Dynamic Island iOS 16 Notch Apk


Dynamic Island iOS 16 Notch Apk:

Dynamic Island iOS 16 Notch Apk.

Turn the punch-hole camera into an iPhone dynamic notification style with iOS 16.

Change your Android smartphone’s notification style to look like iPhone 14 Dynamic Island.

With dynamic Spot, you can easily get iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island feature on your Android device!

Dynamic Island is not customizable for iPhone, but with this dynamic area you can change interaction settings, and decide when to show or hide dynamic points/popups or which apps to show. Should.

Because Dynamic Spot uses Android’s notification system, it’s compatible with almost every app, like chat reply boxes, message notifications, timer apps, and even music apps!

Simply click on the small black dynamic popup/spot to open the displayed application. Also, you can long tap on the small bead to remove the notification.

Main Features:

Dynamic view makes the front camera look like a dynamic island.

Show track information on dynamic island view when it’s playing in background and you can control it as pause, next, previous.

Easy to view notifications and scroll the mini island view, which can be clicked to expand to show the full island view.

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island Design

Dynamic multitasking spot / popup

Support timer apps.

Support for music apps

Customizable interactions


Next / Previous

Touch bar

Advanced features

Timer Apps: Display a running timer.

Battery: Display percentage.

Maps: Show distance.

Music apps: Music controls

More to come!

New features on Dynamic Island

• Glow notification

• Shipping

• Quiet and vibration-free

• Headphones

• Popup for calls from iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Max

• Music player. View playback information from your music player such as Spotify

• Headset connection. Show when a Bluetooth headset, such as AirPod, Bose or Sony, is connected.

• Trait. The app supports dark and light themes.

New features coming

• Mobile Control Center buttons

• Favorite apps

• And much more



• Billing was donated to support our development team.

• ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE to display dynamic offers.

• READ_NOTIFICATION Read notifications to display media controls or notifications on a dynamic view.

• Bluetooth enabled for earphones and AirPods

the answer

• If you have any problem while using this app, please let us know and we will check and update as soon as possible.

This application is designed to give a new look to your mobile camera. Changes the design of your status bar to a dynamic island-style notification bar.


This app is under development so many features shown in the screenshot may not be available for some devices. We are working on matching the app design to look similar to the app screenshots.


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