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May 23, 2022
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Roll The Ball Mod Apk v22.0516.19 (NO Ads) Download Latest Version 2022

Roll The Ball Mod Apk is a straightforward but addictive unblock puzzle game. The goal is to slide the other blocks out of the way of the red block so that it may exit the board. However, keep in mind that they cannot be moved diagonally. That’s not all; there are dozens of puzzles worth hours of play to keep you entertained. However, if the game appears to be too difficult at times, you may wish to utilize Roll The Ball mod apk unlimited lives or coins and diamonds. As you may be aware, this is a really addictive game. We’ve all tried it, but there are currently no mods available for it.

Roll The Ball Mod Apk – With your finger, move the blocks to make a path for the ball to travel to the red block GOAL. Riveted blocks, on the other hand, cannot be moved. Are you ready to have some fun? Right now, you can download the puzzle and begin working on it. It’s a modified version of the official game with infinite suggestions to help you complete all of the levels with three stars and all of the features you want! Instantly download Roll The Ball MOD APK!

Roll the Ball – sliding puzzle (MOD, Unlimited hints) – A board game that has attracted a large number of fans in a short period of time, resulting in unprecedented popularity. This game will astound you with its ease of use, an abundance of levels, and puzzle challenges. All you have to do is get the ball to the end of the level while avoiding the barriers in your route. The challenge is intriguing, but it is also difficult; you will have to bang your head against the wall to figure out how to solve some of the stages.

Puzzle games need ability and dexterity, which helps to expand our minds and expose us to new ways of thinking. Unlike in the past, when games required us to be glued to our computers, you can now play puzzles and casual games immediately on your Android smartphone. Within the Google Play Store, there are thousands of possibilities from which to find the right game for your gaming style. And if you’re new to this channel and want to be introduced to the finest Android Puzzle game, we propose to Roll the Ball.

Yes, you were correct! Roll the Ball is an advertisement game that appears on the screen of every smartphone when playing games or using apps. But I’m very confident you haven’t played it yet, or if you have, you’ve just stumbled across our piece. Anyway, it’s a fantastic Android puzzle game in which you must roll the barriers to let Ball enter the target. To begin this simple-yet-complex puzzle-solving adventure and dazzle your mind to make room for Ball! If you’re having trouble deciding between these two games, try Roll The Ball MOD APK!

Roll The Ball Mod Apk

Slide puzzle game Roll the Ball Mod Apk A puzzle game that is both addictive and hard from the well-known BitMango gaming studio, which has been downloaded millions of times from the Android Market and has a high user rating, and rests assured that once you start playing it, you will find it difficult to stop. At the same time, the gameplay is both simple and addictive. This game is simple to learn yet tough to master.

We have wonderful news for people who want to try a customized version of this fantastic game here. Roll the Ball Mod pc is now available for download. This is one of the best free mods available for any Android game. This is a fantastic mod that will drastically improve your gaming experience. The goal of this game is to direct a ball from the starting point to a hole at the field’s conclusion.

It may appear simple, but it is not since there are numerous obstacles and holes to avoid. If you fail to do so, your Ball will be destroyed, and you will have to start over. When you hit something with your Ball, points will come out instead of being destroyed, which is a terrific feature of Roll, The Ball Mod Apk.

General Information

The artwork for Roll the Ball is simple. The information is meant to be simple enough for anyone to explore.

It won’t take up much room on your phone, but 45M indicates that you should be ready. On the phone, the game will be saved. As a result, you can play the game without having to load a new level. Because the gridlock puzzles necessitate the use of a touchpad, only Android 4.4 can manage the movements. In order to make room for the ball, the game requires coordination of planning and manipulation. It sounds like a pleasant game, but there’s no way of knowing if you’ll make it to the end.

A basic graphic has been proposed by the designers. Gridlock and balls are all you can see. Even the colors are limited to a range of browns, reds, and steel grey.

The game has gotten a lot of attention from app users so far. It has received over 100 million downloads on Google Play alone, which is astounding. If there is nothing thrilling about the game, it will not be very popular. Aren’t you curious to see what happens when you solve the classic gridlock puzzle?


It’s a no-brainer to play games like Roll the Ball. It gives gamers thrilling missions to assist them to forget about their stressful lives. These tests are quick and easy to complete, but attendees must pay attention and put some thinking into them in order to succeed. People never grow out of puzzles for a long time. It is appropriate for people of all ages, genders, and cultures. As a result, gridlock puzzles are constantly appealing.

Besides, the game isn’t that straightforward. It’s the result of combining two activities: observation and planning. The concept differs slightly from the well-known variation in order to pique the interest of players. The game’s difficulty level is updated to keep up with the growth of its users. It will take months to complete all of the routes if you begin today. And the game is still being built, so expect more exciting challenges in the future. You should get on top of it as quickly as possible.

Roll the Ball is a game that can be played in a variety of ways.

To play this game, you’ll need a touchpad that runs Android 4.4 or higher. The game stays and performs offline after you download it, so you may play it whenever you want as long as your device’s battery lasts. That game is so simple to play that it doesn’t require any instruction. We do have something to offer you to help you prepare effectively and conquer as many levels as possible in a short amount of time.

The Game’s Objective

It’s critical to understand that this is not a classic gridlock puzzle in which you move parts around to complete a picture. The plan’s ultimate goal is to construct a tunnel through which the ball can go across the screen to the red end. There are obstacles in your path, such as blocked tunnels that you can’t travel through and dead ends that won’t let the ball pass. The game is done as soon as you get the ball to the red destination. But remember, if you don’t try your hardest to create the tunnel out of every piece of pipe, you won’t be able to advance to the next level.

Roll The Ball Mod Apk


The traditional version of the game begins with nine gridlocks as a warm-up. Every so often, a new level appears, along with an increase in difficulty and a number of blocks. The higher you go, the more difficult it becomes. The higher the level, for example, the more dead ends, branches to join, and pinned panels there are.

Gridlock puzzles are amusing to certain people, and even the most complex ones can be solved. But do you think you’ll be able to complete all 3000 levels in Roll the Ball? Yes, they are anticipating your arrival.

Bonuses and hints

How can you address these problems on your own? You may not require assistance, but we have provided it just in case. The number of moves is set at the start of the game and cannot be changed. It’s comparable to the rule in Candy Crush Saga. You must carefully choose how to spend your limited amount of moves.

Because it’s not “arrange to form a picture,” but rather coordination between hands and eyes, it’ll be a game with a well-thought-out strategy. It’s possible that you’ll have to go through numerous drafts before getting the first star.

There will be hints and bonuses on the way. As long as you did well in the last stages, you were rewarded with perks such as more movements. There are only a few hints available, and they’re only for when you’re stuck.


There are four game modes to choose from, each with its own set of activities. The traditional one involves only a few moves and a ball. The Star Model, on the other hand, contains stars in the tunnels that you can lead the ball through to collect them. Moving mode introduces a wacky ball that throws your strategy off. A rotation that challenges you to produce the best strategy, not just an average, must be the most difficult mode. Only by completing the previous level can you progress to the next. Don’t take a chance.


You can select the number of players from the available modes. Multiple player fighting is now available in the game. Invite your friends to play by sending them a message.

Except for the aim, there aren’t many rules to this game. All you have to do now is take your time and enjoy it.

They didn’t establish a time limit or a limit on the number of replays. At every level, the only award is stars. Make as many good movements as you can to obtain a maximum of three stars.

Roll The Ball Mod Apk

Features of Roll The Ball Mod Apk:

Play this unique puzzle game with the most difficult levels available.

Have you seen the commercial for the puzzle game Roll The Ball? That game where you have to adjust the walls in order for the ball to reach its goal. It’s the most caustic Android game, and millions of people adore it, as seen by several Google adverts.

BitMango, a well-known game developer focused on making enjoyable and memorable puzzle games, created the game. Furthermore, this game is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. Have you been astonished? Instantly download it and experience thousands of puzzles in a unique interface!

Play over 3000 tough levels with no time limit or penalty.

What could be more enjoyable than a puzzle game with tens of thousands of levels to solve? To begin with, puzzle games are excellent selections, and they also provide a mind-blowing experience that is unavailable in any other genre. Simply put, Roll The Ball provides you with perplexing gameplay and over 3000 hard levels.

And Andromeda, Bianca, Comet, Deimos, Jupiter, Tethys, Universe, Venus, and Wezen are some of the game topics covered by these levels, which are built-in different seasons. All of these seasons are available in Career mode, as well as a variety of other modes with a variety of gaming styles! So begin by completing all of these perplexing stages and marveling!

Play the fun event modes and take advantage of the paid hints.

In addition to the campaign mode, Roll The Ball offers online rewarding events. These events are updated almost weekly and feature the most enthralling gaming levels and modes. You can have fun at these events while also getting free hints!

After then, you can utilize these instructions to complete the most difficult levels in Campaign mode. So start stunning your mind with Roll The Ball today, and if you want to take advantage of the free premium features, download the modified version and play it in its full!

Choose one of the best puzzle game modes and dive right in.

If you’ve given up on Roll the Ball due to the single Campaign mode, you should reconsider attempting the game at least once. Apart from the straightforward missions, this beast game provides you with four other modes. The following modes are available for your enjoyment at any time –

  • Star Mode – Star game is a simple model in which you must gain three stars for each level by overcoming obstacles and using hints. It’s one of the most difficult modes to master.
  • Classic Mode – Classic Mode is a move-based mode in which you are given a sufficient number of moves and must accomplish the entire level in that move.
  • Moving Mode – You must also transport the ball within the blocks in this mode, as it is the most difficult!
  • Rotation Mode – In Rotation Mode, you must rotate the blocks while arranging their sides in order to complete the level.
  • Multiplayer Mode – This is the multiplayer mode that is currently unavailable but will be added as soon as possible!


Download the modification to move farther in this game.

Have you ever played Roll the Ball and been frustrated by the difficulty differences between the advanced levels? If you answered yes, we’re here to help you overcome all of your challenges with the latest modified version – Roll the Ball MOD APK.

It’s a new updated version based on the most current update released by Roll The Ball. It has all of the advanced gameplay levels as well as a similar gaming UI, as well as some additional external features not seen in the original version! Let’s have a look at them –

To complete the difficult levels, use the never-ending free hints.

The never-ending free hints are the first and most striking element of the updated game that will win your heart. If you’ve never played before, Hints can assist you in completing the levels in the fewest possible moves. You can easily complete all of the difficult stages once you have enough hints. It’s similar to an in-game add-on within Roll The Ball.

Fortunately, Roll, The Ball MOD APK provides you with a plethora of hints without any hassle! You won’t have to struggle through the campaign mode or play the rewarding event modes; simply hit the download button below and the game will be installed on your smartphone right away!

In this enthralling puzzle game, you can play without any ads.

The only interruptions in the Roll The Ball MOD APK are advertisements. You must enter this game only for the purpose of viewing commercials; nevertheless, this does not imply that the game must also feature adverts. Anyway, it’s their monetization strategy, so we can’t blame them! So what we can do is download Roll The Ball MOD APK, which provides an entirely ad-free gaming interface without costing us a penny. You’ll never be interrupted while playing, changing levels, or changing modes again!

Roll The Ball Mod Apk


How to Download and Install Roll The Ball Mod Apk?

  • Install the APK file on your Android phone by downloading it from here.
  • Open the “Roll the Ball” app and copy the downloaded data to the SD card.
  • Select “Settings” from the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click “Modify APK” after entering “Roll Settings.”
  • Start the installation by selecting the downloaded data from the SD card.
  • The installation is now complete; simply click “Play” to begin playing!


Q: Where can I acquire the Roll the Ball Mod Apk?

A. Simply search for “Roll the Ball” in your Play Store app, then select the “Mod APK” app to download the most recent version of the game.

Q. How many levels are there in Roll The Ball Mod Apk?

A: There are over 100 levels! Various worlds, varying challenges!

Q: Can you tell me where I can get more balls?

A: Bypassing a level, you can get more balls. You can also get some free balls by using our free coins. We give you 10,000 coins at the start of the game, but this is insufficient to unlock all levels, so you’ll need to spend real money or get free coins from our website.

Final Words:

Roll The Ball Mod Apk is a simple, addictive, unblock puzzle game. The goal is to get the red block off of the board by moving the other blocks out of the way. But watch out; if you push the red block to the edge of the board, it will fall off, and you will lose! Make sure to use the hint if you can’t solve a level. There are more than 30 levels in total. You can also download Tekken 4 APK Download

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Bug Fixes and Performance improvements
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