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“In a time of gun and sword, the magical stone that maintains the balance of the world is stolen by high-tech aliens. The world is hanging on a thin thread. It all depends on you retrieving the magical stone…”
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Soul Knight MOD v4.2.0 Unlimited Gems and skins) Latest Version 2022

Soul Knight is a really smooth and exciting game that combines aspects from the RPG and shooter genres. I’m confident that after playing it, it will be the best shooter you can find on Google Play and Appstore to date. You may explore the gloomy environment of the dark castle, collect weapons, dodge bullets, and destroy everything with Soul Knight. Soul Knight is a game that combines RPG and shooting elements that many people, including myself, have wished to play at least once. This is a ChillyRoom product that works on both Android and iOS and is available for free.

Soul Knight (MOD, Unlimited Gems) is a lovely 2D pixel-based RPG. Choose a unique hero, take the most powerful weapons with you, and enter a dungeon with your pals, where you must fight numerous monsters while surviving and completing the main mission, which is to return the artifact, a magical stone, by exploring all the mazes and finding the prized stone. All dungeons in Soul Knight mod apk are generated at random, so you won’t grow bored with the standard levels.

ChillyRoom’s Soul Knight is a game that wonderfully combines RPG with shooting. You’ll like the mission that the publisher assigns to each player. To be more specific, the captivating gameplay at each level quickly becomes addictive. Soul Knight MOD offers a lot of free features, so you may try out some simple high-end things. Players feel as if they are part of a major mission to save the planet from a major problem. Despite the fact that it’s all a game, are you willing and persistent enough to overcome them?

Soul Knight is a game in which players must enter the ruins and destroy the many horrors that await them. You’ll go to a variety of floors and gain access to new power sources. You will develop a fighting style that you are comfortable with over time. This is the game you’ve always wanted to play in your head. Explore the dungeon, find bizarre weapons, avoid bullets, and shoot them all! Controls are quite simple and intuitive, and the gameplay is extremely fluid and pleasant, with rogue-like features thrown in for good measure. So far, the best shooting game available on the mobile shop.

Soul Knight MOD

The game’s plot revolves around high-tech aliens stealing the magical stone that has been keeping the world in check. Now you must blast through as many of them as possible in order to reclaim the stone and save the world from oblivion. Kill these vile extraterrestrials and restore what is rightfully yours! The game offers simple controls and an intuitive user interface, so all you have to do is concentrate on the next adversary. There is a huge arsenal of weapons to choose from, including exotic alien technology. Choose your weapon and prepare to face dangerous alien foes from another world.

When people think of roguelikes or dungeon crawlers, they think of games that stress human skill and offer endlessly repeatable gameplay. This, on the other hand, encourages players to keep playing those games because they keep bringing new stuff to them in the future trials. The same can be said for Soul Knights, which always offers new challenges for players to strive their hardest to experience and appreciate the never-ending enjoyment. It’s a roguelike and dungeon crawler game as well, but with stunning and engaging 2D graphics that add to the game’s appeal. 

Thank you, ChillyRoom, for producing such an intriguing game. Soul Knight is a game that combines RPG and shooting features. Having a traditional visual background has always piqued the interest of gamers. After downloading the game to my Android phone, I spent a lot of time playing it. The gameplay, character systems, aesthetics, and skins are all quite appealing. This game currently has over 10 million installs on Google Play and over 1 million positive reviews. Let’s have a look at the gameplay and graphics of Soul Knight right now! 


In this game, the player’s main task is to destroy all enemies. Extraterrestrial entities have stolen magical stones in order to keep the earth in balance. Move and destroy all creatures on the map by selecting your favorite hero and using the weapons at your disposal. There are over 170 weapons to choose from in Soul Knight. The amount of mana consumed varies depending on the weapon you employ. However, in the MOD version, all mana will be altered to 99999, allowing players to enjoy the game without having to worry about this issue. You’ll be exploring dungeons, acquiring weapons, dodging gunfire, and eliminating all enemies.

Weapons and Animals

It’s impossible to overlook the weapon and pet systems while discussing the advantages of the hacked version of Soul Knight. The vast arsenal of this game will undoubtedly satisfy shooting fans.

You can choose from over 170 different weapons, including Railguns, Staff, Shotguns, Mercenaries, and more. Not only firearms, but also knives, rings, and arrows are among the unusual weapons available. Is it more modern, primal, or has there been a concealed mystical power? Simply enter the universe of Soul Knight to find the ideal answer. Regardless, each weapon’s power stat is determined by its rarity. Typically, Red is legendary, Orange is extremely rare, Purple is extremely rare, Blue is excellent, and so on.

You are not alone in the dungeon. Soul Knight equips you with pets as companions. During the conflict, these creatures will be of great assistance to you. An adorable small kitty will make an excellent companion warrior at first. The most important thing is that you finish the job. After each stage, collect gold coins to unlock pets.

Soul Knight MOD

Features Of Soul Knight MOD APK:

Super Controlled Auto Aim Mechanism

So, in this version, you can select an auto-aim mechanic function that will assist you in shooting down adversaries using this incredible feature. When you’re targeting something, everything becomes crystal clear, and you can use auto-aim to shoot without losing the enemy’s sight for even a second.

You’ll also have complete control over the entire screen. You must use your fingertips to navigate the highly intuitive control panel, and everything will be done according to your wishes and needs, which you won’t be able to do as easily in the conventional version.

In Dungeon Crawler, you can use hundreds of weapons.

The best thing about the soul knight game is that it is built on one of the most basic yet exciting dungeon crawler gameplay, which will help you master everything. Everything grows tougher as you progress through the dungeon crawler, and things become more exciting with each step.

In this crawler, you’ll encounter a variety of monsters and items that will be difficult to deal with, so you’ll need to utilize a variety of weapons and fire at them. Each character has a plot that begins at the beginning of the game, which provides a significant benefit in terms of progressing through the game. When you have such excellent friends, everything becomes great and amusing.

Each character has their own special abilities.

The nicest part about games like Soul Knight is that you’ll meet a variety of characters throughout the game, each with their own set of skills and characteristics. All of the primary characters will be knights, and they will be able to utilize the dual weapons for a limited time. In terms of the strength and usability of their abilities, the characters in the Soul Knight are unique.

When you unlock particular characters, you will have the choice to wield various weapons. A hilarious interaction system is also included in the game, which will make the conversation between players more amusing.

Use Buffs to Boost Your Strength

Buffs are items that increase your strength, weaponry, skill set, and a variety of other attributes. A buff will occur after every three attempts, but you must use it carefully to increase your methods and power. Buffs can also be purchased from merchants or vending machines; similar to buffs, there are also blessings that a player can target after praying.

System of control

Soul Knight Mod can be described as a game with simple gameplay. You only need to learn the control system before you can begin your quest. There’s no need to spend a lot of time learning it or finding it difficult to manipulate. The game’s control scheme, on the other hand, is supposed to be easy. You can be ready to pass through the gates by pressing the imaginary buttons on the screen.

There will be two major buttons on the screen, one of which will control the character. During the battle, the other button conducts the essential procedures and activities.


Not only the gameplay or control scheme, but also the weaponry, appeal to gamers. The character unlocks function also introduces a slew of different experiences, ensuring that you don’t get bored. Specifically, the system will automatically invite you to the hero’s gathering area when each game starts.

As previously stated, Soul Knight’s character classes are incredibly broad. As a result, you can unlock the character at this location where “Heroes converge.” You will, without a doubt, need money to unlock. So, if you want to meet new people, make sure you have adequate money. Also, keep in mind that you can only possess certain characters if you have real money. After improving your character, you will gain access to a slew of new stats.

Gold coin and gem system

The strategy game Soul Knight’s financial system consists of two types of gems and gold. Each category will have its own set of applications. Players can hire warriors or invest in required support items for gold. Gems are a higher-end form of currency that can be used to purchase and upgrade characters. They are more difficult to come by.

It’s not difficult to find gems in the game. As long as you work hard to play mini-games, with a little luck, it is easy to earn gems, even powerful weapons. Another option is to use the modified version of Soul Knight that iGameHot introduces below.

Soul Knight MOD


The Soul Knight is notable for its use of the iconic Pixel 2D visuals. Despite its traditional visuals, it has a huge attraction, which may be due to the gameplay, which makes it far more appealing than other games in the genre. Furthermore, when the talents’ sound system is applied, it excites gamers. Other elements, such as gardens and plants, are also quite appealing.

Download Soul Knight mod – Fight and destroy all enemies

There appeared to be a planet full of nasty guys. They will carry out conspiracies and have the ability to hurt you at any location. Attack rapidly and destroy them as soon as possible. The opponent team’s life power is depleted, and they are no longer able to battle. Face a powerful army and utilise an assortment of weapons to defend yourself. Soul Knight will provide players with a variety of abilities, making them feel like heroes. Are you capable of both defending yourself and confronting all opponents? Fight hard and kill the enemy as soon as possible. Intentions and all goals they wish to achieve will be extinguished as well. 

Control mechanism for automatic targeting

All opponents will be able to see what’s going on right away. For you to be able to freeze time and avoid being assaulted from afar. I bombarded them on a regular basis and waited for them to turn around. Every hostile unit will be discovered as early as possible thanks to the automated procedure. You’ll have to concentrate hard because the number of appearances is always high. Players will have to move quickly and defy their opponents’ resistance. You will be hailed as a hero if you stage a gory conflict. Attacking and rushing at the enemy, placing them in a terrible predicament. 

It’s not simply about playing alone.

The game modes are very varied, with many others taking part. Four people will compete in each round. Create the most exciting and fascinating battle possible. You won’t have to play alone, and you’ll be able to pick and choose which levels to play in order to gain more experience. So that the planet can be restored to its previous state. To collect the magical stones, complete the quest. Begin your battle in the dungeon with a variety of opponents. Compete against other players to get even better achievements. Get the best job and ascend swiftly to the top of the world. Make it impossible for your opponents to stop you. 

Download Soul Knight MOD APK for Android

Soul Knight is one of my favorite games; it’s a lot of fun for me. All in all, Soul Knight is a straightforward, free game. If I were you, I’d download and play right away after reading this post. You can download Soul Knight on your phone using the links below; there are two versions available: the original and the MOD (the MOD version includes many gems and unlocks all characters…). You can also download BitLife MOD APK.

The game’s weapons

Each level’s weapons may be unique, such as guns, bows, and blades, or they may be lasers. You can choose from one hundred and twenty different guns in Soul Knight MOD APK. You’ll need mana or soul, which is a blue bar, to utilize this weapon. As I already stated, each weapon has its own unique energy.

  • You could, for example, break enemy gadgets quickly when using a specific pistol.
  • However, because it requires a lot of mana, you won’t be using it very often.
  • The sword, on the other hand, can deal significantly more damage, but its range is limited.
  • And, as it takes any mother, I prefer to use more and more blades.
  • What I enjoyed best is that you always have a puppy with you, first and foremost a cat who will assist you in winning the game.
  • You can buy new pets at any moment, but you’ll need diamonds and gems, which you’ll have in abundance if you have the Soul Knight mod apk.

Soul Knight MOD

How to install Soul Knight MOD APK?

You must follow these instructions to install Soul Knight MOD APK:

  • Below the article is a link to the APK download.
  • Wait for the procedure to finish after installing the APK.
  • Open the game and play with the entire system unlocked.


What is the best way to update to the current version without losing your game data?

You can be confident that your game progress will be preserved if you are playing the MOD version uploaded by APKMODY and downloading a newer MOD version from APKMODY.

But keep in mind that if you’re utilizing the original or MOD at a different location, you’ll need to back up your process data first.

After the update, there are no new skins, skills, or heroes?

If this occurs, remove the old version entirely. After that, you should install the latest version.

Final Words:

This game is something you should play on your mobile device if you enjoy 2D Action games. If you enjoy RPG games, you should get Soul Knight MOD APK as well. Make sure you don’t become addicted to the game because it is really addictive. I was very addicted to this game and couldn’t stop playing it for approximately two weeks.

What's new

*Upgrade Wave Conductor to choose any of all unlocked Legendary Heroes as your player character.
*In The Origin mode, the mini-map allows you to monitor the magic stone while you are away from it.
*Staff of Wizard Guard consumes less energy.
*In The Origin, some statues, mercenaries, mounts will be buffed as the character lvl and skill lvl go up.
*Fixed the dmg error of Engineer's Self Destruct.
*Fixed the bug that fishing rods could not be picked up.



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