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Secret Neighbor Apk is an AI-based horror survival game in which the game's AI studies the player's previous moves and reacts appropriately by building up traps and increasing the game's competitiveness. It is a one-of-a-kind game produced by Russian game studio Dynamic Pixels.
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Secret Neighbor Apk v1.4 Free Download Latest Version 2022

Secret Neighbor Apk is an AI-based horror survival game in which the game’s AI studies the player’s previous moves and reacts appropriately by building up traps and increasing the game’s competitiveness. It is a one-of-a-kind game produced by Russian game studio Dynamic Pixels.

Secret Neighbor Apk for Android (No Verification) is an AI-based horror survival game in which the AI analyses the player’s previous actions and response properly by laying traps and increasing the difficulty of the game. It was designed by Dynamic Pixels, a Russian sports company, and is certainly a one-of-a-kind sport. This game is a multiplayer-only first-person shooter. The game can be played by up to 8 people at the same time. The other seven gamers’ aim is to break into the neighbor’s house and unearth the keys to the basement, as well as their neighbor’s key, which is disguised as a neighbor.

Secret Neighbor is a survival horror game developed by Russian video game studio Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild. The objective of the game is to find a key in the basement of a neighbor. The game’s artificial intelligence alters the behavior of its neighbors based on the player’s prior actions. For example, the player may have set traps on a previous try.

The player in Secret Neighbor is relocating from a weird neighbor who exhibits paranoia and appears to keep a secret in her basement to a new house across the street. The player must get access to the neighbor’s home and complete a series of tasks in order to open and enter the cellar. The unknown stranger must not be spotted, pursued, or caught as the player enters the residence of the buddy if the player is not quick enough to cover or leave. To make his getaway easier, the player will throw stuff at his neighbor to confuse him.

The top-ranked Free Action Category in the All Apps Store is Secret Neighbor Apk, which is a file for Android 5.0 And Up update version v2.5. It is one of Brayan Ramirez Garcia’s most recent and brand new Apps. It’s far too simple to download and install on a smartphone or other Mobile Device. With only a few clicks or taps, you can get or download this app from any web browser, and don’t forget to enable apps from unknown sources from your device’s settings. We always allow direct download connections with extremely fast download speeds. Please notice that we never provide faulty links to our valued consumers. We only supply the actual free and safe Apk file without charge.

Secret Neighbor Apk is the ideal alternative for you right now if you want to check out a horror game that combines bold design aspects with teamwork. This is a fantastic game produced by Dynamic Pixels, the same people who brought us Hello Neighbor. This time, they upgraded the game and fixed all of the bugs and challenges. As a result, we get a very fun horror-action product that stands out from the competition thanks to its cartoon and soft aesthetics.

Secret Neighbor Apk

The survival feature of Secret Neighbor has an embedded AI model that has made it shine. These kinds of excellent games have provided a fantastic outlet for expressing your emotions. The AI predicts your next actions and moves based on your previous ones, allowing you to avoid obstacles and traps. This feature has boosted the game’s competitiveness, making it more engaging. The secret neighbour is claimed to provide you with a terrifying encounter to make you feel alive.

One of the eight players is the neighbor, and the other seven must gain access to the basement by entering the neighbor’s home. In this adventure, you’ll have to look for the keys to the basement in order to learn about the neighbor’s horrible secret. However, if your neighbour catches you, all of your efforts will be for naught, and you will have to start over. The intriguing feature of this scenario is that once you restart, you’ll have to make every option carefully because the AI will be aware of your actions and may turn you in, taking the side of your neighbor. This game is about strategic advancement while carefully managing all AI mechanics.


Nicky wakes up in his room, transformed into an adult. He has been evicted from his home and wishes to return to his previous area. He sees his former home, though his next-door neighbor’s home is also a pile of ashes. While inspecting the remains, Nicky is pursued by a mysterious, quiet beast, and he returns home to sleep. He is startled by a child’s cries and discovers that his neighbor’s house has returned, only bigger and more intricate. Nicky sails home and has weird interactions, such as needing to slim down and double leap, as well as attempting to turn on the far-off sun.

On your iPhone or Android device, play the game Secret Neighbor!

If you’re looking for a horror game that combines adventurous creation with teamwork, Secret Neighbor is the finest option. This is another fantastic game from the same Hello Neighbor Dynamic Pixels creator. The game was changed this time, and all of the bugs and difficulties were removed. As a result, we get a very delightful horror-action film that stands out from the competition thanks to its cartoon-like and appealing aesthetics.

Hello, Neighbor’s extension and final upgrade is Hidden Neighbor. This means that we should act as if we’ve just moved to the suburbs. We saw our next-door neighbor’s strange activity there. Clearly, there have been significant advancements in this area. Unlike what we got earlier, our goal in Secret Neighbor is to save our friend who is being held in the basement by the landlord. It’s worth noting that we can customize and play one of the several newborns.

Secret Neighbor Apk

Features of Secret Neighbor Apk:

Play as an intruder in this game.

In the Secret Neighbor apk, you can team up with other people to act as an intruder trying to find the key to the basement while avoiding getting caught by the neighbor. When playing as an intruder, you can take on a variety of tasks, such as an engineer who creates fascinating inventions, a bagger who transports minors, or a detective who investigates crimes.

Take on the role of The Neighbor.

If you’re looking for something different, you can also play as a neighbor and take on a different role, such as stealing children and keeping the players from finding them.

AI that is competitive

The AI is fiercely competitive, making the game challenging to master. When you play along, the AI keeps track of your moves and helps your neighbor by altering his behavior based on your actions, making it more difficult for you to play.

Things to Make

If you’re playing as invaders and are concerned about AI, this element of the game will come in handy because you may collect objects in the game and use them to create clever inventions. To frame a cool gadget, you’ll need at least ten pieces.

Secret Neighbor Apk

What is the state of Secret Neighbor Apk?

  • One of the most significant issues about this APK is whether it works for us, which we have checked. As a result, we’d like to share.
  • You should be informed that we have no affiliation with the application’s developers and are therefore not behind it. It is difficult to make such a guarantee. Whether or not you choose to try this APK is entirely up to you. Any repercussions are at your own risk.
  • For more information, download the program Secret Neighbor Apk. We’re confident you’ll appreciate its many features.

Pros of Secret Neighbor Apk:

  • The archives contain a variety of program versions, so you can choose the one you want. Third-party websites offer direct download options.
  • Unlike the Play Store, there are no reviews or ratings.
  • Once the download is complete, your memory card/system memory will be filled with an APK file. As a result, you can reinstall and remove it as many times as you like without having to redownload it.
  • Installing the APK files ahead of time will allow you to take use of the app’s exciting new features.
  • Restricted programs are available for download in your location.
  • Google APK files can be used to acquire the most recent Google updates. Although APK files take less time to download than conventional files, they can be difficult to locate.

Cons of Secret Neighbor Apk:

  • Apps obtained from third-party sources are rarely checked by Google. This has the potential to harm your device.
  • Viruses can infect your phone if you download APK files.
  • They will not be automatically updated because they do not have access to the Google Play Store.
  • You should be able to tell the difference between mods and the original APK now that you know how they differ. To accomplish this, programmers may easily infect machines with malware.

Secret Neighbor Apk

How to Download Secret Neighbor Apk?

  • is where you can get the game files.
  • Install it on the phones you need (Android/iOS).
  • Start the game, and then run the apps/games for 30-40 seconds to complete the verification process.
  • MOBILE version of Secret Neighbor has been re-launched.


Q: Is’s APK fully safe? How can you be certain of this?

Ans – The appropriate APK files can be found on Google Play and downloaded through Clients can get the files instantaneously because the files are cached on our servers. If Google Play does not contain the APK file, we will attempt searching our cache for it.

Q: Can I update Apks from the Play Store after they’ve been installed from

A: You should absolutely download and install your service. Other sites display identical load pages while Google servers provide Play Store files. The Play Store app will be included after the updated version of the Play Store is released.

Q: What is the purpose of requesting permission to download an APK from an Android application?

The app has access to a variety of your device’s systems. The application requires all authorizations, according to a notification that shows at the completion of the installation.

Is Secret Neighbor Apk available for free?

Ans: The software is free, and it comes with an endless number of options. You will receive all of the APKs entirely free of charge.

How do I get Secret Neighbor Apk from

Ans: This is far too straightforward. Download this fantastic software from and share your experience with your family, friends, and acquaintances.

What is the point of this APK?

Ans: Without a question, this is one of the best Android apps available to the general market.

Is there an issue in the file itself?

Ans: There are no flaws in the Apk file, and it is in perfect working order.


The adventure of seven young children from the house of a spooky neighbor is told in the Secret Neighbor apk. We’ve covered every little aspect of this game, as well as every lavish feature it has to offer. To getaway, you can utilize a variety of equipment and weapons. Not only that, but because it’s a survival game, it’s all about strategy. You can also download TopFollow Mod Apk.

You’ll be able to get the most out of all the features in the game owing to the horror field mod menu, such as Horrorfield MOD APK. It will allow you to explore the skills and ammo that were previously unlocked without needing to purchase the premium version.

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