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Which side will you choose when the two forces rise again?
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Nov 11, 2020
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Inotia 4 Mod Apk v1.3.2 (Free Shopping) Download Latest Version 2022

Inotia 4 Mod Apk is a popular RPG game in which you will be taken to a distant past, where your narrative will begin. Create a massive and invincible team with just the most powerful warriors, and explore a vast and uncharted world full of secrets and mysteries. Fight against a big number of powerful opponents and demonstrate your full range of fighting abilities. All aficionados of pixel games and protracted battles will be enthralled by the game.

Inotia 4 is a continuation of the previous series of games, Inotia 3, which was a huge hit on the Play Store. Inotia 4 certainly has a better graphic design than ever before. It is said here that you are a mercenary from the Shadow army named, and that you must rent the Kingdom in order to bring The Chanel. You will be provided with a captivating tale in this new installment of the series. Together, they’ll take you on a fascinating trip in which you’ll gradually unravel the secret of mysteries, such as the true nature of the Forces Intend Evil.

In the Inotia saga, Inotia 4 Mod Apk is a new level. Com2uS has created a dynamic action role-playing game. It will take you on a fantastic adventure. It’s a fun game that will keep you coming back for more. This game features a diverse cast of characters. You must go on an adventure with these people. A large map of the Inotian continent is available. Epic battles will feature a clash of magic and power. It’s a fun game where you must combat monsters, goblins, and orcs while collecting various stuff.

RPG game Inotia 4 Mod Apk newest 2022 and premium unlocked. Com2uS created and distributed this game. It is a single-player game that belongs to the Role Playing game genre. So, game fans, you’ve come to the correct place to have fun and progress from novice to pro. Cloneapk provides you with the most reliable and original mod apks available online, and we update new mod games and apps on a daily basis. So, below you will find a download link for the full version free of charge, with no trial period. Simply download your apk and enjoy it. Our blog postings will always be useful to you.

Start your new adventure with Inotia 4 and explore more because this game teaches you a lot about everyday life. As a result of this game, you will learn how to defeat monsters/enemies and how to distinguish between heroes and villains. You won’t find a better collision of magic and power than on the Inotian continent. You can use this to create your own team that is extremely powerful and equipped with a variety of talents and equipment. The basic goal of this game is to eliminate all monsters/enemies in order to keep your country peaceful and happy. To make this game more engaging and entertaining, collect various objects.

Inotia 4 Mod Apk

Inotia 4 Mod Apk is the classic adventure RPG in the Inotia series by Com2uS USA. In the game, you will be turned into a young nomad who will embark on an adventure over the countries of Inotia and combat the enemy. Inotia 4 transports gamers to a country ravaged by civil war. The Shadow tribe’s Kiyan hero. This young man will have to battle demonic forces. Evil elves come to the aid of courageous warriors. Also, bring peace to the lovely land. Inotia 4 for Android is a classic role-playing game with distinctive anime characters and storylines that promises to immerse players in action fighting sequences and thrilling adventures over multiple levels. New territory.

Inotia 4’s aesthetics have been totally overhauled, resulting in a fresh and appealing user experience. Furthermore, like with prior versions, this game is still absolutely free to play. When the historic fight between two sides resurfaces, which side will you choose? Inotia Empire will introduce gamers to new role-playing combat in the Inotia 4 version, which is incredibly appealing. Thanks to team fights and other mystery trips, the game transports players to a new battlefield with stressful, fascinating, and faster-paced encounters.

Inotia 4 Mod Apk is a continuation of the preceding Inotia game series, which has had a successful run over the years. Inotia 4 is the fourth installment in the series, and it features several new features, including improved visuals. You will be a mercenary in the Shadow Army army, and the game will introduce you to an exciting plot. And when you combine the two, you’ll be on a thrilling adventure in which you’ll have to solve a series of riddles one after the other.


The game transports players to the famous Inotian peninsula, where darkness and light are once again merging. Conflicts and conflicts begin to spread over the planet, destroying the serenity that previously existed. Heroes are required to resolve conflicts and restore peace to the realms.

Gamers will initially embark on the story of Kiyan, a training assassin who has strange dreams telling him about the chains of destiny that bind people’s lives.

But first and foremost, you must focus on your main purpose. You’ll need to meet with Darius, the Shadow Tribe’s Vice-leader, today to address Grafton’s recent assassination. The events of the story will bring you to Berkel, the Empire’s capital.

You’ll meet up with other game characters here who will eventually join you on your final quest. Begin your own epic journey in Inotia 4 by befriending them and uncovering the secrets behind the recent tumultuous occurrences.

Inotia 4 Mod Apk

Features of Inotia 4 Mod Apk:

Play the game with a large number of characters.

The game offers players to a variety of characters, each with their own set of abilities and powers. Furthermore, you are permitted to play in the party mode, which allows you to have several companions with you while fighting the adversaries in epic fights.

And the best thing is that you may choose which hero you want to control and play as an independent character as you go on your adventure.

Warriors come in a variety of classes, each with its own set of skills and powers.

As previously stated, players in Inotia 4 will be able to explore the vast territories with their own teams. Each member of your squad has their own special abilities and powers, which are divided into five classes. The Black Knight, Assassin, Warlock, Priest, and Ranger are the five classes. Each class has its own set of strengths and limitations that will help them perform well in battle.

It is essential that users use their abilities and distribute their experiences wisely so that they can easily take on several adversaries. Each hero has 15 talents and skills that can be added to their power slot. You can earn experience points by killing monsters and completing objectives, which can be used to level up your characters.

Give them appropriate abilities and skill improvements so that they can be more effective with specific tactics and strategies.

You can equip your heroes with a variety of things.

The game introduces players to a large variety of weapons, gears, and equipment that they can put on the heroes to enhance their abilities. That being said, it’s also critical that you collect enough stuff to power up your characters in addition to leveling them up. So make sure you spend enough time doing assignments and earning money to unlock or buy the best gear.

To get you started, there’s a convenient party system.

In addition, gamers in Inotia 4 will have access to the very handy Party System, which offers players a variety of possibilities as they travel with their squad. However, you can simply change the players in your squad by selecting them from the recruitment pool. By touching on their symbols, you can choose whatever hero you want to control while fighting the foes. Each mercenary in your company will have its own special abilities that will help you on your journey.

Explore the enormous RPG maps, where you can find all kinds of interesting things to do.

The game includes a large globe map that allows players to freely explore various regions whenever they wish. Travel to diverse regions and encounter a variety of environments, including icy snowfields, gloomy forests, frightening dungeons, tranquil villages, and so on. As you travel, take in the diverse characteristics of the continent. There are over 400 maps to explore, so you’ll never run out of things to do in the game.

There are enthralling stories with bizarre events in store for you.

Furthermore, Inotia 4 includes an epic plot in which players will be able to experience the tragic fate of our major characters. Take them through the trials and tribulations that they will face along the journey. Follow the Shadow Assassin and the Channel of Light on their quest to discover how the two souls might mix and become entangled in their own adventure.

Along your adventure, take on a variety of sub-quests.

In addition, the game includes a number of sub-quests that you can do along the route. These sub-quests, when combined with the major narrative, will serve to clarify some of the events in Inotia 4, giving you a greater understanding.

As you learn more about the world of Indian and what happened after the tragic events, you will be able to collect prizes and experience the stories in new ways. As you go through the sub-quests, you’ll uncover hidden mysteries.

Not to mention the possibility of unlocking some incredible pieces of equipment that aren’t always available.

Take on various creatures and villains.

As you travel around the vast expanses of Inotia 4 and discover yourself in various locales, you’ll come across a variety of foes and monsters who have polluted the earth. Make sure you take them out quickly to avoid them blocking your path and wreaking havoc on the land. Defeat all of the fearsome villains who are threatening to corrupt the countryside and prevent you from continuing on your adventure.

Gameplay that may be customized and adjusted

Inotia 4 Mod Apk allows players to customize their in-game features in order to make the game more straightforward and accessible. As a result, you can customize the graphic quality to match your system or the sound effects to your liking.

Last but not least, the game offers you the option of playing in a variety of languages. Choose your favorites and play the game without any problems.

It’s completely free to play.

The game is currently free to play, and Android users will be able to play it whenever they want. All you have to do is go to the Google Play Store and download and install the game. However, in-app purchases and advertisements may irritate you.

With our mod, you may unlock all of the game’s features.

If that’s the case, our mod will completely unlock the game, allowing you to have a better experience. That being stated, all you have to do now is download and install our Inotia 4 Mod APK on your devices by following our instructions.

You are free to buy everything you want without paying anything. Also, if you want to avoid being interrupted while playing the game, turn on ad-free mode.

Without the Internet, you can play the game.

Last but not least, Inotia 4 allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game without the need for an Internet connection. As a result, this game will introduce you to the pinnacle of handheld gaming. You are free to play the game whenever and wherever you like.

Inotia 4 Mod Apk


Simple yet intuitive pixelated graphics are used throughout the game, as they are in most traditional RPG games. Choose your characters and embark on a journey around the huge maps, completing challenges and tasks. Take on a variety of monsters in different environments and use powerful and stunning attacks to knock them down. Most significantly, the game’s simplistic aesthetics make it incredibly enjoyable on a variety of platforms.


Inotia 4 Mod Apk offers gamers to epic battles between our heroes and monsters, along with powerful and compelling sound effects. Furthermore, the different soundtracks will provide you with completely new experiences at each step of the game.

There are a variety of warrior classes.

You will have the opportunity to investigate large locations with your teams in this game. Each member of your squad will have their own specific ability and power, which can be divided into five classes: Assassin, Knight, Warlock, Priest, and Wizard.

Ranger. Each class has strengths and weaknesses that allow them to be reasonably effective in battle.

You should make better use of your abilities and skills, as well as distribute your experience wisely, so that you may easily defeat your foe. Each hero has a total of more than 12 skills, which will be added to the game. to their power slots; by defeating huge monsters and completing tasks, you can gain the necessary experience to raise your character’s level.

Equip Heroes with Gears and Items

The game offers a large selection of weapons and other geared things that are useful for the character’s abilities and skills; these items can be used to equip and increase your character hero’s abilities. You must also collect enough items to power up your battle characters in addition to leveling them up. So take your time, finish the assignments, earn money, and buy and unlock the top gears.

Pokemon Master is an RPG game in which you must compete with your Pokemon pets in various competitions. Your Pokemon are the only actual friends you have, and you may train them effectively to give their opponents a hard time.

RPG Locations and Maps

The game features a large map that allows you to visit various destinations and locales. Visit various areas and discover yourself in a variety of lands, including dark forests, calm villages, and icy snowfields, among others. Enjoy a voyage across numerous continents, and you’ll never run out of things to do in the game because there are so many.

Take on Gigantic Villains

As you progress over the map and visit different sites one by one, you will come across diverse foes and monsters who have taken over the countryside and are spreading darkness. Defeat them to reclaim the territories they’ve taken over, and don’t let them obstruct your path. Defeat all of the baddies who have spread a terrifying odor around the area and are attempting to prevent you from completing your objective.

Player Reviews:

Geeta Pradhan’s review:

I used to enjoy this game since I could play it without an internet connection, but now it just does not work. It says that it requires an internet connection to play, but why? This is an offline game that should always run without the need for internet, which is frustrating and not wonderful because there is no fun playing this game because it requires internet to run, despite the fact that it used to be an offline game. What caused this to happen? Reverse this and take it offline again because it’s no longer entertaining. If it reads “internet required,” I’ll take it down. 1 out of 5 stars

Dra Thicc’s review:

When loading the saved data, I’m having issues with the marketplace bug. To close it, we’ll need to utilize the internet, but we’ll be able to play it offline. I’m not sure if this game is truly online or not. You’re making new games instead of fixing serious issues with the ones you already have. Since this game firm was founded in 1998, I’m sorry to find that your new games aren’t rated 4-5 stars.

Inotia 4 Mod Apk

How to Download and Install Inotia 4 Mod Apk?

  • To begin downloading, click the link button.
  • Ensure that you finish the download and locate the downloaded Apk in your device’s storage.
  • For installation, tap the APK that was downloaded and click it.
  • Take advantage of the endless MOD features.


Inotia 4 differs from Inotia 3 in what ways?

Answer: Inotia 4 Mod Apk: Berkel’s Assassin boasted superior aesthetics and gameplay. In Inotia 3, you must use the action button to pick up any item, whereas in Inotia 4, you simply walk over an item and it will be auto-picked.

Is playing Inotia 4 a risky proposition?

No, the game does not cause any harm to anyone. Intact, the game’s creators created the game with the primary goal of appealing to gamers. As a result, the game becomes more interesting.

Is it safe to download the Inotia 4 Mod Apk gem?

Yes, this customized version is completely safe to download. You can get the current version from our website and use all of the features.

Is it possible to upgrade Inotia 4 Mod Apk?

Answer: Yes, it can be updated if the game’s developer made modifications. Bug fixes or differences from the original bundle may be included in the updates.


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