Tekken 2 Apk Download For Your Android (Latest Version) 2022


Tekken 2 is a fighting game and the sequel to the Tekken series. The interaction of Tekken 2 APK download is identical to its predecessor, with some modifications. It continues to use 2D rules in its phases, as well as an infinite battlefield and a four-button combat system: left punch, right punch, left kick, and right kick.
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Tekken 2 Apk Download For Your Android (All Players Unlocked) 2022

Tekken 2 Apk Download is a fighting game and the sequel to the Tekken series. The interaction of Tekken 2 APK download is identical to its predecessor, with some modifications. It continues to use 2D rules in its phases, as well as an infinite battlefield and a four-button combat system: left punch, right punch, left kick, and right kick. Attack reversals, back throw, chain throws, and a special dribble of two characters, Kazuya Mishima and Heihachi Mishima, were some of the notable additions. On the other hand, Yoshimitsu has a spin-dodge technique that drains his health. The handles have also been changed to deal more damage when running from a greater distance.

When one of the accessible virtual characters wins the game in arcade mode, the corresponding sub-admin character becomes selectable. The game I’m going to show you today is an old Tekken tour and it’s a lot of fun. Tekken 2 APK Download is a game for Android and iOS devices. This is one of the first sections of the popular Tekken franchise. Regarding the Tekken series, this was the second installment in the story. The illustrations have improved this time, and the singles program has grown.

In this regard, Tekken 2 was also released to play on smartphones with the help of Play Station emulators. But the truth is that if you play the game with the emulator, it will cause a lot of problems, it will lag, it will be slow, etc. So, if you want to play the game without any problem on your smartphones, the best way to do that is to download this direct Tekken 2 Apk file, which will allow you to play the game without any kind of emulator. In the same way, you can also play Tekken 4.

Tekken 2 APK is a game that will make you feel nostalgic, which is why I love playing it for many hours. Playing games like Tekken 2 has created a lot of intensity that is lost in the games currently being produced on the Play Store. The controls placed in Tekken 2 Download are also designed so that you can deal as much damage as possible to the opponent.

There are many fighting simulation games in the industry, but none of them has managed to come close to this game due to the simple gameplay and unique features that the creators were able to put in it. Tekken 2 just got a lot better. They have added many important characters, sound effects, and good visuals in the previous version of this game. The developers have put the nostalgia effects right, and those who grew up playing Nintendo games will definitely love playing this game. Everyone has played fighting games on their consoles, and that’s the good part.

Tekken 2 Apk Download

Bandai Namco first introduced the story concept for fighting games and this feature turned out to be a huge hit. This game uses 2D characters and has a unique and effective combat system. Also, this is one of the first games of its kind to feature different fighting styles, including right and left punches, top, and bottom kicks, etc. Not only that, you can now perform throwbacks, chainsaws, flip attacks, and much more. More in this game. The characters in this game are very realistic and you will feel satisfied with the game because of the interconnectedness of the history of the players.

Tekken 2 Apk Download is a fighting simulation video game. It is published and developed by Namco and released on August 3, 1995. It was originally released for PlayStation 1 and you can also play it with a PlayStation 1 emulator. However, it will cause a lot of trouble and I will not recommend it. You will need to download from, upload rom, upload bios, etc.

It will take time and not enough, better than providing a simple APK of Tekken 2 Apk Download. Tekken 2 features many new combos and character moves from Tekken 2. It is a direct sequel to the game Tekken 2 and it follows it. The story continues after the events of the first Iron Fist tournament in Tekken 2. Now it’s time for the Iron Fist 2 tournament in the game.

Tekken 2 Android app does not require many requirements to run the game. You only need 1 GB of RAM and 1 GB of storage space for your device. If your device has these requirements, you can easily play the game. Since the game is not rom but apk, many of you think it needs internet, right? So in that case, I’m happy to say that you don’t need any internet connection. It is completely offline to play on your device.


Tekken 2 Apk is an upgraded version of Tekken 1. The game has the same story as Tekken 1 and continues with Tekken 2. You have many different characters to play.

In addition, a character unlocking system is available to you. You can fight with different styles and techniques along with different special moves. The controls are simple and easy and the feeling of nostalgia will be a point in the game’s favor.

Tekken 2 Apk Download

Features of Tekken 2 Apk Download:


As for the illustrations of the game, they look very beautiful. Regardless, the interaction is on par with what you would expect. There are also a number of combos or endings that can kill you with one hit. Landing is very difficult, but if done correctly, it will kill the opponent with one blow. There are four buttons that can be used to perform a variety of combinations.

Patterns of play

Tekken games like Tekken 2 for Android were popular in the past. It had many amazing interactive modes. Volleyball was a mode of play that existed at that time. Apart from that, there is arcade mode, story mode, setting mode, etc. Go through the arcade mode to unlock the characters. By continuing the story mode, you can continue the plot that ended in Tekken 1. In Tekken 2, each character has its own story mode.

Easy to use controls

The game requires four main buttons to attack punches and kicks with the right hand, left hand, right leg and left leg. In the preparation stage of the game, you can quickly adapt to a variety of cool combo attacks. By pressing two buttons at the same time and using a task combination and joystick, you can perform a variety of unusual actions. You can also assign key combinations to the L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons to quickly click two specific buttons with the push of a button.

The game size is low

Many people are looking for a 25MB version of Tekken 2 APK, so you will get it here. You will get an APK file of this low in megabytes and you will be able to play the game with all its features. You can also find additional Tekken Android games on this site, all compressed with very small percentages. So if you want to play all the amazing Tekken games, make sure to check them all out.

Many Characters

Tekken 2 is famous for its characters. There are many different characters that you can play with. If you count the number of these characters, there are more than 20 characters in this game that you can play with.

Arcade Mode

As you know, the game has many different characters. But the thing is, out of these characters, only 10 of them were unlocked. All others are blocked.

Tekken 2 Apk Download

In order to access and play them, you need to unlock those characters.

For this, you need to play the arcade mode and complete different missions and levels, and then you will be able to unlock those characters.

Training Mode

If you’re new to the game and don’t know how to play, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in the form of a practice mode. In this mode, you can try different moves and get used to the game controls.


Talking about the game controls, the game has only 4 main controls that you can fight with. These are right and left punches and right and left kicks. You can mix these moves together by pressing buttons together to make your own move.

Special character moves

The game contains characters with different types of special moves. Each character has a number of 5 different special moves. The number of different combo moves for a single character is 10 and you can only boost one final move to eliminate the opponent.

Tekken 2 Apk Download

Tekken 2 APK Download

So after downloading the Tekken 2 app, you can start playing this amazing game, and that is its beauty. Very few players will say that they don’t like playing nostalgic games like Tekken 2. Tekken 2 is the game based on the plot of the previous game, which makes it more exciting; The creators have put everything in place for us. If you have any issues installing or playing with it, please leave a comment below. You can also download Tekken 4 APK Download.

How to Download and Install Tekken 2 Apk Download?

  • First of all, download Tekken 2 for PC using the link below.
  • After downloading the first file, extract it with WinRar.
  • Then open the folder and run it after extracting, don’t open the folder and run it with an emulator.
  • Now enjoy playing this game on PC.


Tekken 2 Apk Download is a game for people who want to enjoy their old days and play games on their smartphones. This game does not require an emulator to play, so you will not be late and the gaming experience will be smooth. So download the game now and enjoy the fighting.

Tekken 2 Apk Download is undoubtedly a triumphant return to form. Although the game makers may have relied on the brand alone to market this game, they did their best to build on the original and offer a better product. Have you noticed this atmosphere, young man? The battle engine is amazing. The designs are just amazing. There is a lot of movement in the movements of the characters. This is a fatal blow to the game. Go get it now, and with a few minor tweaks, you’ll thank me for all you’ve done.


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