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Prequel is a photo filters and video effects editing app with the most aesthetic presets. It offers a handpicked selection of filters for pictures. Make your photos and videos stand out with a variety of vintage and trendy effects like Kidcore, VHS, Dust, Indie Kid, Teal, Grain!
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Prequel MOD APK v1.45.0 (Without Watermark) Free Download

Prequel MOD APK is a powerful image editor that transforms your photographs into genuine pieces of art. This program is for you if you enjoy altering images till they’re perfect and then sharing them on social media. It has a plethora of filters, effects, and tools that allow you to do almost anything with your photos. Once you’ve opened the photo you wish to work with, the first thing you can do is crop or rotate it. After you’ve finished with it, you may move on to using the app’s other features. There are a lot of filters to pick from on the first tab. Start by adding a bit of summer, autumn, cinema, or grunge to your image.

The second tab of PREQUEL allows you to apply stunning effects to completely round out your design. Slide your finger around to explore the various effects and find the greatest possible filter and effect combo. One of the many benefits of this software is that it provides you with a large selection of alternatives, each of which has two variants, allowing you to locate exactly what you need at any time. Finally, you can experiment with exposure, brightness, sharpness, and a variety of other settings to achieve the exact effects you like. PREQUEL allows you to edit as many photographs as you desire with thousands of different combinations while still allowing you to enjoy the editing process.

Prequel MOD APK is an application where you will discover a range of filters and tools to improve your images in any way you can think of, is basic and easy to use, and is ideal for individuals who prefer to edit and improve their photos. If you are a creative person, PREQUEL: Effects, Filters & Editing is the app for you because it contains a limitless number of professional tools that allow you to modify your images quickly and safely. Without a doubt, this is a fantastic app for photographers.

We now have social networking sites as a result of the developments that the internet has brought. We generally use these sites to communicate and mingle with folks from all around the world. Every day, hundreds of millions of images are uploaded to Facebook alone. This indicates that there has never been a greater need for photo editing software.

Prequel MOD APK is a program that allows users to shoot images, film videos, and apply special effects to their creations. Transform everyday objects into works of modern art. Prequel, a business that specializes in creating quality photo editing programs for mobile devices, created this app. It was recently released and has gotten positive feedback, with over 5 million downloads on Google Play. This is unquestionably what a non-photo editing professional requires. It is so simple to use that it transforms you into an expert invisibly.

Prequel MOD APK

There have already been numerous excellent options with in-depth and advanced capabilities that you can always make use of when it comes to video editing on your mobile devices, such as VSCO, PicsArt, and the like. However, they are all aimed at expert and experienced users who have a thorough understanding of photography and know how to methodically enhance their editing materials. As a result, regular users will have to spend some time getting acclimated to the features.

Because most people nowadays have smartphones, it makes sense to conduct all of the editings on them. They’ll need a robust photo editing tool like Prequel Premium for this. This is now one of the most popular photo editing apps, with over 5 million downloads. You may use a variety of filters, effects, and even edit films here! Nothing is off-limits when it comes to editing in this software!

What does it do?

Android users may enjoy working on their creative movies, images, and pictures with excellent mobile software, which includes a variety of visual effects and graphical adjustments. Work with any of your images or videos to produce a variety of aesthetic effects on your chosen works. Most significantly, thanks to the numerous preset provided, you can complete the tasks quickly and effectively without wasting too much time.

Android users may work with a variety of effects and presentations in Prequel, which can be readily incorporated and used to their creative creations. You can use a variety of well-known video and photo effects on your work. Choose from a plethora of different adjusting tools. Working with bright filters is a lot of fun. The list could go on and on.

Prequel also comes with its own advanced toolkit for those of you who are interested in professionally editing videos. So feel free to use the fantastic software whenever you wish.

Requirements of Prequel MOD APK

Android users may simply download and install the free Prequel app from the Google Play Store to begin enjoying the fantastic mobile application. Just make sure you have the movies or photographs you want to work with before you begin editing. There will also be adverts and in-app purchases that you may unlock with real money if you want to get the most out of the mobile program.

Β Also, don’t forget to grant the app certain access permissions, which are required to allow users to fully immerse themselves in the video editing experience without limitations. So, if you think the requests are appropriate, make sure to accept them.

Also, make sure your Android system is up to date with the newest firmware, preferably Android 5.0 or higher. This should ensure that the app’s new features and functionality are fully compatible.

Prequel MOD APK

Features of Prequel MOD APK:

Work with an app that is simple and easy to use.

To begin, Android users can use Prequel’s intuitive and accessible mobile app, which features a simple and quick editing procedure that requires no specific skills or knowledge. You can just let the AI decide how to alter particular photographs to meet your visual requirements. At the same time, the clean UI, together with a plethora of other options, ensures that you can comfortably do your chores.

A wide range of effects and filters are available in this collection.

The app provides numerous unique settings for Android users to try out, with a number of distinct effects and filter collections. Feel free to play around with the wonderful editing program on your phone and try to make your own stunning videos or photographs.

Begin by experimenting with the most well-known and popular effects, such as VHS, Disco, Miami, Bling, Plastic, and Prism. You can also choose from a large number of filters and effects, each with its own themes and settings. From applying the distinctive Indigo effects to experimenting with Aerochrome filters and developing our own tale effects, there’s a lot to do. Android users will be able to fully experience Prequel thanks to the available content.

Both videos and photographs are being worked on.

Prequel has a wide range of effects and presets that can be used on both movies and images. As a result, Android users will be able to edit their creative works with ease. As a result, those of you who are interested can quickly produce unique and interesting material from any films and photos stored on your computer. Add presets to totally change the look of your films. Create stunning images to accompany the clever and rich text. Also, the optimized editor will help you improve your videos.

Working with the sophisticated editing toolkit should be a lot of fun.

Those who are interested can also have fun with Prequel’s advanced editing features, which are identical to those found in many other professional apps. Feel free to experiment with a variety of adjustment tools to fine-tune your videos and photographs down to the last detail. Experiment with many customization options to fine-tune the effects and filters you’ve chosen. And you can work comfortably on the user-friendly interface, which will make things a lot easier for you.

Every week, you may look forward to new stuff.

Android users in Prequel can now enjoy working with the freshly updated content in Prequel every week to make the app more fascinating. Take advantage of the fantastic in-app features.

Have fun with our website’s unlocked application.

Finally, with the unlocked version of Prequel now available on our website, Android users may avoid obnoxious adverts and in-app purchases. Simply download the Prequel Mod APK and follow the on-screen instructions to get started. Work with a variety of in-app features to get the most out of the mobile app. You may quickly and easily edit your films and photographs in any way you like.

Presets for Aesthetics

Even in this day and age of technology, many people are still unaware of how to use Photoshop and other similar programs. As a result, people choose to use photo editing programs like Prequel Premium. And, because of its presets, this program allows users to make amazing and professional photographs. Because they’re all ready-made, you can use them with just a few touches. Choose from a variety of effects, including VHS, Miami, Prism, Plastic, and more! You can also utilize over 100 filters to create spectacular effects and fit the atmosphere you want to achieve.

Video EditorΒ 

Prequel Premium is capable of editing almost any sort of video in addition to photos! This program can do it all, whether you’re editing for personal or professional purposes. You may import any movie, apply presets, and modify your films right here. There are a plethora of various presets to choose from. You can use these to make amazing videos straight inside the app. These presets have already been created for you, and you can tweak them to your liking.

Prequel MOD APK

Advanced Instruments

Advanced editing options are also included in this program. They feature unique options that allow you to tweak any filter even more. Aside from that, you have the option of combining a limitless amount of filters and tools to create the ultimate masterpiece. This software has everything you could possibly need. This is where Prequel Premium shines.

The user interface is simple.

Prequel Premium strives to be as accessible as possible to newcomers. You can quickly choose the effects you want to apply to your images and videos from this menu. You may make masterpieces that can be classified as professional works of art with just a few clicks.

Download Prequel MOD APK for Android

PREQUEL, one of the most effective picture editing and photography software in the Filters and Effects industry, can transform any average mid-level photo into something a little more luxurious. Having gorgeous photographs isn’t enough in virtual life unless they’re original, odd, artistic, and luxurious. PREQUEL is exactly what you’re looking for. You can get it by clicking on the link below. You can also download Soul Knight MOD.

How To Download and Install Prequel Mod APK?

The Prequel Mod APK is the first thing you’ll need to accomplish. You can download a fully functional file from this website. A link is provided below. You’ll need to install the file after you’ve downloaded it. All you have to do now is follow the instructions below:

  • First and foremost, you must ensure that an Android emulator is installed on your mobile device. If it doesn’t, you may download one from this page.
  • Launch an Android emulator after downloading it to your mobile device and search for “Play Store.”
  • Go ahead and open the Play Store once you’ve discovered it.
  • Search for “Prequel” in the Play Store using the search box, then choose it to go to its page.
  • All you have to do now is click the “Install” button and wait for the installation procedure to finish itself while enjoying Prequel MOD APK!

Prequel MOD APK

Game Reviews:

“I have a Samsung A32, and the app is refusing to load the filters or effects. I checked my friends’ phones to see whether they were experiencing the same issue, but they were not. It has nothing to do with the internet because it works great on other phones, even when we are all in the same place. I’ve checked in a variety of places, including my friends’ houses, my school, the mall, and so on. It’s still not loading. Please correct this.” Yoongi Poongi Yoongi Poongi Yoongi Poongi Yoongi Poongi Yo

“Worst experience I’ve ever had” I mean, anytime I try to launch the app, even if I have a decent network, there is always a network problem, and the software isn’t smooth enough; it glitches too much; I have to wait half an hour to see one effect, and editing takes even longer…. It’s a dull app, but I appreciate the information… The only issue is that it requires an upgrade, which is now unavailable..” Muskaan Kalasva, Muskaan Kalasva, Muskaan Kalasva, Musk

“Hello, owner of the prequel, I really like this app, I’ve been using it for 2 years, but I just have one complaint: PLEASE PROVIDE 16:9 CANVA ON ANDROID, I REALLY NEED IT, YOUR APPLICATION IS GREAT BUT PLEASE PROVIDE CANVA 16:9 ON ANDROID, I REALLY NEED IT, THANKS:D” nayeoniezy nayeoniezy nayeoniezy


Is downloading and installing Prequel Mod APK safe?

Yes, it’s a risk-free version; you may install it right now.

What is the procedure for obtaining the mod?

You can look up “Prequel mod APK” on the internet, then download and install it on your device.

What happened to Prequel Mod after it was pulled from Google Play?

We’re not sure why, but we’ve already requested that Google reinstate our app. It’s possible that our app was removed inadvertently or by malevolent competitors looking to harm us. Please wait for the latest version of the app to be released on Google Play. Furthermore, if you have an Android device, you can download our app from our website.

Does Prequel Mod work with Android 8 (Oreo) devices?

No, we haven’t put it to the test yet. We’re excited to hear from people who have Oreo installed on their devices!

Final Words:

Prequel will allow Android users to work on their creative films and photographs with ease thanks to the in-app presets and configurable filters. If you want to get even more out of the app and its features, there will be an editing kit accessible for you to use. In addition, to ensure that you have a good time working with the mobile app, we have a modded and unlocked version of Prequel available on our website, which you will undoubtedly like.

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