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MAGIX Movie Editor PRO APK v1.0 Free Download Latest Version 2022

Magix Movie Edit Pro has refined the software to make Movie Edit Pro the best it has ever been based on the successful prior editions! It’s now even simpler to turn your recordings into captivating movies of theatre quality complete with animated DVD menus and background music. The first 3D video editing software in the world is called MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus. Create captivating 3D movies that enthrall your audience while continuing to edit your videos in 2D, and discover the fourth dimension of video editing: speed! The fastest MAGIX Movie Edit Pro yet will help you get flawless results quickly.

Any user can easily and expertly cut and edit their films and movies with MAGIX video software. The software offers choices to burn your video projects on DVD and Blu-ray Discs as well as to save them in the format of your choice. It also includes audio dubbing. For those who are new to video editing and want to start producing their own content quickly, Video simple is the best option. We advise using Movie Edit Pro, a movie editing tool, for experienced and professional users.

Users of the software can edit videos in great detail and on several tracks. Video Pro X is the preferred video editor among ambitious and skilled video editors for cutting videos. The program’s simple interface and advanced technological accuracy make it easier to turn creative ideas into reality. Or you may build your own website with just a few clicks – no prior programming knowledge is necessary. With the full flexibility of Xara Web Designer, you may create your own unique website from scratch.

Get the best outcomes for your photos with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer’s photo-editing tools, and eliminate undesired elements from your pictures with ease. It is amazingly quick and simple to create vector graphics, illustrations, collages, and apply filters. With Photostory Deluxe, you can turn your pictures into a fun slideshow to share with others. You can pick from a variety of tunes, sounds, and animations. Present your presentation after that either online or through a digital device. With Photostory Premium VR, you can even produce interactive VR experiences from 360-degree pictures.

Magix Movie Edit Pro

With the crop option, you can just use a portion of the photo, which is a useful feature if you want to cut out unnecessary portions of the shot. If you want to draw attention to the topic of the photograph and eliminate all other distracting components from it, this editing tool is a fantastic choice. Here’s how Magix Movie Edit Pro lets you crop movie clips.

Although Magix Movie Edit Pro contains the term “pro” in its name, its capabilities don’t actually match the designation. Many essential functions, such as 3D video editing, and a Multicam module are missing from the software, but you can easily find them in free alternatives like DaVinci or Hitfilm Express. Because of this, users should not consider it. Additionally, the built-in lessons simplify the task. For starters or entry-level users, it becomes a desirable solution simply because of this simple approach.

By manually choosing the subtitle template of your choice, you can manually add subtitles to Magix Movie Edit. The subtitle editor will open once you’ve chosen a template, and you can then manually enter your subtitles. You can use Happy Scribe’s subtitling services and import your own subtitle files to expedite the procedure.

A trustworthy and all-inclusive video editor, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2022 provides a range of expert tools to assist you in editing, optimizing, exporting, and burning your videos to DVDs.

It is a full-featured video editing program that offers a wide range of cutting-edge effects and potent tools to improve the videos’ appearance and feel. It also offers a big array of exquisite effects and shrewd transitions to create captivating videos. This great program offers the best speed and increased efficiency in addition to supporting editing and processing media files as necessary.

Magix Movie Edit Pro

Features of Magix Movie Edit Pro:

Effortless Use

You must first download the installer for MAGIX Movie Edit Pro before you can access the main application. It also tries to install some other items in addition to this utility, which we advise you to decline.

If you haven’t already bought it, you’ll need to register after installation to access its free trial. After that, you are given a code for activation. Once that is through, you can begin.

You may want to download Movie Edit Pro’s handbook as you learn the program. Along with an introduction film, that is directly accessible from the help menu. The guidebook is long—more than 300 pages—and packed with information. However, not everyone is looking to read a novel to learn how to use a piece of software.

When we choose the introduction video option, a screen where we had to choose our nation appeared. However, there were just four options: South Africa, Australia, Australia, and the United Kingdom. We’ve never seen a country selection screen with such a restricted focus.

Americans need not worry, even though they might not like having to pretend to be from another nation in order to access the supporting materials because all of the links led to the same selection of videos.

Ironically, the videos have a feel that is reminiscent of American television from the 1980s. The narrator’s instructions don’t always line up perfectly with what is happening on screen, but it doesn’t matter.

Although the support material is peculiar, there is lots of it, so you can find what you need without too much trouble. The contextual help menu in MAGIX also allows you to click on certain screen items to view a more in-depth description of them.

Help for Movie Edit Pro

You can contact the community through the help menu if you need immediate assistance. Unusually, you are provided with a pop-up window to ask your inquiry without being informed of the answer. We wish to be informed beforehand if our inquiries will be sent or posted someplace.

When we attempted to use its assistance pop-up to inquire about its peculiar print screen issue, we were instead pointed to its forum rather than being put into a live chat. Our search turned up nothing. However, the forum is generally rather active, with responses to queries and in-depth discussion occurring.

On the support page, there are also some excellent tutorial videos and a media section showcasing user-generated content.

Movie Edit Pro is snappy and practically instantaneously reacts to input. Despite not having as appealing of a first impression as some of its competitors, it offers a more user-friendly interface. However, some of its more sophisticated capabilities can get you into trouble. You can also download Dead Target Mod Apk.

Looking at Projects

There are various perspectives on projects. There includes a scene overview and a timeline in addition to the storyboard mode, which is the default. If you are comfortable with other tools, we advise choosing the timeline view. It is the most practical strategy and how we prefer to work.

You can quickly apply transitions and subtitles, as well as chop and move your clips from the timeline. Drag these items from the selection box to the appropriate clip, then change the settings as necessary to add them.

You might need assistance becoming organized if you’re working on your film alongside others. The best project management tools can aid in team coordination.

Movie Edit occasionally makes things more difficult than they need to be. It loses some points for that because for some reason it interferes with the print-screen button’s typical operation, causing a superfluous pop-up to appear and frequently preventing screenshots from being taken.

Although there are UI peculiarities, we didn’t really encounter any errors with its standard editing tools. Dragging transitions to the timeline appears to completely replace your movie, and in one instance, we were unable to undo it to return to the previous position.

It’s not as simple as using other tools when you want to rearrange layers. It’s simple to create and rearrange layers in most editors, but we struggled to do so here and encountered problems when we tried to apply effects to various portions of our film.

Although the settings screens and menus appear overloaded and overpopulated with small writing, the UI is generally clear. Although simple operations are frequently unnecessarily convoluted, the controls are intuitive in the sense that you can identify what buttons perform.

While using Movie Edit Pro is generally simple, there are many errors. To get the most out of the product, we advise reading the manual and other assistance documents.

Although not as extensive as VideoStudio Ultimate, that is still a respectable array of formats. Despite having troubles with the MJPEG output, we produced very high-quality AVI videos for our tests. No importation difficulties were discovered.

Check out our article on the best video converter for some advice if you need help converting files between formats.


Windows 7, 8, or 10 64-bit versions are required for Movie Edit Pro. A minimum 2.4 GHz processor, 4 GB of RAM, and a graphics card with 512 MB of memory are required.

We used our usual set of clips and settings to assess its rendering rates. Our test version had a license issue, so we were forced to output to the AVI format instead of the MPEG we usually use.

They move at twice the pace of Hitfilm (read about that in our HitFilm review). Despite being slower than VideoStudio Ultimate, Movie Edit Pro produces significantly higher-quality results. It’s unfortunate that we weren’t able to output at 60FPS from it, but what it can do, it accomplishes swiftly. Even after scaling to 1080p, the final video quality was good.

Movie Edit Pro’s efficiency and lack of delays, stutters, or crashes when editing impressed us. Its preview window accurately displayed what we were working on. If you do experience problems, you can turn off effects and lower the quality and frame rate of the preview.

Overall, it does well because it renders pretty quickly and produces an output of good quality. Additionally, it works great for editing. However, if you wish to take extra precautions, our video tutorial on how to automatically backup will be helpful if your hard drive breaks.


There are a few helpful tools in the menus of Movie Edit Pro. You can find a number of additional features that can improve your output by going to “edit > wizards.”

There is a template selection option in the slideshow maker, but there is only one option by default, so until you go to the store, you’re stuck with “chillout.” However, you are not required to utilize a template.

You can adjust a number of options to make your slideshow unique. There is an intensity option, and you can select a soundtrack, as well as from a variety of transitions and effects.

To use it, the soundtrack creator requested that we install another module. You can produce music in a number of styles and add “emotions” at particular places in your film, though we were unable to achieve this in our test version.

Travel-route animation tools are also included in Movie Edit Pro, but we discovered that they weren’t effective for us right out of the box. We tried to use it, but nothing happened.

Along with the option to install Music Maker alongside it, Movie Edit Pro also provides a menu link to MAGIX Photo Designer. While Music Maker is currently available at a discounted price of $99, Photo Designer is free. If you are interested in making images or music to go along with your movies, these are both helpful extras that you should take into account.

The MAGIX Speed burn software opens when you select “share > backup to CD or DVD” from the menu. Additionally, you can burn to Blu-ray with this, something we couldn’t find in the menus before.

You’ll just have to take our word for it since screenshotting it proved to be a very difficult task. The features in Movie Edit Pro are a mixed bag, earning it an average rating.

Bringing in media

A prime example of this is adding clips; the majority of rival programs allow you to organize your clips before using them in a project. This enables you to import videos into your project, organize it into bins (also known as folders), name it, or do anything else you need to do so that you always have access to all the clips when creating a project. That’s not how Movie Edit Pro Premium operates. Instead, the moment you select a clip, it is put on your timeline. Select many videos, and they will all be put in reverse chronological order.

Even worse, there is never a thumbnail when any clip is displayed in the list view. Before importing them (either from a camcorder or from a disc), you can preview individual clips, however, that interface is far from intuitive and actually slows you down if you’re trying to find a specific moment.


Your project’s default display for your clips is a large square thumbnail. The fundamental interface of Movie Edit Pro Premium was created to make editing quick and easy. Other options are shown in the Timeline section’s top right as a series of icons. You can get a more conventional view in the third one from the left, where clips are shown as rectangles whose lengths vary with their duration. This increase in complexity is welcome, especially if you are just getting started with editing.

If you’ve ever created films in other apps, you’ll feel perfectly at home here in terms of editing. Almost everything functions as planned. The usual JKL keys, which are frequently used to rewind, pause, and forward along the timeline, are incorporated here. It is simple to trim clips and move them about. Additionally, a row of icons located at the upper left of the Timeline section gives you access to a number of tools.

However, the fact that the tracks are arranged in reverse order annoys even seasoned editors and may cause confusion if you ever decide to switch to another program. Tracks function like layers in more professional programs, where anything placed on top of one hides the information underneath it. Not so in this case; if you wish to layer one clip over another, you must do so from below. If you’re used to the more conventional way of working or are simply accustomed to how things are expressed in the actual world, it’s a new way of thinking that seems counterintuitive.

Magix Movie Edit Pro


The Media Pool is located in the interface’s top right corner. Along with importing your video as previously mentioned, here is also where the app’s effects, transitions, and titles are stored. A big bonus is that it’s simple to preview each one before adding it to your project, which can save you a tonne of time.

There is a good selection of titles, the majority of which may be completely changed (the 3D effects titles can only have new text added). They can also be moved about the screen to a position that works better for your project. Although there aren’t many transitions, the ones that exist do look great and some of them are even rather unique.

Appearances and color correction

Applying certain Looks to your clips or the entirety of your project is a quick and simple approach to grading your video. You also have access to standard color correction tools and a variety of other effects, like blur, distortion, speed, chroma key, and others.

Choose a Movie Template if you’d want your video editing program to handle most of the work for you. When you do this, the UI transforms and the Timeline is filled with precise placeholders. You must swap them out for your own clips, matching them as closely as you can to the specified shot type (long shot, medium shot, etc).

Additionally, you have a number of Image Objects. Consider them as animated clip arts that you can overlay on your videos. In the Audio area, you’ll also find some tunes that are royalty-free.

New Features in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2022:

  • A dependable and thorough video editor that gives you access to a full range of tools to edit, optimize, export, and burn your videos to DVDs.
  • offers a wide range of cutting-edge effects and strong tools to improve the videos’ appearance and feel.
  • provides a vast collection of lovely effects and clever transitions to create eye-catching videos.
  • optimum performance increased productivity, and assistance for editing and processing media files appropriately are all provided.
  • the capacity to record video from a camera or another gadget, like a webcam or TV capture card.
  • has an easy-to-use UI that is also straightforward, with features and options that are self-explanatory so you can complete any editing jobs without difficulty.
  • gives you access to all the features and tools you need to change the audio, alter every aspect of the movies, and enhance their overall appearance.
  • allows you to change numerous elements to improve the visual appeal of the film. You can also add various effects, titles, and other features to the videos.
  • includes expert lighting equipment that can change your videos from modern to vintage, black and white to colour, and many more.
  • allows you to change the Stereo3D parameters and execute scene stabilization procedures.
  • If the solutions offered do not suit your needs, let’s import new effects from external templates.
  • The capacity to improve mediocre audio, eliminate background noise, add effects like playback and sound echo, among other things.
  • use a strong source monitor that displays videos of the before-and-after video editing.
  • the ability to make files like DVDs, HD videos, YouTube videos, and DVDs for movies.
  • gives you the option to upload your films without leaving the programme immediately to Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube.
  • Templates, cinematic transitions, and more than 1000 special effects
  • Support for HDV and AVCHD camcorders in full HD
  • Travel route animation, 99 tracks, MultiCam editing, and many other features
  • Display your videos on TV, the go, or the internet.
  • first time ever! a complete stereo 3D workflow
  • full import capabilities for numerous 3D camera models
  • editing of one’s own 3D recordings, such as those created with two cameras
  • For your 3D video projects, real 3D fades and titles
  • The output and preview to all common 3D display devices
  • Bonus: comes with 3D glasses (not included in the download version)


Editing a video expertly

99 tracks, automated editing and effects, live preview, multi-camera editing, and many other features

An entire HD workflow

Import HD videos, edit them, burn them on disc, and then broadcast them on TV or online.

Exceptional audio dubbing

You can use Audio Mastering Suite to create 5.1 sound, recover and master audio, and much more.

Production of original effects

200 fades, 100 video effects, chroma keying with alpha channel (bluescreen), and more

Sophisticated DVD authoring

All disc formats, including ISO output, professional DVD menus, Blu-ray DiscTM, and DVD video.

Magix Movie Edit Pro

How can Magix Movie Edit Pro add subtitles?

1. Put the Magix Movie Edit Profile online.

You can import your file using our uploader from any location, including your laptop, Google Drive, YouTube, or Dropbox. There is no file size restriction within the first 10 minutes.

2. Decide on the video’s language.

More than 120 different languages, accents, and dialects are supported.

3. Select between “Human-made” or “Machine generated”.

Our automatic subtitling program is 85% accurate and extremely quick. Your subtitles will be meticulously created, expertly proofread, and delivered with 99% correctness when you use our human service.

4. Get your subtitles, step four.

Your subtitles will be produced by our generator in a matter of minutes (depending on the length of your file). Your subtitles will be available if you choose our human service in less than 24 hours.

5. Select your favorite file format and click “Export.”

SRT, and VTT, among many more formats, can be exported. Obtaining closed captions and subtitles for Magix Movie Edit Pro is that simple.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • 1 GB on a hard drive
  • Intel processor running at 2.4 GHz or faster
  • Display: 1280 x 1024 resolution of the screen

How to Download and Install Magix Movie Edit Pro?

Using makes it simple to acquire Magix movie edit pro free download full version with crack 64 bit on your device. You merely need to thoroughly assess the functioning of your device to look at every property. After that, simply click the icon below to begin downloading. Due to its professional nature, it has a large size and the downloading procedure may take some time.

When it’s finished, all you have to do is open the file and adhere to the directions displayed on the screen. Just follow this procedure without trying any other approaches if you wish to install it correctly. It’s also important to remember that logging into any account will return you to the free mode. Therefore, never sign in to any account if you want to enjoy Magix movie edit pro x.


Magix Movie Edit Pro: What is it?

The Windows PC video editing program MAGIX Movie Edit Pro was created by Magix for amateur and semi-professional users. It is the most widely used video program in Europe and is renowned for being simple to use and having stable rendering. In 2001, the first edition was published.

How can Magix Movie Edit Pro add subtitles?

By manually choosing the subtitle template of your choice, you can manually add subtitles to Magix Movie Edit. The subtitle editor will open once you’ve chosen a template, and you can then manually enter your subtitles. You can use Happy Scribe’s subtitling services and import your own subtitle files to expedite the procedure.

Who ought to utilize our subtitling services for Magix Movie Edit Pro?

The ideal tool for editors to rapidly and economically transcribe videos for Magix Movie Edit Pro is Happy Scribe. Even native speakers and independent contractors can significantly speed up their work.

How long does it take Magix Movie Edit Pro to generate subtitles?

Your subtitles will be prepared quickly if you use our automatic subtitle generator. Our human Magix Movie Edit Pro subtitling service might be of interest to you if you want your subtitles to be 99% accurate. Your file will be accessible in this situation after 24 hours.

Do you provide translation of subtitles?

Yes, our company offers subtitle translation services for a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Japanese, and Polish.

Can I upload files from other platforms to Magix Movie Edit Pro?

You can, indeed! We enable the import of files from numerous services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Wistia, Vimeo, and Youtube.

Final Words:

Magix Movie Edit Pro is the David Lynch of the video editing world. It is eccentric and a little strange, but it can do amazing things. There were several problems we encountered, but none of them prevented us from using the tool. It excels at the fundamentals and offers a tonne of extras and effects. Although it doesn’t have as many features as Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, it performs considerably better.

It gives off the impression that it was created by enthusiastic individuals who care deeply about what they are doing yet aren’t overly concerned with the competition.

We would prefer Movie Edit Pro to Hitfilm if it were free to edit videos quickly and easily for private use or for a small YouTube audience. Having said that, for serious use, we favor Hitfilm. Though there isn’t much there, both tools are useful and enjoyable.

Magix Movie Edit Pro frequently feels and looks archaic, yet it performs well when it matters. Once you’ve figured it out, working with it is simple. It also contains a tonne of features, effects, and choices.

What's new

Bug fixes and other improvements.



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