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Hills of Steel is probably the most addictive physics based tank action game! And it’s free!
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Hills of Steel Mod APK 4.2.2 (Unlimited Everything) Latest Version 2022

Hills of Steel Mod APK is a fantastic tank action game from Round Zero. From the visuals to the game’s content, this is a publisher that creates enjoyable, humorous games. This is also their most popular game. This game, like Angry Birds or Hill Climb Racing 2, has a simple gameplay but is incredibly engaging and appealing. You control a tank and must follow it through various trials and challenges. Blow your opponents away before they can do the same to you. Hills of Steel is a free game with in-app purchases such as coin packs, gems, and the ability to unlock or upgrade additional tanks.

Hills of Steel (MOD, Unlimited Coins) – physics-based tank action with horizontal gameplay. As a result, you must operate one of the numerous armored vehicles in the early stages of the game in order to try to destroy the enemy while destroying everything in its route. You will gain experience points and money for successful raids, defeated opponents, and damage caused, which you can use to improve existing models of equipment and grow the garage. As you go through the Hills of Steel mod apk, the difficulty will gradually rise, as will the number of boss battles.

There are a plethora of excellent games available right now, all of them are available for free download. You can download a number of enjoyable games right now because there are so many to select from. Fighting games, on the other hand, are the finest since they let you use your arsenal against other players. Right now, you may play a selection of fighting games, including Hills of Steel! This is a one-of-a-kind tank combat game where you can compete against strong opponents.

Hills of Steel Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Gems)- A tank operation involving constant touch and material science. You must control one of the various reinforced vehicles in the early rounds of the game to destroy the enemy while obliterating everything in its route. For successful assaults, vanquished opponents, and misfortunes, you receive money and experience to upgrade existing gear kinds and expand the carport. You’ll have a serious debate with the chief if you fix the problems. Hills of Steel MOD APK can be downloaded from the link below.

Hills of Steel is an action game in which the player controls a safe tank that takes charge of the plunge’s bumpy regions. The continual engagement is similar to that of the well-known Hill Climb Racing, but despite the push, you must take shots to display up and around opponents on a regular basis. However, this isn’t so simple: tilting your rifle barrel won’t function, so you’ll have to rely on the terrain’s levels.

MOD coins/stones for Hills of Steel – You adore heavy machinery and can’t imagine a day without your favorite tank games? Then download this game on your Android device and have your favorite games close at hand! Everything you need for fantastic combat is physics, a broad variety of tanks in the game, and beautiful aesthetics. In the barn, defeat all foes, face the boss and strengthen your tanks. You can also download PK XD mod apk.

Hills of Steel Mod APK

It’s time to go to combat, soldiers! Bring out the massive and ferocious machine and fight the desperate like you. Aim and fire armor-piercing rounds straight at the target. Don’t give your opponents a single chance to win. Improve your own tank’s firepower, armor, and maneuverability, and wreak havoc on your foes with a new, twice-as-strong army! Participate in tournaments, perform objectives, and acquire new combat vehicles while playing with friends or in the presence of other gamers.

Hills of Steel Mod APK is an arcade game in which the player pilots an armored tank through difficult terrain. The gameplay is fairly similar to that of the well-known Hill Climb Racing, except in addition to driving, you must shoot at opponents who emerge on the road at random intervals. But it’s not that easy: tilting your cannon barrel won’t function, so you’ll have to rely on the terrain levels. Completing levels will reward you with cash, which you may use to upgrade your equipment, purchase a new tank, and customize its appearance.

Hills of Steel Mod APK Gameplay

In which you fire bullets through your tanks as if they were real. This game allows you to play with a variety of tanks. You’ll be able to unlock them and choose one. You will receive new improvements for your tanks in addition to a difficult battle. Many conquests are required to become a tank champion.

In this game, you must control a tank and navigate it across the screen. To win, you must overcome numerous obstacles and triumph. Despite the fact that this game is free, you must purchase boxes in order to enhance your tank. Those interested can play with a tank that only has two wheels, similar to a car.

What is Hills of Steel Mod APK?

Hills of Steel Apk is the original and old version of an entertaining tank warfare game. This version is available for download from the Google Play store. You may easily get it from there. It’s a high-level tank combat game. In this game, you can fully utilize your talents and weaponry.

Nonetheless, this game only has a few features. You’ll have to spend money on some things. To avoid this problem, you can download a hacked version of the game and play it for free with all features activated.

Hills of Steel Mod APK

Features of Hills of Steel Mod APK:

Experiencing Fierce Clashes

You will be pitted against other tank warriors, and you must defeat them. A health bar can be found on every tank. The tank will be destroyed when this health bar runs out. To defeat your foe, use whatever weapon at your disposal. This game is basic and straightforward to grasp, but you must remain vigilant at all times. Because the surface is so rough, you must proceed slowly and carefully.

Different Game Modes

Choose the appropriate game mode to play if you wish to succeed. The single-player game mode is the most basic game mode. In which you are pitted against only one opponent in a one-on-one duel. It would be advantageous if you brought upgraded weaponry with you. Furthermore, you must improve your tank-handling abilities. For a 2 against. 2 duel, there is another alternative. Have a good time with these different game modes.

Tanks of Various Types

Every tank has its own unique characteristics. Attempt to master the abilities of several tanks. You can also improve your tank’s abilities by upgrading it. Electric current will be fired from Telsa tanks. Join more tank parts and upgrade them to gain new abilities.

Set the Shocking Parts Free

As your difficulty level rises, the prize boxes become insufficient to build a tank. As a result, you’ll be able to release more parts from the shop. Most games do not have this functionality. Unwrapping boxes is a lot of fun for you because it’s a big surprise.

Mod Menu (Unlimited Gems/ Diamonds) for Hills Of Steel

Hills Of Steel Hack’s mod features allow you to easily engage in a tank fight. With unlimited money and gems, you can purchase parts for your tanks. There is also a free shopping option, which is really advantageous to you. The following are the game’s mod features:

Everything has been unlocked.

Nothing in Hills of Steel Cheats requires actual money to unlock. Every time, everything is already unlocked for you. You may acquire infinite money by installing the game mod and unlock whatever you want in the game.

Shopping at no cost

Hills of Steel Crack comes with an infinite amount of money, which is quite useful for purchasing. You can freely shop for tank parts, new modifications, and tank enhancements. To gain a free shopping feature with infinite gems and diamonds, download the hacked version of this game.

Hills of Steel Mod APK

There are numerous enjoyable modes available.

In PvP mode, you compete against another player or AI in a one-on-one match. Each combat will last 60 seconds, and if neither tank is destroyed, the clock will start counting down to “sudden death” in 30 seconds. Vehicles with lower blood pressure will be considered losers by default.

In addition, you can compete in 2 against 2 multiplayer duels with your buddies. To win this regime, your team will require good coordination from both players’ tactics and skills.

In the challenging mode, you must shoot down all opponents in your path and defeat the formidable monster. Time is not restricted in this mode, and you can even resurrect destroyed tanks with just a few gems.

Adventure mode and classic mode are very similar. You defeat a slew of AI vehicles before taking out the final enemy, fighting each turn until your car is destroyed. This mode’s challenge and reward will rise over time, so aim for the highest score possible. In “boss only” mode, for example, you just have to fight a series of ultimate bosses rather than diverse types of foes.


Hills of Steel uses a 2D graphic style for its graphics on the Mobile Device is the horizontal screen. Despite the fact that the visual is not as realistic as World Of Tanks, the game nonetheless attracts players with its vibrant and pleasant aesthetics. Tanks come in a wide range of styles and possibilities.


  • 2D aesthetics are appealing, and the gameplay is horizontally pleasant.
  • There are numerous game types to choose from, as well as a variety of upgrades.
  • Weapons can be upgraded, and pals can be exchanged globally.


  • There aren’t many game-changing moments.
  • After a long period of play, it’s easy to become bored.

Hills of Steel Mod APK

Download Hills of Steel Mod APK for Android

Hills of Steel is the game for you if you want to play a fun tank game. You will undoubtedly enjoy the game due to its very amusing graphics and numerous other appealing features. All of these advantages have contributed to the game’s success, with over 10 million downloads on Google Play. The game can be downloaded and installed using the link at the bottom of the page. Participate in a tank vehicle fight to witness the incredible force of war machines during World War II.

How to Download and Install Hills of Steel Mod APK For Android Latest Version?

  • To begin, go to the privacy settings on your device.
  • Authorize installation from Unknown Sources from there.
  • After you’ve completed all of this, go to the URL provided here.
  • Install the game by going to the apk file.


How can I acquire a free copy of Hills of Steel Premium?

Download the game’s mod version from our website to receive it for free. It is completely free to use after it has been installed.

How can you get an endless supply of diamonds in Hills of Steel Mod APK?

It is now quite simple to obtain a limitless number of diamonds in Hills of Steel. You may acquire infinite money and gems for free by installing the mod version of this game on your smartphone.

How can I get everything in Hills of Steel unlocked?

In Hills of Steel Crack, you’ll receive everything unlocked for free. You must first download the game program from our website and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Final Words:

Hills of Steel is an outstanding tank combat game. You will fight in a humorous scene in this game. Another appealing feature of this game is that it is built on realistic and dynamic physics. While playing this game, you will be enthralled. Despite the fact that the competition is fierce, you will find it easy to understand everything. Make every effort to become the most powerful tank driver in the world!

What's new

Adaptive zoom added to all game modes!
Increased rewards in The World!
General stability improved for smoother user experience.



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