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Varies with device
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Package Disabler Pro Apk v16.2 (Full Paid/Patched) Download Latest Version 2022

Package Disabler Pro Apk may find and remove all undesirable packages and apps that are pre-installed on your phone using Package Disabler Pro. Disabling all BLOATWARES is a simple one-click process. Applications and packages that are disabled won’t receive updates through Google Play or any other channel. Therefore, without having to root the phone, you may use this program to ban apps (like parental controls) or for business purposes. You can even disable Google Play Store. To prevent misuse, this app also offers password and uninstall protection.

Nowadays, practically everyone uses a smartphone because we live in a digital age. Whatever work you need to get done, you can always use your smartphone to complete it. Mobile Phones and tablet computers can be used for everything, including viewing movies, playing games, reading books, and placing food orders. With so many features come drawbacks as well. True, there are a lot of apps on your phone that you don’t necessarily need, but Freedom APK won’t let you get rid of them. Each device has a lot of these pre-installed programs, which over time cause the device to slow down. If you are a power user, you may quickly disable these apps by rooting your device.

An application called Package Disabler Pro enables users to turn off pre-installed programs or packages that they don’t utilize. The optimum experience will be provided by several different security measures or legal combinations. For those who make the best use of their Android phones, Package Disabler Pro will be a very powerful tool. This will undoubtedly be an appropriate answer for you if you frequently come across software that you do not want. When using this program, users can take advantage of features that have been carefully considered to provide the best efficiency.

The best application for Android and Samsung devices is Package Disabler Pro APK. It is employed to disable unnecessary pre-installed apps on your phone. It’s simple to utilize this program. Using this package disabler pro, you may quickly and easily disable unneeded applications. Even when Google Play automatically updates the outdated app when a new version is released, if you disable any app, it will not be deleted or updated. Without rooting your phone, you can also disable or prevent the Google Play Store and other apps.

The KunKunSoft Team created the Package Disabler Pro APK, a compact, straightforward Android application that allows users complete control over and customization options for their Samsung Android smartphone. It allows you to disable/restrict apps/packages and OTA software updates, make custom firewall & Adblock rules, change app permissions, activities, and control phone capabilities, among other things, all without cost. But in this article, we’ll explain how to utilize the Package Disabler Pro APK FRP Bypass Samsung to unlock any Android device, Knox-compatible or not.

Package Disabler Pro Apk

With the Package Disabler Pro APK Tool and these easy steps, you can unlock the Factory Reset Protection Google lock on your Samsung Android 11 OneUI 3.1, Android 12 (OneUI 4), Android 10, Android 9, or Android 8 phone. This is done by turning on ADB on the FRP phone. To use Package Disabler Pro APK to circumvent FRP on a Samsung Google Account, simply launch the tool, login, and activate device Admin & Knox permission. Search for Setup in App Manager, click on it, then clear its data and disable it.

Only Samsung users can use the Package Disabler Pro Apk. For many of us, Samsung is virtually a close second choice to the most renowned and valuable Apple smartphone. As it was available in a range of prices. However, there is one issue that all Samsung customers have in common. The Package Disabler Pro program must be downloaded in order to solve this problem. With the help of this program, lagging is fixed, and mobile users can surf unhindered and without interruption.

Regardless of whether you use them or not, a lot of programs are constantly running in the background. This fills up your RAM, which leads to bloatware issues that hamper your ability to play games or carry out other tasks. This issue worsens as the gadget ages, making your phone sluggish and challenging to operate. By smoothing and freeing up the RAM, this program enables you to solve these issues while conserving a significant amount of device resources, which also reduces battery use.

LG package deactivator works only with LG electronics. enables users to turn off undesirable programs that take too much juice. The only non-rooted LG option to disable bloatware programs is package disabler pro. On rooted devices, it might not function. Key features include: “Disable packages to increase battery life and performance,” “Able to re-enable the disabled apps if necessary,” “Many bloatware can be disabled with only one click,” and “Able to read details of each package.” Dashboard widgets can be created to easily disable packages.

Package Disabler Pro Apk

Features of Package Disabler Pro Apk:

Block bloatware

One of the main reasons to acquire Package Disabler Pro Plus APK is that by enabling you to turn off the bloatware on your device, this program can assist you in enhancing device performance and conserving power.

Although some of the pre-installed apps on the tablet are useful, others are useless and aren’t even used by 10% of the world’s population. You may learn a lot about each app by using this app, including its permissions, activities, receivers, content providers, all libraries, signatures, and many other things.

Simple to Use

Use the most recent Package Disabler Pro Samsung version at all times because it has the newest features. If you use an older version, there’s a chance the app won’t function with all other apps and it might even crash. It’s incredibly easy to use this software, and all of the options are right there on the main screen.

You can check out its built-in FAQ area if you need assistance or if you wish to enable all disabled programs. Additionally, running Package Disabler Pro doesn’t need a rooted device.

Control Your Apps

You may control all of your programs in one location by using Package Disabler Pro on your device. Bloatware, packages, installed programs, and system packages may all be viewed and managed with the help of this software. Use the most recent version of this app from this page if you are receiving an error like Package Disabler Pro not working. To prevent unauthorized use of this program, you can optionally enable password protection.


The Package Disabler Pro program APK’s ability to export all of your settings to external storage and then import the exported file is another positive feature. When you want to experiment with new apps, you can use this option. If something goes wrong and you need to restore all of the settings, you can import the file.

You should put the Package Disabler Pro widget on your home screen so you can instantly enable and disable packages from there.

Absolutely Free & Safe

Package Disabler Pro Apk program can’t be found on official app stores like Google Play Store since it disables bloatware features. Therefore, you can purchase Package Disabler Pro from this page in order to check it out before making the decision to purchase it from the app’s official website.

Numerous users claim that this program helped them increase their device’s battery life by 30%. If you enjoy this software after trying it, you should think about purchasing it from the developer’s website.

Samsung’s Package Disabler Pro is a high-quality

high-quality app developed for Samsung cellphones. This app will make it simple for the device owner to turn off any unwanted programs. It should be mentioned that their recovery will also occur promptly and conveniently, without the need for any additional interventions. One button needs to be clicked only once. All of this contributes to the app being a dependable tool for handling various scenarios. The management is designed easy and practical so that the user may engage with it without discomfort.

Package Disabler Pro Apk

Delete Annoying System Apps

We all know that Samsung is the kind of business that may produce some of the most affordable and high-quality smartphones, but they don’t pay much attention to consumer pleasure. When a smartphone is first manufactured, it has a huge number of system-based applications installed, most of which are worthless and negatively impact performance. Therefore, you can modify these system-based applications, permanently disable them, and enhance the efficiency of your phone with the aid of package disabler pro apk.

Deactivate different bloatware

The system applications’ worst feature is that they will continue to run in the background without your knowledge. The performance of the smartphone will be severely slowed down by those applications, over which you will have no influence, as you can tell because your phone won’t be able to operate to its full potential if it has a lot of pointless applications installed. As a result, each piece of bloatware will be meticulously removed by the software installer. The easiest strategy to keep your smartphone running at peak efficiency is to use its application and get rid of all those pointless cliches.

There is no need to root your device.

Some users have the idea that in order to utilize this application to perform the necessary changes to their devices, they must root them. However, that is undoubtedly not the case because you can always utilize the package disabler pro application to disable a large number of system-based apps with a single click without having to root your smartphone. Furthermore, using a package disabler eliminates the need to root your device, which would mean sacrificing the privacy features the business built into it from the beginning.

Rapid Search

This application’s quick search feature can also be used to look up or search for certain system-based programs. The more recent version of the package disabler now includes a function that allows users to search for any particular apps they like to disable. This feature is highly intriguing and simple to use because it will resolve any issues without the need for additional research.


  • Your Samsung system apps are simply disabled without having to hack the device. Any unpleasant app or package that is pre-installed on your phone may be simply disabled, enabled, or turned off using this software.
  • You cannot use another method, such as Google Play, to update or uninstall the application that you blocked.
  • Not only can you disable system programs, but you can also disable popular apps like Facebook, Google Play, and more.
  • You can limit and manage the functionality of other apps’ updates using this app.
  • Because it allows you to restrict the application or package, you can use this software for parental control and corporate purposes.
  • It gives you a password and disables the protection feature to avoid misuse.
  • Utilize the export-import capabilities of your external storage to restore your deactivated apps at any time.
  • Take advantage of the exported package list to remove all bloatware.
  • Use the filter feature to see all installed apps, disabled apps, and system packages. You can simply search for any program on your device by utilizing the search functionality.

How Does It Work?

After it has been installed and has requested access to the system, you must first install it. Access is necessary since this program must perform its intended function while being disabled. You don’t need to be concerned that allowing access would result in the theft of your personal and professional information because this application has already been thoroughly rejected. after receiving all consent. The program is prepared to use. Users must now decide which app they wish to turn off or disable.

How does the Package Disabler Pro MOD APK Get Activated?

Remove all Google accounts: In order to activate this app, you must temporarily remove all of your Google accounts. Once activated, you can add your accounts back in.

Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable, enable USB debugging, and then perform the command: ADB shell DPM set-device-owner com.PDP.device owner/.receivers.AdminReceiver.

Package Disabler Pro Apk

How to Install and Download Package Disabler Pro Apk?

  • First, click the link below to get the Package Disabler Pro mod apk.
  • Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources on your phone immediately (allow it).
  • After that, install the PDP Mod Apk file on your smartphone by going to the device download section and clicking on it.
  • Now that it has been done, open the app and disable any program without root access.


A great app that can assist you in blocking all undesirable packages that come pre-installed on your device is called The Package Disabler Pro. Users of non-rooted devices can also use this software. It only requires installation and use. It includes a number of capabilities, including restricting data consumption and deactivating packages, among others. This app’s modded version offers free access to all of its components. Additionally, you can utilize it simultaneously on numerous devices. You can also download Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK Download.

There are more than 4,00,000 apps available in the Google Play store, and chances are you aren’t using the majority of them. Why then do you let those unused apps slow down your phone? By turning off the apps you don’t use, you can free up space on your phone. You will see many Samsung Apps that you don’t need or require, for instance, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9. It is preferable to turn them off so they won’t update automatically and continue consuming your data and time.


How can I disable a package?

The finest program ever created for Android devices to disable bloatware (built-in apps) is Package Disabler. You can use it to instantly disable every pre-installed program or package.

Is using Package Disabler Pro safe?

Because this program just disables bloatware on your Android device and does not delete or remove anything, it is absolutely safe to use. As a result, you may easily enable a disabled app with only one click.

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