PM Ihsas Program Registration Apk


PM Ihsas Program Registration Apk:

PM Ihsas Program Registration Apk.

Ehsas Survey Guide | 14,000 guarantee | Sense and Sensibility program for the poor.

Some people in Pakistan are very poor.

They need help during closing days. Ehsas Emergency is a program to help the poor with an amount of 12,000 rupees as guarantees for the poor and needy.

It was first launched in April 2020 by the Prime Minister of Pakistan to help the poor during these lockdown days.

It was a good Kafalat program so that they could meet their basic needs in life. It was a tool to help people who needed it financially.

Ehsas Imdad Registration Guide is an application that provides complete information about registration in the Ehsas Imdad program.

This is also a free guide to check 12000 rupees eligibility from home.


There were various services provided by the government. To facilitate people in this regard. Some of them are SMS services, registration website, helpline and applications etc.

This Kafalat program has been launched in all provinces of Pakistan. Ihsas app has been launched in KPK (Kyber Pakhtunkhwa) Ihsas app, Balochistan Ihsas app, Sindh Ihsas app, Punjab Ihsas app and Gilgit Batistan Ihsas app.

Ehsas program is only available for poor. Therefore, you should register in the Ehsas program if you belong to a poor family.


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