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Project QT is an anime-inspired role-playing game with a visual novel feature aimed at anime enthusiasts. The latest Project QT Mod has been released by Nutaku.
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Download Project Qt Mod Apk v115.6 2022 (Unlimited Gems, Coins) Latest Version

Project Qt is a role-playing game with a variety of game modes and explorations. It is a product of the Nutaku firm, which is well known for girls’ adventure games, and Nutaku apk users have no reservations about trusting this game. Adventure games, as we all know, are the most popular in the gaming market because of their new world exploration aspect. When you have girls with you, the adventure gets much more questionable. So, to have fun with this journey, we’re playing the project qt mod apk game today.

Project QT is an anime-inspired role-playing game with a visual novel feature aimed at anime enthusiasts. The latest Project QT Mod has been released by Nutaku. Basically. It is, as we all know, a simulation game in which you can have endless and addictive fun in a virtual world. Nutaku is the creator of the most recent mod (The Official developer of the game). This game is set in a parallel world with more advanced strategies and procedures. Try a variety of strategies with your Monster girls, each with her own special ability. You can also download fashion show hack mod apk v1 8.6 download unlimited gems.

Because Project QT is the property of Nutaku, it is only available on the official website and not on the Google Play Store. Furthermore, anime-related apps are not permitted on the Google Play Store. That is why Nutaku makes all of its games available on its website. Many anime fans enjoy playing this game. We’re aware that you enjoy playing project qt Apk. This is why you’re searching for Project QT Mod Apk 2022. We’ve updated the mod to the most recent version, which was released a few days ago. Click on the Get Button above to download the mod.

Let’s get started with our recently updated Project QT MOD APK and play this fascinating and action-packed game (Unlimited Skills) On your game account, get Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Gems monetary forms. Obtain Infinite Arena Honor and Infinite Challenge Coins in the same way. Aside from these components, the highlights include God Mode, High Damage, and Auto Win. As soon as he starts playing the game, he will be enthralled by all of the incredible features that this game has to offer. Try out our newest Injustice 2 mod.

You will never regret squandering time by playing the game Project QT Mod Apk. The publisher NUTAKU rose to prominence via releasing anime-themed visual games. Even if you don’t have an Android phone, there are plenty of adult games to enjoy. This game has everything you’re looking for if you really want to play it. You may get the Adventure Game Project QT Mod APK from our website quickly and effortlessly. The game is jam-packed with things to do and see. Project QT is a game that you will always like playing. It also includes a better graphical user interface and other fascinating features. 

The fact that the developer pushed additional cartoon-based action-adventure games is the cherry on top. Visual effects are the most appealing aspects of all games. The aesthetics have been praised by many players as the best aspect of the game. Other fantastic aspects of the game include terrific noises and fascinating tales that appeal to both girls and boys in school. The most essential aspect is that the boys are subjected to pheromone assaults by females. Every boy’s dream has always been to be able to do something like this. It is one of the fantastic advantages that players can enjoy when coins are available.

Project Qt Mod Apk


Moon Sang Hoon, a Korean programmer, created Project Qt. He began working on the game while still in college at the beginning of 2022. He also produced another successful game called Bokura, which was another cartoon-based action-adventure game, when he was in school. The similarities with Project Qt, on the other hand, begin with the animation engine he employed for the game’s aesthetics. arceus x hack downlaod here.

Project QT apk mod (Unlimited Gems English Version)

As previously said, the engine is one of the key reasons why gamers are having so much fun with the game. Indeed, many gamers have stated that the game’s aesthetics are its finest feature. It includes a number of appealing characteristics, such as excellent cartoon-like visuals, excellent music, and an intriguing storyline. However, the game’s aesthetics aren’t the only reason why people like it.

The game’s replayability is another characteristic that appeals to players. You’ll always be able to receive a second and third look at what happened no matter how you play the game.

You’ll always know what happened the last time you played because the story is full. You’ll never get stuck because the engine optimization allows players to view cut sequences at any moment. Other options will always be available to you. This function also allows gamers to glimpse where their story might go next.

Features Of Project Qt Mod Apk:

Gameplay That Is Both Addictive And Simple

This game’s gameplay is basic but addictive. This game will provide you with both an adventure and a puzzle experience. In the game, there are girls who will assist you in completing your quest properly and totally.

A player’s major responsibility is to rid the globe of infection by replacing it with attractive girls. As a result, get ready to preserve your lovely world from a dangerous virus. If you enjoy mini-games, we suggest downloading pk xd mod apk, which is the perfect combo of all mini-adventure games.

Complete your journey with all of your might.

By connecting the same color blocks with each other, a player can execute a variety of operations. As a result, by connecting additional blocks of the same hue, you can quickly achieve high points. In addition, there are certain unique objects in the game. A player can improve his or her game by utilizing them.

Project Qt Mod Apk

Enhance Your Battle Arsenal

In the game’s battle arsenal, there are a variety of unique items to utilize. You can upgrade powerful talents, things with endless money, and jewels in this fashion. You have complete control over the level of difficulty. This is your universe. Enter it with your requirements in mind.

Your Favorite Female Character Can Be Improved

The game’s characters are all female. In this game, you will see a young and attractive girl. Each girl has her own special abilities and powers. You have the option of selecting the girl you choose. You can quickly upgrade your favorite character to earn extra points.

You can do everything with this modified version. Attempt to make your girl character gorgeous and dress her up elegantly, whether it’s an upgrade, in-game shopping, or something else.

Join Romantic Modes And Events

In the game, certain modes are always available. However, only a few methods are available for special occasions. You can attend these events and participate in a variety of games to keep yourself entertained.

Average Device Compatibility

The size of this game will inform you without a doubt that it is an ordinary game with a fantastic experience that is suitable for all types of devices. So you don’t have to worry if your phone just has 1GB of RAM because this game will run perfectly on it.

Graphics are stunning.

If you enjoy anime, then (unlimited gems English version) is an excellent choice. This game’s entire setting will resemble an anime, and you will feel like a hero or heroine. When you employ your superpowers, the game will become even more wonderful.

Download here:

Coins indefinitely

The most appealing feature of project qt mod apk 2022 is that it provides you with infinite coins. You can buy anything you want in project qt 2022 mod apk with these infinite coins. With this mod version, you can buy an endless number of characters and unlock an unlimited number of destinations.

Alien Girls to Play With

If you wish to spend time with aliens, then all of the characters in Project Qt Hack 2022 are basically alien chicks. So, if you want to befriend them and learn intriguing things about their lives, don’t waste time and download project qt platinmods 2022 apk right now.

Project Qt Mod Apk

Ads are not displayed.

The key advantage of this recent Qt project is that it is completely free of advertisements. There will be a lot of commercials in the original version, but there will be none in this mod version.

Associated Game

Another intriguing game, similar to project qt original apk, is available. Project makeover mod apk is the name of the game. It’s a fashion game for fashionistas and mostly females. So go ahead and get it by clicking on the link below.

Download Project QT MOD APK for Android

Project QT is a terrific anime game that you have been seeking for a long time if you enjoy turn-based fighting games. Its allure is so strong that you can’t look away from your phone. Join the mission to preserve the Earth from the invasion of alien monsters as the commander of the beautiful, sexy female warriors. You can also download TopFollow Mod Apk.

How To Download?

  • Click the apk download button.
  • You’ll be taken to the download page after that. Only wait for 5 seconds.
  • After 5 seconds, the download button will appear. Select it by clicking on it. The download will begin automatically.

How To Install?

  • On your phone, go to the downloads folder.
  • Then select the file and press the Install button.
  • It will require some logging on to their official page after installation. Then sign up for an account there.
  • Then relax and enjoy your romantic journey.

Project Qt Mod Apk


What is the most recent Project QT Mod Apk version?

Project QT MOD is currently at version 14.5. On March 10, 2022, this mod was updated.

Is there a chance I’ll be banned if I play Project QT Mod Apk?

Any application that appears on our website has been thoroughly tested and put through different trials. Without hesitation, enjoy this game.

How can I get Project Qt Mod Apk or upgrade it?

From the download link provided above, you can easily download this mod apk. Read our installation guide for more information.

What are the requirements for Project QT MOD APK on Android?

Android version 5. o or higher is required.

Is it necessary to use Wi-Fi when playing Project QT Apk?

Wi-Fi is, without a doubt, necessary. Because this game includes PVP Arenas, Wi-Fi is required.

Is everything in the current Project QT MOD APK unlimited?

Yes, absolutely. Because this is a God mod, you will have unrestricted access to everything.

Is Project QT a cooperative game?

Yes, it is a multiplayer online game. You are welcome to ask your relatives and friends to join you in the game.

What is the current version of Project Mod’s size requirement?

Its size need, according to the most recent version, is 66 Mb.

Why are children under the age of 18 not permitted to participate in Project QT?

Because it is a simulation game, there are a number of intimate aspects that must be avoided at all costs.

Download here:


Project QT Mod Apk is a fantastic game for individuals who want to have a good time while learning and earning gold, gems, coins, and cash. Don’t waste any more time waiting; simply download and begin playing. For more information, please check our website today and read about hacking other Android current games for free. I guarantee you’ll enjoy this game and want to play it again and again. Project QT MOD APK is obsessed with everything that is available for free. If you enjoy playing games, you should take part in this one. 

What's new

  • All bugs are fixed.
  • Game speed is optimized.
  • New characters are added.
  • 10 more languages are added.


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