Timestamp Camera Pro v1.202 Download (Paid Premium Version) 2022

Timestamp Camera Pro v1.202 (Mod, Download For Android)

Timestamp Camera Pro is an application that allows you to add time and current location to your images, as well as any other text. It may appear to be a basic feature, but it is really valuable to anyone who uses it on a daily basis. Adding information to images enhances the artistic value of your work. It’s especially handy for archiving unforgettable memories based on the date and location of their occurrence. Timestamp Camera Pro will make it simple for you. This is a special programme that allows you to add any essential information to your images.

By the way, you’ve probably seen and used a lot of great editing apps on the Internet, but you haven’t seen a timestamp watermark option in any photo editing program until now. So, today, we’ve created a unique software for you, in which you may add a Timestamp watermark to your images and videos. Timestamp Camera Pro APK is the name of the application. This is a sophisticated and professional camera that allows you to shoot high-definition videos and images anywhere. You can download this software for free from our website.

Timestamp Camera APK is an old programme that allows you to effortlessly record videos and take beautiful images. This app belongs to the photography category. Bian Di is the one who created and published it. You will discover everything you require in this app. You can show Timestamp’s watermark on the display if you’re taking video somewhere, such as a birthday party, meeting, or another event. This tool allows you to effortlessly add a Timestamp watermark to your video, making it look professional.

Timestamp Camera is a user-friendly camera with a customizable and flexible AI that provides users with numerous benefits. It also excels in adding comprehensive and neat information to images, such as location, shooting time, and maps. In brief, the software not only allows users to take high-quality images but also allows them to see critical information about the location of each shot or video.

Today, recording video on your smartphone is just too simple. More than 80% of smartphones manufactured from 2017 forward feature excellent cameras. In a well-maintained digital camera, you can record full HD videos. This is also made easier by the current technological advancements in video-enabled applications.

Timestamp Camera is the greatest (maybe the only) programme for instantly adding a timestamp to new movies. When capturing a snapshot or video in real-time, the current time and address are automatically inserted; you may easily modify the time format or move the address around. Yubin Chen’s Timestamp Camera Pro is a photo and video app. It has a 5-star rating on the AppStore and has had over 557 ratings throughout its existence. The app’s most recent version is 1.112, which was released around a month ago on the Google Play Store.

Recording videos and taking images has never been easier thanks to technological advancements. We live in a world where we have the ability to immortalise every moment, at any time. Smartphones have made it possible for us to take as many videos as we want. However, most smartphones lack built-in timestamps. If you want this function, you’ll need to get Timestamp Camera Pro, which includes it and a lot more.

What is Timestamp Camera Pro?

It may be little and take up little space, but its painting capacity is exceptional. Timestamp Camera Pro can assist you in inserting all of the necessary data and textual material into the photographs, as well as creating a template for the photographs. As a result, whenever a photograph is taken, this information is available without the need for any publish-manufacturing labour.

What kinds of statistics can Timestamp Camera Pro add to an image? Quite a bit. Date, time, photographing place, address, name, map, compass, emblem… Not only can you add something to an image, but you can also add something to any video on the tool.

Automatic data insertion is supported.

From the initial use, Timestamp Camera Pro will make it simple for consumers to access. As long as you select the applicable date and time insert functionality, the app will use the device’s clock to display the proper time information. The location is the same; all you have to do is choose the location item and allow the app to access the device’s location to acquire the most accurate location data. Furthermore, this programme offers seven distinct ways to show content information. The top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, and so on are among them. As a result, you may quickly place the information in the most appropriate spots for viewing.

Add a variety of stuff and make it your own.

Timestamp Camera Pro not only allows users to insert their current location and time, but it also allows them to choose from a variety of options. In particular, you can rapidly input short, arbitrarily long text or even emojis. Furthermore, with just a few simple procedures, this tool allows you to put logos right into images or movies.

After you’ve finished customising, don’t forget to change the way the content is displayed to fit your needs. Font, size, thickness, aspect ratio, photo mode, and other modifications are available in Timestamp Camera Pro. All of these options are available in this app for users to tailor information according to their preferences.

Features of Timestamp Camera Pro:

With the aid of this app, you may shoot high-quality films and add a timestamp to images. This provides you with some great optimizations that function nicely. It is compatible with a wide range of devices. All you have to do is switch on the location, and it will appear in your photo and video. Aside from that, you have access to a number of unique features that will be extremely beneficial to you. So, let’s have a look at some of its features.

On-camera custom text and emoji

You can add custom text to your photographs and videos if you wish, and the name of your channel will appear in the description. Emojis can also be customised to fit your mood. This software allows you to add a variety of phrases and emoticons to your photo or video.

61 format for timestamps

You will find 61 distinct Timestamps formats in this application’s feature, from which you can choose one and use it. All of the formats in this article are pre-made, so you can tweak them to fit your needs in your films and photos. This software is pretty sophisticated in that it displays the time of each minute.

Change the font, colour, and location of the text.

With that, you have the freedom to modify any of the colours, fonts, styles, or sizes to your heart’s content. You can choose from seven different fonts and colours, as well as alter the text size and colour. You can now do it wherever, on the top, bottom, or in the middle. Your films and photographs can be completely customised using this software.

Mode for preserving battery life

This programme has a power saver mode that dims the brightness of your device’s screen and conserves battery life. When you’re shooting long films or taking a lot of images at once, this will come in handy.

On the camera, adjust the altitude and speed.

Users can add logos to Timestamp Camera Pro Mod APK and employ a variety of effects. You can shoot video without audio or with audio depending on your needs with this programme. It also supports GPS, altitude, and speed, all of which are described in detail in the video.

Insert timestamps

Despite the fact that our cellphones are capable of a lot, they don’t have a built-in timestamp like DSLRs. This is critical for many people who want to embed information in their movies. As a result, the only option would be to modify them after the recording was completed. When you have Timestamp Camera Pro, though, everything changes! This is one of the most useful programmes for adding timestamps.

61 format for timestamps

You can choose from 61 different timestamp types in this programme. These formats have already been created and may be readily modified to fit your videos and demands. The app is so precise that it can even display time in milliseconds.

Change the font, colour, and location of the text.

You also have the option of changing the font, font colour, and font size. Then you can choose from seven different positions to customise. This could be on the top, bottom, or anywhere else. This programme allows you to completely personalise your films to meet your specific requirements!

GPS, altitude, and speed are all factors to consider.

Apart from that, Timestamp Camera Pro also lets you add GPS, altitude, and speed to your photos. When it comes to these things, the app has pinpoint precision and allows you to readily observe the information on the video. You can also change the scale, size, position, and transparency of the map.

Emojis and custom text

You can also add custom text to your movies, such as a brief explanation or your channel name if you choose. You can also include an emoji to help express the mood you’re trying to portray. You can add as many texts and emojis as you want without having to go into editing!

Effects and a custom logo

You can also use Timestamp Camera Pro to add your logo and a variety of other effects. Depending on your needs, you can film without audio or with audio. You can add real-time effects to everything you do here!

Mode for preserving battery life

This programme also offers a Battery Saver Mode that automatically changes the screen brightness to conserve battery life. When you’re filming for long periods of time and don’t want your phone to die on you, this can come in useful.

Download Timestamp Camera Pro free for Android

To summarise, Timestamp Camera Pro is a really useful programme. This programme has most of the typical items that a person could want to include or add to his or her image/video, and it also allows us to alter a variety of other things. If you require this, you should immediately get Timestamp Camera Pro. You can also download Adobe After Effects APK.

How To Download TimeStamp Camera Pro?

Here is a tutorial on how to download and install any apk or game on your device. To install the file on your device, simply follow the steps below:-

How to Setup Timestamp Camera Pro

  • First, go to our link and download the given file.
  • Then, if you haven’t already, go to Download and Enable Unknown Sources. (This type of file may harm your device) This pop-up appears when we download an Apk from anywhere other than the Play Store.)
  • Activate! Enjoy.

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