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Horrorfield is a horrifying action horror game. Play this scary hide and seek online game with friends in real-time. Will you get caught by the deadly serial killer or escape becoming a survivor? It's up to you in survival multiplayer games! Remember all horror movies about cult maniac Jason and Friday the 13th and feel like the main character of a scary slasher. It's time to be afraid!
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Horrorfield MOD APK v1.4.6 (Unlocked All Character) Latest Version 2022

Horrorfield MOD APK – On the market, there are many different types of games that allow players to express a wide variety of emotions. Players will feel worried when playing survival games, which will push them to expend all of their mental resources to become the final survivor. Horror games will include a variety of terrifying elements for players to encounter fearless scenarios or suppressed photos from a given time period. PUBG, The Visitor, Granny, and more games come to mind as examples. 

Tired of the normal game, I decided to try a frightening game today. Horrorfield MOD APK is the game we’d like to introduce to you today (Hack Map). Although only a test version has been released, the moniker has piqued the interest of horror game fans all around the world. Have you ever considered playing an online horror game with other people? You don’t have to imagine anything; simply scroll down to the review.

Horrorfield MOD APK is a horror action game that was launched in 2020 by Skytec Games, Inc. There are few good horror games for Android, but this is one of them. This game provides an authentic horror gaming experience. This is the game for you if you enjoy scary games. You will experience terrifying jump scares and have a great time. Play with other gamers online and have a good time. Save yourself and do whatever you can to stay alive. There are various single-player stages as well as multiple-player possibilities with split-screen two-player gameplay.

In “Horrorfield Mod Apk,” an award-winning horror game, players take on the role of a squad of investigators tasked with investigating unusual artifacts and paranormal happenings in a dystopian future. Players take control of a character in each scenario and use their unique talents and skills to solve riddles, avoid traps, and protect the lives of their teammates while searching for clues and solving puzzles. In this fast-paced adventure game’s single-player mode, the player takes on the role of an investigator and navigates the game’s many levels.

James R. Frick, the developer of the original horror games, made this online modification.” The online version of “Horrorfield Apk” follows the same formula as the original: players take on the role of a rookie detective who must investigate a series of intriguing cases while fending against waves of demonic creatures dispatched to attack. Each app on xDroidaps is suitable for children of all ages. Horrorfield APK is recommended for children aged 3 and up.

Horrorfield MOD APK is an online horror game with 1vs4 rules that incorporates a variety of components and thrilling moments to appeal to all of the senses. It also uses a realistic 3D graphics engine to create a terrifying atmosphere and lighting effects. Many fascinating activities will be held on a weekly basis, promising many potential rewards for gamers to compete with their friends.

There are seven original maniacs and survivors, each with their own personality and set of skills. The action game will take place in a confined area. Each lunatic has a unique collection of abilities and improvements, and it is these that will determine the madman’s style of play and the survivors’ behavior.

There are numerous hiding spots, traps, and various valuable things throughout the game. To escape out of separate locations together, survivors must act in concert. And because there are so many options and the level selection is arbitrary, you can’t plan ahead. You must sometimes hide, and other times you must use objects and beneficial talents. A psychopath must track down and sacrifice everyone. There can only be one lunatic and no more than four victims. Even though allies can resuscitate you indefinitely, you should strive to hide as much as possible.

Gameplay of Horrorfield MOD APK:

The gameplay in this game is highly entertaining. You’ll never be bored. The controls are simple and straightforward. In this game, you can choose to play as a survivor or a killer. Both game styles are engaging and enjoyable to play.

Survive the killer in survivor mode. You must hide from him and use various tactics. He will find you and capture you if you shout or do something dumb. There are a variety of characters to choose from.

You can choose among Jack, Mary, Gary, Lina, Marcus, Phil, and Charlie as heroes. Each hero possesses a special skill. Basketball player Jack can sprint faster than his teammates. Mary, the doctor, has the power to heal herself and everyone around her.

Gary the engineer is faster at crafting stuff than others and can swiftly fix generators. Lina the thief is a master of stealth. Marc, the soldier, is a formidable opponent. Philip the scientist is a brilliant scientist who can enhance military equipment.

Charlie, the cop, has the ability to apprehend killers. Each gamer will provide you with a unique gaming experience. It is recommended that you play with all of the characters at first to determine your play style.

From the beginning, only Jack is available. Other characters are locked and will become available if you reach a particular level. Catch the survivors in the killer mode. You will become a better player and understand the strategies as you practice.

Horrorfield MOD APK

Features of Horrorfield MOD APK:

It could be the most terrifying horror encounter you’ve ever had!

The game is designed in 3D with a third-person perspective so you can keep track of your friends and monitor what’s going on around you. Players have yet to release an official version of this online game, and the current version available on the app store is just a trial version for customers to check out and submit feedback to the creator. Following the official launch, the firm is always trying to improve the main version so that gamers can enjoy the most thrilling experiences possible.

Horrorfield – Multiplayer Survival Horror Game is a fascinating game to play. It will provoke a variety of emotions in you, making you happy and have fun when playing games. Please install and join your teammate to survive the ax killer.

Design is terrifying.

Horrorfield is naturally colored in a frightful manner because it is a horror game. The ancient forest village’s lights are faint, indicating that death is near. It feels like you’re in a horror movie. Every detail in the game has been faithfully recreated. Furthermore, gamers are both alarmed and stimulated by the bleeding effect.

Assassination of Assassination

In this game, there is only one mode. Horrified is an online multiplayer game in which you are grouped with five other players. After then, you can choose between two roles: killer or survivor.

To play the part of the explorer, you can choose from four different identities. Each character has a unique skill set and professional specialization that is tailored to a certain role in the game. For example, Stacey is a doctor. To heal and save the other members, command her to collect medicinal remedies from various areas on the map. Throughout the game, you can choose from up to seven different characters.

The map in Horrorfield is completely self-contained. You must locate the appropriate things or weapons spread throughout the hamlet in order to survive. If you can make it through all of the stages of this game, you will be the winner. You’ll have to accept death if you don’t. I believe you will be shocked when you play this game.

Keep an eye on your heartbeat.

Finding the maniac can be difficult because you won’t have access to a mini-map and the camera will follow your character as he moves. However, there is one minor sign that calamity is on the way. When the killer gets close to your character, he gets scared and his heart starts to race. Using headphones while playing Horrorfield is the easiest way to hear his heartbeats. When it starts to beat faster, it’s a danger sign. Stop what you’re doing and get out of there. The top of the screen’s animated heart will likewise begin to beat faster.

Survivors: Level Up

Character leveling boosts important stats, like speed. Other stats that could see an improvement are vitality, dexterity, engineering, and morale. You’ll need a certain amount of silver to level up your survivors. Silver can be gained by playing 4 vs 1 matches or received as a gift from the “Daily Gifts” section. Even if you lose, remember that the more generators you repair/allies escape, the more silver you’ll get at the end of the game.

Craft Items in the Workshop

Specific items and equipment are required for survival. It will be incredibly difficult to escape or even briefly overcome the crazy without these. You have the option of making up to 13 different goods. You’ll need the blueprint for an item to construct it.

You must first unlock a character’s talent in order to obtain the blueprint for an item. After that, you’ll need the blueprint for a “First Aid Kit,” which you may get after gaining Mary’s “Medical Instruments” Skill. To master this skill, you must raise Mary to level 3. Head to the workshop to construct the First Aid Kit once you’ve mastered it. You’ll need some silver to unlock the item for the first time, but you’ll be able to make it every few hours after that. Upgrade the item using silver to improve its stats. 

Horrorfield MOD APK

Leveling Up Unlocks Skills

In Horrorfield, each character has their own set of powers. Go to “Survivor Camp” > Character Portrait > Skills tab to see a list of skills. Tap each unlocked skill to learn how to get it. You can unlock Jack’s “Egoist” skill when you raise him to level 9. Jack will get 30% more silver and player experience if he exits the psycho’s lair quickly after unlocking it. Certain skills can also unlock item blueprints. By learning Jack’s first “Amateur Chemist” talent, you can unlock the Energy Drinks item at the workshop. This item increases a character’s running speed by a certain amount for a few seconds.

Enter the buildings to buy some time.

The surviving can try to hide within structures to escape the insane. Different types of doors exist in different buildings, some of which are more difficult to break down than others. Avoid buildings with wooden doors since they are the most easily broken (if you are trying to buy yourself time and escape).

I propose sheltering in buildings with metal doors because they will take the maniac longer to demolish, and then attempting to get to the other door and as far away as possible while he is doing so. Most likely, he’ll lose track of you.

Also, do not stay in the building! You can try to hide in the other rooms if he knocks, but if your speed is too slow, you’ll be imprisoned. As a result, you should race in the opposite direction, in my opinion.

You won’t be terrified anymore.

The rest of the job, on the other hand, is appealing to me. You won’t be scared like a lunatic anymore. Similar to zombies in FPS shooting games, you must control the madman, locate, and eliminate the other players. If you’re insane, they can’t attack you. Track down and kill everyone with the saw you’re holding. Specialization is essential when approaching the positions of other players. They’ll leave behind tracks that you may follow.

The game, however, is not without its challenges. You must kill multiple times when other players die completely. If you don’t act promptly, the other players will save the person you just found, and you’ll be stuck chasing them for the rest of the game. Of sure, you’ll become bewildered. Being the hunter is always preferable to being the prey.

How to Install Horrorfield MOD APK on Android?

First and foremost, make sure you remove any earlier versions of this game from your device. Then go to Settings, Security, and Enable Unknown Sources (just in case the installation fails).

This app’s mod APK file is incredibly simple to install. To install this app on Android devices, follow these steps.

  • To download, click the download button below.
  • Wait for the download to finish before opening it.
  • On your Android device, install the app.
  • Follow all of the inside instructions.
  • Start the program once it has been fully installed and enjoy all of its outstanding features.

Horrorfield MOD APK

How to Install Horrorfield MOD APK on PC?

Installing Horrorfield MOD APK for PC is simple. You can do so with either Bluestacks or NOX player. Here’s how to do it.

  • First, you must download and install the Bluestacks player, which is an android emulator that can be used to run any Mobile Application on a computer.
  • After you’ve installed the emulator, you’ll need to get the mod apk from our website.
  • After downloading, run the file or select “Import From Windows” to begin the installation process.
  • After installation, click the launch button to get started.


What is your strategy for playing Horrorfield?

Continue to play this game and level up.

Is it possible to hide in Horrorfield?

Yes, this game allows you to hide.

Is Horrorfield a cooperative game?

It is, after all, a multiplayer game.

Is Horrorfield completely free?

Yes, you can get it for free.

How can you get the Phantom to appear in Horrorfield?

You’ll be able to unlock him once you reach level 17.

Is it possible to play Horrorfield with my friends?

This game can be played with pals.


Horrorfield MOD APK is terrifying; expect jump scares at any moment. To beat the level, use a variety of tactics. Hide from the assailant while keeping an eye on your pulse. You will attract the killer if your heartbeat becomes too fast. You can also download Onlyfans Mod Apk.

This game includes a ton of terrifying and exciting elements that will keep you entertained for hours. It’s a fantastic horror game for passing the time. This is a fantastic way to pass the time. It is also available to download on PC.

What's new

- Minor improvements and fixes overall the game



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