What’s Tool Wal And Chat and 10 + Apk Download


What’s Tool Wal And Chat and 10 + Apk Download:

what’s Tool Walk Chat Apk,

An all-in-one app with power, chat, live chat, voice scanning, status saving and more…


1. Walk and chat:

You can run and talk on the road in front of the road screen with a transparent background (using the camera) to prevent accidents.


2. Web what’s;

Do you want to open two accounts on the same device or on the same account on different devices and devices so that this application is convenient for you? You can now run multiple watts on one device.

what’s Tool Walk Chat Apk,

False chat words:

Now you can create false words to make a person forget and enjoy the moment. You can use it to have fun with your friends.


4. UnStored numbers;

With this b you can send any unlocked number on Waskin, or you can see if the weather number is available on WhatsApp or not.


5. Asci faces ( like what’s scan emoji);

It allows you to send ASCII pages to your friends and will work for cell phones that do not contain any vaccine images.


6. Repeat the text;


what’s Tool Walk Chat Apk,

With Text Repeat you can type in any sentence or point and repeat it as many times as you want with just one click and you can post it directly on Facebook.


7. Captions of Status;

Watson Facebook status with categories such as sad attitude, good attitude, behavioral status, etc.


8. SMS Amoji or text emoji:

This allows you to enter the name of the message in your favorite emoji. Is not it pretty? With just one click, you can copy and share it on social media.

what’s Tool Walk Chat Apk,

9. Status savoir of what’s App;

Allows you to save your friends status and post on WhatsApp.


10. Watt Abbreviations / shortcuts:

It allows you to open WhatsApp on your phone. Open the WhatsApp command immediately to open WhatsApp.
Speak and pave the way.


11. Gallery for what’s;

You can manage all the media, just like images of video documents from one place.

what’s Tool Walk Chat App.



Walk & Chat
Fake Chat
Unsaved Numbers

Text Repeater
Caption Status
Text to emoji
Whats Shortcuts
Whats Status Saver
And Whats Gallery.



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