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Godus MOD APK – Godus is a simulation game created and published by 22Cans. It's an online game that works on a variety of platforms, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
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Godus MOD APK 0.0.28241 (Unlimited Gems & Belief, Free Shopping)

Godus MOD APK – Godus is a simulation game created and published by 22Cans. It’s an online game that works on a variety of platforms, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. The plot is the most intriguing aspect of this game. The game’s plot is unusual, and you’ll be shocked by how innovative it is, with the user playing the role of a god.

Simulation games are quite popular among online mobile game players. Simulation video games are those that mimic or reproduce real-life activities, i.e., they bring the actual world into the gaming scenario or storyline. On the internet, there is one simulation game that is likely to attract your attention. It’s one of the most exciting games with a unique story. The plot is fresh and original, and it will keep you engrossed in the game for an extended period of time.

Godus is a multi-award-winning sandbox game developed by prominent game designer Peter Molyneux and his 22Cans studio. Have you ever fantasized about being a God? Do you want to rule over people and feed a whole civilization? Now you don’t have to look any farther because you’ve discovered what you’re looking for.

Godus allows you to create your own living, breathing universe filled with living, breathing people, as well as a civilization and society from the ground up. Godus Mod for Android and iOS allows you to play as a virtual God. On your game account, you will have unlimited belief and Gems resources. Last Day on Earth is a fun game that you should try out.

In Godus Mod, you play as God, the all-knowing, all-powerful creator of all things. You have the right to the world as a God, and the world has the right to rely on you. It is your responsibility to ensure that your modded apk shop can make the globe a better place for your followers to live in. You have the ability to alter and manipulate the world around you.



The game begins with you, the player, rushing to save the lives of two drowning people, a guy, and a lady. You will bring them to a “Promised Land” where the couple will settle down and build a tent to live in once you have saved them.

This couple will “Breed” an employee. The worker will then proceed to construct his tent. The player will improve the population and travel over the planet as a result of this breeding process. Indeed, as a God, you will be able to influence all land levels to your advantage. You, as God, will have to reach and satisfy the various beliefs set for you in order to construct and assist on various land levels.


The voyages are mainly level-based activities on which your people might be dispatched. This mini-adventure, however, demands you to use your land-shaping abilities to protect your people. You must transport your followers from one location to another without encountering marshes or opponents. To do so, you must use your divine abilities to save your people.

These journeys contain directions that will assist you in discovering new routes to your goal. What you think to be the quickest path to the objective may not be shared by your followers. If there are conflicts, rioting may arise. As a result, you must make informed decisions that are in your best interests.

Your followers may become caught in unusual locations such as mountain tops while on a voyage. When they are stranded, they may have the persistent feeling that their fate is a divine act. In bad scenarios, this can turn them against you.

Key Features of the Godus game

1- Have authority over a live being

As the player’s godlike abilities grow, they will be able to govern many aspects of this adorable little universe. From how your followers act and react to your directives to where they build their homes.

2- Expand and grow

As you gain power and influence in the game, evolve your planet.

3- Get a taste of another living world

Whether you’re playing or not, the world around you is always changing. So keep an eye on your employees; their requirements and desires may vary over time.

4- Distinctive landscapes

You can explore a broad range of hand-crafted environments in the game. As you broaden your horizons, you’ll come across new areas and unusual critters.

5-Enjoyable difficulties

To gain new power-ups, points, and rewards, complete missions and tasks. Create a flourishing planet on your own or with friends. Godus provides hours of entertainment, and the time you spend immersed in your universe continues even when you are not playing.

6- Have a live conversation

You’ll be able to interact with other gamers as they explore their own unique environment. Leave useful messages for other players to locate, discuss tactics, and share experiences and presents with other players all across your world to help each other out!

7- Regular updates

For individuals that link their Facebook accounts, we intend to release an update every month or two with brand new features like uncommon discoveries, treasure maps, and limited edition products.

8- A completely different universe

Godus is only a small component of a larger plan, so expect a lot of amazing stuff in the future.

9- There are two touch control systems available.

Godus was created using controls that are optimized for touch screen devices. If you want, you may use the traditional controls — both are available!

10- There is a multiplayer mode.

This mode will require constant internet access and will offer cross-platform play between Mac OSX, Windows PC, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.



  • Money that never runs out.
  • There are no limits to how many gems you can have.
  • Diamonds indefinitely.
  • Characters that have been unlocked.
  • Dame Eleanor.
  • One-hit.
  • God Mode is the most powerful model available.

Player Reactions

After at least a year gone, I’m currently revisiting this. Great game with a great layer concept and a lot of potentials. Difficulties can lead to waste. Belief in repairing anything as a result of accidentally catching an area. It is not possible to log in to Google Play. Without paying, progress is extremely slow. After Set 1, the voyages are still not fixed. Each time you use a settlement power, it costs you more money. There aren’t enough stickers or chests (unless paid). Unfortunately, there is no cloud saving, so if you switch phones or computers, you’ll have to reload.

This game is goddamned awful. First and foremost, there is the paywall, which occurs when you can’t discover stickers in the game world and must purchase gems with real-world money in order to obtain more stickers and thus gain more powers. Second, the happiness meter irritates me since I always lose against Astari, which is silly given the meter seldom moves. Finally, the folks who play this game (the followers) make me want to smack my head against a wall because they are so foolish.

It appears to be a fantastic game… if you can master the controls quickly. When I try to transfer someone or “leash” them to a task, I end up cutting some land out of the shape I created. And the only thing you can cut for free is sand. So I’m constantly squandering belief points by destroying the land and then repairing it, only to run out in the middle of the process. Then my people who live at a higher altitude are stuck. It’s a massive terrain with a lot of potential, but there are far too many restrictions, to begin with.


  • Unconditional Belief
  • Download Free Gems in Abundance
  • Totally risk-free
  • The Godus Mod file is incredibly simple to set up and update.
  • There’s no need to root or jailbreak your phone or tablet.


  • Because it is not an official version, it may pose a security risk.

Godus mod APK Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is “Mod Godus”?

22Cans created “Mod Godus,” a mod for the mobile version of GODUS.

When you install this MOD APK, you will have no trouble obtaining all of the cards and relics (You can also get Land and Gems). This can help you advance much more quickly than the average person. It’s also quite simple to use! You don’t have to finish quests or spend money on them. Simply download and begin playing!

What is the procedure for installing this mod apk?

Download and install APK (if you’re not sure how to see the instructions below). • Then launch the game and go to the deck builder menu • Then click Restore purchase (the game will resume) • Finally, go back to the deck builder menu and you’re done.

How do I get rid of it?

Go to “Settings/application manager/Godus” and choose “MOD Godus” from the programs list to uninstall. Then select Uninstall from the drop-down menu.

Is it possible to ban this mod apk?

Many Android games employ this strategy as a standard (Clash of clans, for example). As long as they continue to function normally, my mod apk will continue to function normally as well.

  • This Mod includes an unlimited number of cards and relics.
  • Double Speed Mode is on, so you can acquire Gems even faster!

Godus Unlimited Belief/Gems APK

One of the most appealing features of this mod, and the reason you’ve come here, is to acquire limitless believes and gems so that you can simply unlock everything with a single click, so yes, you will receive unlimited money/gems/belief in this Godus mod apk 2022 latest version.


Download Godus Mod + Apk

Godus can be downloaded and enjoyed (MOD, Unlocked All). We only provide the best Mods for you, and if that isn’t enough, we connect you to the top sites for MOD knowledge on Godus in order to provide you with the best. You can also download VSDC Free Video Editor.

How to Install Godus MOD APK on Android?

First and foremost, make sure you remove any earlier versions of this game from your device. Then go to Settings, Security, and Enable Unknown Sources (just in case the installation fails).

This app’s mod APK file is incredibly simple to install. To install this app on Android devices, follow these steps.

  • To download, click the download button below.
  • Wait for the download to finish before opening it.
  • On your Android device, install the app.
  • Follow all of the inside instructions.
  • Start the game after it has been correctly installed and enjoy the incredible features of this fantastic game.


Godus Mod apk is one of the most popular simulation games available. Assume the role of God and oversee your people’s lives. Possess the power to make things happen. You will be faced with daily decision-making in this game. To play and excel, you must be willing to make tough judgments. Don’t be so nice all of the time in Godus Apk. As God, you will occasionally make a difficult decision in order to benefit the people in the feature.

What's new

Introducing the magnificence of Monuments! 4 colossal structures to bring wealth and prosperity to your world.
- Advance your Followers' civilisation with the Obelisk.
- Elevate your godly powers with the Stone Circle.
- Amplify your Followers' Belief with the Pyramid.
- Boost Belief and energise your powers with the mysterious Monolith.
- Your prayers have been answered! You can now pick up and move all Gifts, Shrines and Monuments that you have placed in your world.


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