in learning new languages quickly and easily. Furthermore, it is free and has a user-friendly interface. So go ahead and download it right now and take advantage of all of its premium features without spending a dime.

What's new

New on Android: language tips! Tap the Tips icon next to certain skills to get helpful explanations of grammar, pronunciation and useful phrases. Now available in our Spanish, French and Chinese courses, with more to come!


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