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Build & design your dream resort to richness! Upgrade and invest your facilities to attract special guests and tourists! Be the best hotelier!
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May 17, 2019
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Hotel Story MOD APK 2.0.10 (Unlimited Money/Gems) Latest Version 2022

Become the manager of a huge and popular hotel in Hotel Story: Resort Simulation (MOD, Unlimited Money). To become famous and one of the best in the city, you must strive a little harder, renovate and expand your hotel, get new furniture, and invent services that none of your other competitors provide. Create your ads to attract even more customers, earn a lot of money, climb the corporate ladder to become one of the most well-known persons on the planet, and have famous VIP stars use your services.

Hotel Story MOD APK is a fantastic simulation game. Where you can own your own hotel and seek to grow and renovate it as well as purchase additional new furniture. In addition to making advertisements, improving services, and discovering new ways to serve clients and manage staff, you must also create adverts. You can also take use of all of the latest customizing capabilities, which have helped to make the hotel one of the most well-known and largest in the city.

Not only that, but you may earn Infinite Coins by playing Hotel Story MOD APK (Unlimited Gold and Diamonds). It’s similar to Adventure Capitalist MOD. Additionally, have fun unlocking all of the things and employing new features not seen in the official game, which we will demonstrate in the next section. In addition, you will get a simple link to download Hotel Story Mod Apk, the latest version 2022, for free. Furthermore, you can unlock new and exciting features and jewels, like the ability to win Unlimited Diamonds as soon as you begin playing.

In addition to improving the career ladder and giving more services and marketing to boost your hotel’s reputation. In addition, you may quickly acquire a slew of firsts, attract more customers, earn more stars, and elevate your hotel to VIP status. Aside from that, have fun unlocking new stuff and gaining unlimited gems. Enjoy Hotel Story MOD APK Unlimited Gems for extra features like coins, money, the MOD Menu, and unlocking new characters. You can also use more new improvements and functions in the game while you play Hotel Story Hacked. You can also download PowerDirector MOD APK.

Hotel Story MOD APK is the best option for you if you’ve always wanted to be able to freely develop and design holiday houses for your customers. This game was created for gamers who share your enthusiasm for design and limitless creativity. When you interact with travelers from all over the world who have converged here, you will have the chance to own a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only that, but we always favor players by providing you with more excellent and appealing features.

Hotel Story MOD APK: Resort Simulation – Hotel Story gives you the chance to be the host of one of these hotels during the holiday season, which is always a profitable business for hotel and restaurant owners. Build from the ground up, start with the basics, and you’ll have the world’s most expensive and frequented hotel. Arrange the furniture as you choose, make your clients’ living and sleeping quarters as comfortable as possible, and expand the hotel’s land for the construction of swimming pools and other structures.


Hotel Story is a fantastic business simulation game that will help you improve your management abilities. This game is ideal for everyone who dreams of running and managing a resort. Download the Hotel Story mod apk now to get unlimited money and gems and unlock all of the game’s features. Additionally, the game mod is compatible with iPhone and Android.

Hotel Story allows you to transform a tiny motel into a five-star resort of international standards. From the start, the game allows you to intelligently manage your resources according to the needs and requests of clients. The Hotel story’s gameplay is similar to that of Hempire – Plant Growing Game. Additionally, download the Hotel-story mod apk to enjoy your dull moments.


Happy Labs is a Singapore-based indie developer. Few people are aware that it is made up of two IT developers who have taken the same road in life. Happy Labs is one of Singapore’s most well-known independent game studios, having released four popular products in just two years. Jeffrey Chee founded Happy Labs with Kaycee Chee, a work and life colleague, and Toy Craft, the first product, which established the groundwork for success. Hotel Story: Resort Simulation is the next great hit in Asian and European markets.

Happy Mall Story is Happy Labs’ third game under development. It turned out to be an even more successful game, thanks in part to the guy ahead’s dedicated gaming community. Both Happy Mall Story and Hotel Story: Resort Simulation received 10 million downloads regardless of the period. Meanwhile, the most recent game holds the daily record of 100,000 active players. Even a year after the formal date, it retains a proud achievement.

When the World Cup season arrives, Happy Labs’ progress is solidified even further owing to the official chess piece Football Rush. However, the major goal of this indie developer is still to create a management simulator that encompasses all departments.

Happy Mall Story and Hotel Story: Resort Simulation remain Happy Labs’ two most significant achievements. They are the two most popular in-game advertising products that generate revenue for developers. Aside from the original English edition, the localization process in several nations such as Japan, China, Indonesia, and Thailand contributes greatly to the product’s success. Hotel Story: Resort Simulation, according to Jeffrey, draws more European and American gamers, whereas Happy Mall Story draws Asian players.

Hotel Story MOD APK

Features of Hotel Story Mod Apk:

Your Hotel Enterprise

You must begin with a tiny inn with a few rooms and a cafe. With your initial funds, you will purchase various accessories and progressively build your inn into a five-star resort. Furthermore, you must fulfill and please your consumers. The happier they are, the more successful your business will be.

Construct a five-star hotel

You can convert your resort to a five-star hotel by expanding it and adding more specialized services. You can even buy customized services for your resort with gold and diamonds. To make it more appealing and lovely for clients, use more decorative material. Your business will thrive after your hotel is upgraded to five stars, and your hotel will begin to generate revenue.

MOD Hotel Story Menu

Hotel Story: Resort Simulation mod apk is jam-packed with amazing features that will keep you hooked on the game. Some of these characteristics are:

  • Money and jewels are unlimited.
  • Gold and diamonds in abundance
  • There are no advertisements.
  • Available both online and off
  • Download it for free.
  • iOS and Android devices are supported.

Unlimited Diamonds

The hotel stories’ gameplay is simple, easy, close to reality, and has excellent graphics similar to Farming Simulator 18. You will start with a small motel in a bare field. Also, you will find some basic services like Jacuzzi, dining area, and others. Step by step, you will gather all these things in a single place. Ultimately, your hotel reaches the level of five-star.

Try to provide facilities and services for your customers to satisfy them. Furnish adequate bedrooms and washrooms to meet the needs of customers. As your business expands, it generates more revenue and profit. Also, you can recruit staff and furnish your hotel to facilitate the guests. You are free to beautify your hotel in your style by introducing unique services for your customers.

Furthermore, you can divide your resort into different levels, such as a VIP area. Try to work hard to make a profit and grow your business. You just have to worry about management and not money after your company is established. You can also have fun by visiting the resorts of your online buddies.

Suggestions for Hotel Stories

You can play hotel stories without buying diamonds or coins using a few different approaches. Spending a lot of money on things that consumers will see on a regular basis when you initially open your hotel is a bad idea. Make your hotel’s amenities more appealing. A bedroom with a themed floor or plants can be more expensive than one without. More people should be invited. In addition, hotel story cheats are really useful while playing the game.

Improvements and investments

To make your resort a 5-star resort, you can’t simply extend each resort part. You’ll need an increasing amount of amenities, such as restaurants, cafes, pool rooms, and souvenir shops, to satisfy clients. Each of these services increases your earnings while also attracting a large number of consumers. You will, however, require a specific amount of gold to construct these structures. Furthermore, the development of each project requires time. As a result, think about each job carefully.

Each item must be thoroughly examined because, if not repaired, it could fail at any time. If you don’t keep control of the more than 300 constructions of various designs, customers will revolt and the hotel’s reputation will suffer. However, you can hire additional service personnel to assist you in collecting money, repairing equipment, and caring for customers. It’s also a common occurrence in business simulation games.

Hotel Story MOD APK

Models Numbering in the Hundreds

There are currently over 300 different facilities and designs available on Hotel Story. This is where you start laying the foundation for your resort. After then, gamers are able to customize according to their own preferences. You can get rid of any unnecessary or inappropriate data. You can also add more equipment or mix and match different models. All of this will come together to produce the perfect overall look for your personal style.

Unusual Keys

You will get a range of fun experiences while playing the game. This distinctness stems from the exposure your customers will receive. You’ll be able to unlock over 20 clients in exchange for fantastic rewards. You must first meet their resort standards in order to do so. Your classmates are mostly the world’s wealthiest people, so money doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Increase the size of the resort

The majority of your resort’s guests are tourists. As a result, they may spend several days, a week, or even a month in your home. This encourages players to diversify their business models. Multiple restaurants, pool, and hotel models can be mixed creatively in one location.

How to Download and Install?

  • To begin, go to the preceding download link.
  • Then you must wait for a while.
  • You’ll now navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Following that, you’ll set Sciurty.
  • Then enable or disallow access from Unknown Sources.
  • As a result, the installation went off without a hitch.
  • After that, go to Downloads and click on it.
  • Then begin the process of installing the game.
  • Hotel Story Hack Apk is now available for download.

Hotel Story MOD APK

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to play the Hotel Story Mod Version?

The answer is a resounding YES. You can get paid features for free if you use the Hotel Story MOD APK we supplied in this article.

Is it possible to use and install Hotel Story MOD APK for free?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Installing this Mod Apk is completely free. It doesn’t contain any annoying advertisements, so you can use it to its best potential.

Is Hotel Story MOD APK a safe application?

Before installing this software, it is one of the most often asked questions by users. Because it is simply a customized version of the Official Hotel Story app with some additional features, it is completely safe and secure to use on both your Android smartphone and your PC. There are many people who have been using this software for a long time and have never had any issues with it.

Is it true that using the modded version will result in my account being banned?

Let me assuage your fears by stating that the modded version of Hotel Story includes an anti-ban mechanism that ensures you will never get banned in your life.

Final Words:

Due to two aspects of timing and luck, Hotel Story: Resort Simulation has inherently become a new wave in the Mobile Gaming world. When the game first came out in early 2013, the mobile gaming village was brimming with representatives from the card game line who lacked even the most basic management skills.

The benefit of Hotel Story: Resort Simulation is that it allows the developer pair to scale up Happy Labs. Jeffrey urged his former colleagues to join a partnership after working for Tecmo Koei and Nubee for a long period. It didn’t take long for the Happy Labs army to welcome 11 more notable persons and establish a goal for the next Happy Mall Story project.

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