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Run, jump and slash your way through a vast world of platforming challenges and embark on an epic adventure! The #1 mobile adventure game and a 3D platformer, now also available for Android phones and tablets.
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Swordigo Mod Apk 1.4.4 (Unlimited Money/Health/Max Levels) Free Download Latest 2022

Swordigo (MOD, Unlocked) is an Android 3D platformer adventure game! You will have to journey through epic fights and explore a vast universe throughout the game. Go deeper into the dungeon to get more resources and experience, but be aware of the dangers along the road. There will be many formidable foes that you must face alone in order to survive. To do this, employ magical tools like spells and abilities. You can complete tasks for the residents in Swordigo mod apk and exchange them for uncommon stuff.

More than ten million people have downloaded Touch Foo’s action-packed adventure game Swordigo MOD APK from the Google Play Store. We offer Swordigo, a game with fantastic features like unlimited gems. This game is enjoyable and distinctive, and it also includes catchy music. You’re going to adore it, too. Additionally, the Swordigo MOD APK has more than 10,000,000 downloads and is quite popular in the Play Store. Therefore, if you’re looking to download Swordigo, you’ve come to the perfect site. Some thieves in Swordigo MOD APK stole the sacred tree’s fabled Incrediballs eggs. 

Unlimited food, elixir, and soul shards are offered with Swordigo MOD APK. Without worrying about the price or running out of gems, you can purchase anything from the store. Additionally, this Mod APK unlocks every character and costume. You won’t see a single advertisement. To restore the sacred tree, you must gather every egg and Incrediball. To help you through the levels, complete them, fight off robbers, find freed eggs, and feed them.

The Swordigo game instantly transports you to an exciting and adventurous world where you, the hero, must set out on a quest to traverse the town while overcoming every obstacle that is put in your path in an effort to outlast everyone and reach the final foe and vanquish it in order to claim the throne. The Swordigo game is distributed without charge and quickly establishes itself as the best one available that leads you on an action-packed adventure thanks to its distinctive gameplay theme and gaming obstacles.

The Swordigo is a game that perfectly embodies its name by giving players a way to enter the realm of heroes and set out on a journey where they will be put to the test by the numerous challenges and obstacles the game presents. We will utilize this chance to give the user all the information they require about the Swordigo, including data about the features and gameplay. The download procedure and the download requirements will next be discussed. The download link for the most recent Swordigo mod apk will then be shared.

FPP or TPP games are currently gaining enormous popularity worldwide. Typically, games like PUBG Mobile or Rules of Survival rule the industry and are influencing game developers all around the world. In that context, Touch Foo, a publisher, launched the PS1 classic game Swordigo. Most of you probably still remember how it felt to use a 4-button gamepad to play Contra or Street Fighter. And just now, that memory will come to life once more, transporting us to our early years.

Swordigo is still welcomed when it comes on Android devices even if it was released on Google Play a year after the App Store. The game has received positive reviews from gamers and more than 10 million downloads on Google Play to far. One of the first types of interactive storytelling is seen in the adventure game genre. You indirectly participate in the game cast’s tale if you play these Android games. Given that we have to accomplish all of the missions independently here and that our emotions are intertwined with the game, it really aids us in making decisions. 

Well, it’s cool to be associated with a game that has numerous stories within it. Similar to this, there is an adventurous game available today that was created a decade ago and has been played by hundreds of millions of passionate adventure players. Swordigo is the name that you are familiar with from a long time ago. Since it is far more adventurous than our previous favorites, such as Super Mario and Adventure Island, I believe that every adventure game enthusiast has played this game at least once in their lives.

Swordigo Mod Apk

Aside from that, we have also been entertained during most of our dull periods while playing this exclusive game, but we have gotten trapped in the difficult boss levels that are quite difficult to pass. And for that reason, we created Swordigo MOD APK, a customized version of our favorite sword game. Skip these seconds and get the updated version from the link below as soon as possible because it includes all the premium purchases!

The action role-playing game Swordigo has strong fantasy elements. Players who choose to follow the hero must navigate this enormous fantasy world’s exploration, treasure hunting, rescue, demons, justice and evil, and disillusionment with life and death. Swordigo is an RPG game with a horizontal version of the action, real-time fighting, dress-up, and upgrading, etc. The general law-abiding, simple and conventional, is appropriate for gamers who want simple content.

To complete the action in the village, use the bottom left and right arrow keys, attack, leap, and magic keys. You’ll need to use your touch to finish the operation inside the house. The game’s narrative is more complex, but thankfully there isn’t much text. Players who are less familiar with English may find that some of the key dialogue is difficult to understand. As players explore the map, they may run into a few minor obstacles, but since there isn’t much of a relationship between them, they will eventually find the road. Finding objects with chopsticks is the game’s primary objective, and a treasure chest scene will be marked on a miniature map with a five-pointed star.

The village, dungeon, hills, and various landscapes in Swordigo are performed particularly vividly. A part of the scene requires careful observation of the terrain players and the rational use of the scene’s items or organs in order to pass quite quickly. Scenes and terrain are more plentiful, and all of the scenes can be infinitely returned, including mountains and water, flowers and grass, as well as trap organs. Enjoy a game of puzzles. If you come across something that can be lifted, the lift key momentarily takes the position of the lower right assault key. The hoisted object cannot be utilized to hit a monster; instead, it either shifts in place or smashes.

With each upgrade, players have the option to improve their life, attack, or magic using their chopsticks to advance the game’s plot. In many cases, magic is the key to the scene and is required to progress through the game’s story. According to the second magic tale, a blast occurs. It is important to know that this blast occurs regardless of the adversary, therefore after positioning yourself, move away from Oh fast.


The controls for this game are pretty basic and the gameplay is quite simple. To attack an enemy, press the sword button; to move, press the move buttons. Double-tap the move buttons to run more quickly. Likewise, to jump, tap the jump button. There are two techniques to increase your height when you leap.

You can jump higher by holding down the jump button or by double-tapping the jump button. To defeat the adversaries, use your sword. The magic bolt will be introduced to you in the first task.

You can launch a magic bolt, a blue fireball, at your opponents from a distance to cause damage. It is advantageous since it will save you from losing your health and will prevent you from having to attack your adversaries at a closer range.

You can use the magic bolt by tapping the button. You must assemble energy globes in order to replenish your magical energy. Ranged strikes from enemies can be easily deflected with your sword, while magical assaults cannot be deflected with a sword.

Use portals to move between locations. In this game, you’ll encounter numerous foes, including Grasswalkers, Bandits, Ice Bats, Blobs, and Bush Beetles. The first adversary you’ll encounter in this game is a grass walker.

Your heart is cut in half by their attack. They are 12 years old. Bush beetles lurk beneath the surface and attack a player who approaches them. Their assault causes you to lose part of your heart.

Bush Beetle well-being is 12. Blobs are less formidable foes that are simpler to eliminate. In this game, there are a lot of different weapons available. This game features a wide variety of melee weapons.

Brass Sword, Iron Sword, Needle, Broad Sword, Thorn, Magic Sword, and MegaBlade are your options. To unlock some of these swords, you need soul shards. Your initial weapon in this game will be a brass sword.

Swordigo Mod Apk


Superior Unlocked

I advise playing the new MOD version of Swordigo MOD APK if you get tired of the game’s original edition. Unaware of what MOD APK is? Let me then elaborate. The difference between the MOD and the original version is that the latter included numerous functions that were locked, preventing you from using them without doing so. So they will demand payment if you want to unlock it. Additionally, we provide a MOD version that is identical to the premium version, but using a MOD version with unlocked features is completely free. So why would you choose the premium option when there is a free one available?

Unlimited gems

The game’s primary resource is its gems. If you have gems, you can purchase anything, including tickets, meals, costumes, characters, and so on. Because of this, we have included unlimited Money in this mod, allowing you to purchase anything you want without limitations.

Almost all Soul Shards

The Incredible is fed on soul shards. After that, you can use them in combat. You can increase the rarity of the eggs and hasten their hatching with the elixir. Forex. Golden elixir may change bronze eggs into silver eggs, and silver eggs into golden eggs when combined with silver elixir. Food and potions are crucial in this game. As a result, you receive Unlimited Health and Soul Shards.

No Ads

Ads are so annoying while you’re trying to enjoy a fun game. However, this mod removes all advertisements. You won’t encounter any ads while playing your game.

All characters and costumes are unlocked.

There are four characters, and they all wear amazing outfits. But the price is so steep. Be at ease. They are offered without cost to you. All characters and outfits are available. As a result, you may use anything.

Various Incredible Balls

More than 300 Incredible Balls are present. They are divided into three primary categories: seekers, inhalers, and protectors. Three hidden items can be found by seekers, inhalers can take in all the stars from a distance, and protectors can shield you from damage. To collect all the eggs and Incrediballs, choose your Incrediballs and finish the stages.

Kill your rivals with all those magical powers by running, jumping, and slashing

Don’t be alarmed if you’re new to Swordigo and hear this name for the first time! As a result, it offers a simple gaming interface, so it is worth your time. Despite the fact that you can play and complete most of the initial missions damn simplistically inside this game, you may get stuck sometimes when you reach the most challenging boss levels.

Let’s talk about the gameplay. You’ll have to lead a warrior’s life among all the greenery, including mountains, trees, and bushes. As the warrior, it is your duty to exact the Guru’s vengeance for teaching you how to do magic tricks and manipulate magical orbs. To earn free coins and buy the strongest swords, you must run on the field, jump off mountains, and kill every small thing that gets in your way. Let’s begin right away!

Enjoy this fascinating world and take on more than ten tough bosses.

Only since this game will provide you a realistic interface inside mystical spheres, did we use the term “magical realm”? While playing this game, you can own over three different magical balls and affix them to your magic and sword. The Fire orb, the Black Powers orb, and the Icy orb are some of these orbs. Each of these orbs has advantages and drawbacks of its own. to rejoin your preferred person with all of your accessories.

In addition to these orbs and the little creatures, you’ll also need to take down the game’s difficult bosses. There are ten different bosses in the game, and each one requires special abilities to defeat. Therefore, you’ll need to go on an adventure in that magnificent country and collect all of those orbs in order to easily defeat the bosses in your path. Additionally, you can change the difficulty of your tasks at any moment between Easy, Normal, and Hard!

Create the strongest swords possible and affix magic orbs to them.

The main focus of the game Swordigo is swords, and the main objective will lead you to the game’s ultimate prize—another sword called The Mageblade. It is an excellent sword and the most difficult to make. Yes, this sword serves as the centerpiece of the entire game’s narrative. When the game’s ending approaches, you’ll need to locate all of Mageblade’s pieces in order to rebuild it.

Along with the Mageblade, the game features a variety of other straightforward blades or swords, like the Brass Sword, Iron Sword, The Needle, Broad Sword, The Thorn, and Magic Sword. These swords are all available in the game’s additional stores, and you can use their special abilities to take down the hardest bosses in the game. Simply put, playing Swordigo won’t let you become bored at any point!

Swordigo Mod Apk

Put on those strong armors to protect yourself from bosses.

Swords, magical abilities, and orbs have all been finished, and now we have the game’s favorite defensive component: armors! These armors are the defensive gear that will shield you from the swords and poison stings of the adversaries. Simply said, if the damage from the sword reduces your heart by one, wearing armor will result in you taking only half the damage.

Additionally, you can put magical orbs inside of these armors to give yourself superpowers. In this case, using the Black Magic orb in your sword will cause your health to increase a little bit quicker than if you were wearing armor without it. After that, every opponent you touch with your sword while embedding a fire orb will suffer damage. You can take advantage of all that stuff by using the trick stated below:

Download the free update to your preferred adventure game.

Please close your eyes and Open them back on the count of three! 1 2 3 and ta-da! You can play Swordigo MOD APK with our assistance if you’re a dedicated gamer. You must have wanted the customized gameplay version of this wonderful game, together with the free MOD features.

The majority of the premium in-game purchases are available to you in this patched edition without costing you single money. It implies that you will no longer have to pay us to play the game. Swordigo MOD APK can be downloaded instantly for free on your Android smartphone by clicking the link below.

Make use of the fully unlocked map using the same Swordigo UI.

First off, the updated version gives you access to all of the game’s ranges. Basically, if you haven’t played Swordigo before, let me explain that it has an incredibly large area and will require a lot of effort on your part between gameplay sessions to unlock numerous locations. Thankfully, we have the Swordigo MOD APK!

The Swordigo MOD APK was created with free updates that will enable you to explore the whole Swordigo map, including the last location where the Mageblade will be unlocked on the same map. Additionally, the interface for gameplay would be identical to that of the official version. Stop waiting and get the Mageblade parts as soon as possible.

Integrate strong gaming with endless coins to buy abilities.

Infinite coins are the next feature provided by the modified version of Swordigo or Swordigo MOD APK. If you didn’t know, the main in-game money for the Swordigo Android game is coins. You can use these coins to buy any add-ons you like, including swords, armor, and health potions.

However, the official edition only provides you with a tiny amount of cash, so you are unable to buy all the enhancements you desire. Download Swordigo MOD APK now and don’t worry! You may get 100% free, limitless coins with this customized version. 

Time to play the Swordigo game and become eternal with all of your lives.

After being the most effective unit in the entire Swordigo game, you’ll also require defensive equipment. Since you may purchase the powerful Armor using the unlimited coins you have won from the game, I won’t discuss that Armor. However, you must consider that the game only gives you three hearts at the start, which is a pitiful amount.

Officially, you must kill as many opponents as you can to get experience points and increase the amount of hearts in your body. Fortunately, Swordigo MOD APK is giving your gaming completely free lives. Yes, you have ten hearts to use in the boss stages and you are now eternal.

Swordigo Mod Apk

How to Download and Install?

  • Swordigo MOD APK can be downloaded from the download page.
  • Go to your download folder in your file manager by opening it.
  • Click the APK that was downloaded.
  • If this is your first time, enable the installation permission for unknown sources. If not, skip this step.
  • Tap the installation button again to complete the process.
  • Now that the app has been installed, launch it and grant the necessary permissions to use its capabilities.
  • Profit from limitless jewels and money.


How many Soul Shards be obtained in Swordigo?

Answer: Destroy pots, attack walls, cut down bushes, and kill adversaries.

In Swordigo, how do you jump so high?

Ans: To use the grappling hook to jump really high, unlock the Dragon’s grab spell.

Who Created Swordigo?

Answer: Touch Foo created this incredible game.

Can I safely use Swordigo MOD APK on my Android device?

You needn’t be concerned about any viruses, of course. The Swordigo MOD APK is totally secure.

Final Words:

The game immerses you in an action-packed world where anything is possible. You will have the opportunity to go off on a voyage where you must triumph over every obstacle in your way and emerge as the lone survivor. The game is made with the best visuals currently on the market, which will make the experience valuable and realistic. The game is also given to the player for free and guarantees to keep them captivated thanks to its entertaining gameplay. You can also download Football Strike MOD APK.

By choosing the customized version of the game, the user will have the benefit of having the entire game unlocked from the start, allowing you to play the whole thing at once as per your preferences and convenience. You won’t have to wait long times to unlock the gaming modes anymore. The modified game is a better option than the original game and ensures optimum user happiness.

This game will be a great choice for you if you genuinely enjoy adventure games. Because there is so much to discover in this game, you won’t ever get bored playing it. You will undoubtedly enjoy playing the games.

Kill foes while exploring lovely locations. The visuals in this game are exquisite. The fighting is flawless. Attacking and eliminating adversaries is a lot of fun. The gamer develops an addiction to this game.

What's new

- Improved compatibility with new Android versions.
- Bug fixes and other improvements.



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