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Hungry Dragon Mod Apk 4.4 (All Dragons Unlocked) Free Download Latest 2022

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk will cover the fundamental gameplay mechanics and features of Hungry Dragon, as well as the fundamental system requirements for downloading. Finally, we’ll provide the very crucial download link that will give you access to the Hungry Dragon Mod Apk. It’s a more sophisticated version with benefits like limitless money and unlocked dragons! Simply download the MOD APK and take full advantage!

In the game Hungry Dragon Mod Apk, you will be in control of a large fire-breathing dragon that must consume everything in its path. Earn points by exploring every globe and destroying its towns, woods, and caverns. There are numerous dragons of various classes and capabilities in the game, each with a unique set of traits and skills, which you can enhance by equipping beneficial suits. To amass a collection of dragons and their companions is the primary objective of the Hungry Dragon mod apk game.

You must be familiar with the game hungry dragon mod apk if you’ve ever played games like a hungry shark or fish shallow. You will like the game because it is entertaining and ideal for playing in your free time. You’ll be friends with the adorable dragon nibbler in this game. The dragon will make good company for you. Playing this game allows you to discover new items and locations.

The players that adore playing dragon games are extremely familiar with this game. Only on the Play Store, the Hungry Dragon Mod Apk has received over 10 million downloads and active users. This game is frequently downloaded directly from Google and other websites. You must successfully accomplish challenging tasks in order to unlock vital game items.

The ideal game to play where you can become a dragon is Hungry Dragon. You only need to fly and consume everything along your route. Through the course of the game, you can explore a variety of unusual locales, communities, and woodlands. There are more than ten different dragons that can be unlocked in the game, and since each dragon has its own special traits and skills, you can pick the one that most closely matches your personality. You can also download Emergency HQ Mod Apk.

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

French video game developer Ubisoft Entertainment SA has been producing games for several decades. It has created numerous stunning console games, including the Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, and Tom Clancy series. But did you know that Ubisoft is also renowned for its astounding prowess in creating games for Android devices? Yes, you heard correctly! Huge Android games from Ubisoft including Assasin’s Creed Rebellion, Hungry Dragon, and Hungry Shark Evolution are available for your enjoyment.

All of the Ubisoft Android games are amazing and offer top-tier entertainment not found in any other similar Android games. Additionally, imagine you’re a would-be villain who wants to use your strength to obliterate the entire city. In that case, you can try the Hungry Dragon, a fantastic creation by Ubisoft in which you play as the Hungry Dragon and are expected to use your ferocious power to eliminate all the monsters, armies, and warriors. So, are you prepared to turn evil and destroy the cities? Take a moment to look for the modified version of Hungry Dragons, also known as Hungry Dragon MOD APK, that is provided below.

Have you ever played a game like Hungry Shark or Big Fish Swallow? I think these games are fascinating, enjoyable, and ideal for anyone who enjoys playing casual games. And the exciting news is that Hungry Dragon, the “air” version of this incredibly alluring game, has been officially revived by publisher Ubisoft Entertainment. It is true that you will no longer need to dive beneath the sea in order to fly.

In the video game Hungry Dragon Mod Apk, players take command of the mighty dragon, a fabled creature. They are endowed with potent breaths that occasionally activate and endanger other animals. You can also fully access new dragons and prior prey that you did not hunt at the same time. Additionally, you shouldn’t disregard the game’s numerous mysteries and difficult new levels.


Hungry Dragon Mod Apk is a fantastic game where you can control an epic fire-breathing creature through a number of epic in-game tasks. Utilize your incredible skills to get through foes’ defenses and consume whatever is in your path. As you successfully defeat your adversaries, uncover amazing and epic fire-breathing tactics.

The ultimate objective is to maintain a healthy level of hunger while also using the in-game tools and boosters to give your dragons new abilities and evolution stages. You are able to select from a variety of dragon species, each with special skills and talents of their own.

Participate in the game’s interesting tasks. As you lead your dragon to the new realm of fun and excitement in the big fish little fish gameplay, complete the specific objectives in each level. Play online games with your friends and other players as you battle for those incredible dragons.

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

Features of Hungry Dragon Mod Apk:

Simple, clear, and incredibly fun gameplay

Android players will undoubtedly like the fun and action-packed gameplay in Hungry Dragon, where you can freely travel the countryside, terrorize bystanders and breed mighty dragons.

Enjoy the realistic gameplay as you freely command the Hungry Dragons to avoid enemy attacks, consume everything in your path, and kill monsters, creatures, animals, and even people along the road.

Various dragons of all kinds and intriguing power-ups

If you’re interested, you’ll also find Hungry Dragon to be really entertaining and thrilling, especially given its enormous collection of magnificent dragons. You’ll be tasked with gathering these fierce monsters, each of which has special abilities and attributes. Utilize their soaring breathing abilities to vaporize and melt your adversaries. Alternately, summon the mighty ice dragon to kill all of your foes instantly.

Learn about a range of different dragons, each with its own distinctive designs, and fly freely with them. As you go, feel free to unlock various outfits and customizations for your dragons. To become the supreme king of the air and the earth, one must fly faster, burn stronger, shoot quicker, move carefully, and move quickly.

Additionally, you can have a wide range of different animals as pets and other creatures in your roster. Bring them along with your fearsome dragons and employ them to enhance their abilities. As you successfully vanquish your adversaries, boost the powers of your dragons.

The most important thing is to make sure that your dragons are fed properly and that they are appropriately equipped with useful goods in order to boost their abilities. Gather enough nourishment from the tasty skyborne prey. Kill the other imposing monsters. To feed your dragon, you can even consume residents of the town and others. Develop and change as you grant your monster new abilities.

Take pleasure in the thrilling wrecking adventures with your lovely critters.

For those of you who are curious, Hungry Dragon players will also have access to thrilling and epic destructive adventures. As you explore the medieval kingdoms in search of sustenance, take on the game’s huge wrecking tasks.

Fly through the cities, hills, woods, and villages of the world. Feel free to jump into the amazing in-game destructions, where you can knock down a variety of fascinating constructions and roadblocks. As you strive to achieve the game’s highest possible score, continue to feast on the prey and other creatures. Be without boundaries the supreme authority in your medieval realm.

Consume stuff as you attack numerous targets.

In Hungry Dragon, players will also discover themselves accumulating and enjoying the fantastic grilled frenzy and emancipated actions in the enormous 3D realms to aid you in your voyage of fear and destruction.

Utilize your dragons’ various possible skills and abilities to efficiently cook up your victim and feast on it. As you move, unleash your breath of fire, ice, lightning, and other exciting attacks upon your adversaries.

Additionally, as you advance in Hungry Dragon, you’ll face challenges from a variety of beasts and adversaries. Fight the monsters, trolls, witches, medieval soldiers, and others who are attempting to stop you in order to save them from being gobbled up.

Unlock the legendary beings to gain new abilities.

The fantastic game of gathering these ethereal creatures is also available to Hungry Dragon players, for those of you who are interested. Android players will also discover themselves studying the epic and special powers of each of their dragons, which come in hundreds of various original species as well as fascinating hybrids.

Play the game with friends and other players online.

Players in Hungry Dragons are also able to take on the amazing in-game challenges alongside their friends and other online players, which adds to the game’s intrigue. While participating in the ultimate leagues, feel free to indulge in your favorite Small Fish Big Fish gaming to the utmost. As you overcome your friends and enemies, strive to reach the top spots on the Legendary Leagues. Of course, you can also access a variety of in-game goodies.

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

Free to use

For those of you who haven’t yet discovered it, Hungry Dragon can also be downloaded and installed on your mobile devices without cost. As a result, you may always get it for free from the Google Play Store.

Play for as long as you want using our mod.

And for those of you who find the game a little unpleasant due to the in-game purchases and advertisements, choosing our customized version of the game will quickly unlock everything. You can start playing Hungry Dragon Mod APK right away by downloading and installing it from our website. Enjoy the ad-free, unlocked gameplay, limitless money, and unlimited time whenever you want.



Hungry Dragon’s outstanding visual effects let players completely immerse themselves in the epic shooter difficulties. You are welcome to fully explore and enjoy the game’s smooth animations, breathtaking skill effects, and engaging environments. Most significantly, you’ll also experience incredibly smooth and engaging gameplay on your Mobile Devices thanks to the well-optimized gameplay.


With its potent and memorable music, Hungry Dragon should undoubtedly make things a lot more fun for those of you who are interested. Your ability to fully immerse yourself in the in-game experiences will be enhanced by the stunning soundtracks and authentic sound effects.

Play the most cherished Ubisoft title from the previous ten years.

Have you ever fantasized about being a superhuman entity with the ability to wipe out the entire planet? Sounds soothing, doesn’t it? There isn’t a single guy out there who doesn’t like superpowers, thus having villainous abilities is everyone’s favorite fantasy! Now is the time to put on a show, showcasing your complexity and powers in a virtual environment. Download Hungry Dragon from Ubisoft. It’s a fantastic Android game with a huge selection of dragons, each with a particular lifestyle and set of abilities. The game’s storyline is straightforward: you play as a dragon that must unleash flaming wrath while flying through the skies to annihilate all humans and monsters.

Collect the deadly fire-breathing Dragons to play the bad guy.

Dragon game on Android. Simply put, the game has a variety of features including a huge selection of dragons, power-ups, and maps. First off, you can choose from a huge selection of dragons at the Hungry Dragon, including Eelectrozoa, Mechamuncher, Armordillo, Icebreaker, T-Weeks, Umbra, Jade, and Skully! All of these dragons are categorized according to their sizes and are shown in the game as XS, S, L, XL, XXL, and Tier!!! Seeing enemy dragons like Aggressive Caterpillar, Drunken Man, DunkLeosteus, Flying Pigs, Goblin Machine, Goblin Airship, and Helion will also astound you.

Unlock massive outfits and power-ups to increase your degree of destruction.

The game is suitable for offering you the dragon costumes, or what is more often known as Skins, in addition to the dragon styles, sorting, and adversary dragon diversity. Yes, skins might not seem appropriate for a game like this, but these potent garbs shockingly boost your dragons’ level of destruction and all of their abilities. Now, the game has hundreds of strange costumes installed, each with unique abilities like faster flight, huge burning, and increased appetite! Now is your chance to pick the ideal outfit based on your fighting style!

Withstand a 3D environment in which you are a dragon heading to a feast.

The Hungry Dragon MOD APK will display all of its capabilities on your smartphone screen in animated 3D graphics. After viewing these images, you can easily control your thoughts like a real dragon out hunting for food. Additionally, You’ll be rewarded with accurate finger-tapping and BGM sound effects to make the game even more authentic! Get Hungry Dragon downloaded, then get ready for your first meal!

Try the modified version once and you’ll be surprised right away.

Hungry Dragon is a sizable game that offers a wide range of privileges on this site, thus it’s impossible to cover all of its elements in a single article. It also has many more features, such as difficult competitions, PvP leagues, and many more wonderful gaming add-ons. Hungry Dragon exhibits several flaws as well, such as the in-app purchases and the ad-filled UI, even with all of these features. Now we’re getting down to business since a game creator can’t make a living without making money off of their creation!

But what if you had free access to all the paid-for game features? After much effort, we have finally created Hungry Dragon MOD APK, a customized version of Hungry Dragon. Download this version using the download link in the section below to take advantage of the enthusiastic Dragon feast and all of its wonderful features. Embrace it!

Similar to the gaming UI with limitless cash and gems

The Hungry Dragon MOD APK’s official-like gaming interface is its first and most enticing feature. Primarily, hundreds of players have mastered the art of gaming after playing this game for a considerable amount of time. As a result, it provides an identical gaming interface! You can also download this game to get limitless coins and gems. Wow, that’s impressive. All of this cash can be used to buy and improve the legendary dragons and the potent outfits. At Hungry Dragon MOD APK, start acting like a beast and serve your first feast!

The stage before completing tasks where all dragons are unlocked

The official version of Hungry Dragons has hundreds of different dragon species, allowing you to experience the XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and legendary dragons with all of their abilities. However, even after playing for a full year, you can only unlock ten dragons due to the difficulty of the initial gaming levels. Without reaching the required level, the legendary dragons cannot be unlocked.

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

How to Download and Install Hungry Dragon Mod Apk?

  • Get “Hungry Dragon MOD APK” now.
  • Install Download Apk without connecting to WiFi or the internet.
  • Start the installer, then finish the installation.
  • Allow it to finish installing on your Android device.
  • Launch the MOD APK app to access the free, limitless resources.


How can I get Hungry Dragon from

Please click the download button at the top of the article or at the bottom of this post to access the Hungry Dragon Apk Mod. The Apk file can then be found on the “Download” page of You can get Hungry Dragon MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Pets Unlocked) for free by following the provided instructions.

After downloading the majority of game mod apks, the installation procedures are similar. To enable the installation of programs from sources other than the Google Play Store and, open the menu, settings, and security and look for “unknown sources.” Click on the downloaded file by going to the “Downloads” folder on your device. Install it on your phone, and then run it. Allow the device some time to install the game mod apk.

Does downloading Hungry Dragon APK Mod (Unlimited Money/Pets Unlocked) from pose any security risks?

When a user gets an app from, we will scan Google Play for the appropriate APK file and allow them to download it immediately. Our website has games and programs that are secure and safe for users to use.

What makes Hungry Dragon Mod Hack (Unlimited Money/Pets Unlocked) require my consent to install?

The system on your smartphone must be available to the app. You will be informed of all the permissions necessary to run an application when you install it.

Final Words:

One of the most popular online games to play with friends is the hungry dragon mod apk. We thus expect that this game will be fun for both you and your friends. I hope this post has given you enough information to play the game by tapping the green button. We cordially invite you to post any questions or concerns in the comment box regarding the game or our website.

In this game, you have the chance to take on the role of a dragon and rule the other players by devouring everything in your path. Forests, cities, and villages are all included. You just need to eat to fill your appetite. Additionally, you can buy bespoke attire and unlock about 100 different dragons to help you level up. You have the additional benefit of having endless money with Hungry Dragon Mod Apk, allowing you to buy anything you want from the store without worrying about the price. Attempt it! You won’t regret doing it.

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