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Whatsapp Plus Apk v21.20 Free Download Old Version 2022

Whatsapp Plus Apk is one of the most widely used messaging programs in the world. Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version 2022. There is an app on every smartphone that connects users worldwide. Developers are eager to offer WhatsApp mods that are comparable to the original app but have additional intriguing features due to WhatsApp’s rising popularity. For Android users looking for a WhatsApp alternative, one such APK is WhatsApp Plus. We included some advice and the most recent download links for WhatsApp Plus APK 2022 versions in this article.

Message-based communication did spark a revolution once cellphones were widely available. In actuality, it altered the entire process. After that, the necessity for communication security became urgent. Due to this requirement, people developed novel solutions. Because of this, WhatsApp entered the market and quickly gained traction. Currently, around a billion people use it. However, this article will inform you about WhatsApp Plus APK, a sibling application with additional features and capabilities. End-to-end encryption enables secure communication for all parties.

Your regular WhatsApp account’s features are all brought to the forefront by WhatsApp Plus, which also offers additional options to ensure a better chat experience. The WhatsApp Plus interface takes its cues from the original WhatsApp design, making it simple to use on its own. After all, doing so prevents you from having to become acclimated to a ton of new tabs and controls.

A well-liked modification of the original WhatsApp program is WhatsApp Plus. With the addition of new features, it is essentially identical to the original software. XDA was originally responsible for creating WhatsApp Plus APK. However, they ceased distributing new versions of this APK in 2020 and took all of the earlier iterations off their platform. Later, this APK was produced by two other developers that joined the company. Currently, millions of people have downloaded WhatsApp Plus.

Additionally, WhatsApp Plus is a fantastic program for managing numerous accounts, disguising your online status, and providing blue ticks for your introverted requirements. It can be used to share a variety of personalization options, high-quality image downloads, and other things with your pals. If you don’t know how to react to a text, you can use this software to hide your writing state. Currently, one of WhatsApp’s most well-liked MODs is called WhatsApp Plus. For millions of people, WhatsApp is by far the most common form of communication.

Whatsapp Plus Apk has been changed to become WhatsApp Plus. It is a service created for customers of the original apps that want more comprehensive settings, or more adaptable choices. Based on the standard WhatsApp version, this MOD has more choices to provide users greater freedom. As a result, WhatsApp Plus provides stronger privacy options, a user experience that is much more customizable, and the ability to communicate data and files that are practically limitless in both quantity and size.

You may download WhatsApp Plus right now and use it on your phone. For those who desire extra functionality in their messaging software, there is this amazing WhatsApp mod. When you download WhatsApp Plus APK for Android, you will enjoy using these features. The features and installation instructions for one of the most popular WhatsApp mods, WhatsApp Plus, are provided here. Read the post to learn more about this fantastic mod that you can install on your phone.

One of the best WhatsApp mods now accessible on the internet is WhatsApp Plus 2022. It goes by the name of WhatsApp Plus APK. Do you know how it rose to the top among mods? Because it has a ton of features, such as add-ons, a message scheduler, a ton of privacy options, and multimedia features, among others. If you read this post all the way through, I guarantee you will learn everything there is to know about WhatsApp Plus.

All of us in the current generation loves social media. That’s how WhatsApp came to be created. We can call for free from anywhere in the world thanks to it. WhatsApp has a ton of functions, but there isn’t much privacy. As a result, third-party developers started changing this program rather than the official level. The greatest WhatsApp Plus APK and WhatsApp MOD APK were among the many customized versions of it they produced.

Simply put, WhatsApp Plus is an altered version of WhatsApp. You can use it as a chat app to text your pals and send them emoticons, movies, images, documents, and other content. The most recent version of WhatsApp that lets you completely customize it is called WhatsApp Plus. Any third-party website that hosts WhatsApp will have a download link.

Many Android Apps offer their own advantages, but installing WhatsApp Plus APK on an Android smartphone can give you access to even more capabilities. The most recent version of WhatsApp Plus APK download offers capabilities that the official version of WhatsApp does not.


Features of Whatsapp Plus Apk:

Themed amenities

Users of this software can select from a variety of distinct, useful, and visually appealing themes. The entire UI is modifiable. The color of the text, buttons, and visuals can be chosen. There is no customization option in the original App. This App makes it simple to select the ideal aesthetic appearance because of this. The App offers more than 700 different themes. Additionally, themes do not need to be downloaded separately.

More smileys

The original App features emoticons that add emotion and reality to the dialogue. However, this app has expanded its library of emoticons. For improved communication, Google Hangouts’ emoticons have been introduced. But there’s a problem. Only those who have WhatsApp Plus can see the emoticons. New emoticons won’t appear in the message if you send one and the recipient has the original app.

Concealing alternatives

The original App’s users were sick of having other people disturb them when they were online. Because of this, WhatsApp Plus added a hiding option. You can keep your status a secret from anyone or any group. Within the realm of encrypted communication, this possibility created new flexibility.

Option for advanced file sharing

The 16 MB file limit on the original WhatsApp creates an intriguing conflict among data distributors. This app makes it simple for users to share files up to 50 MB in size. Additionally, this app offers file manipulation for files between 2MB and 50MB. The original App does not have a sophisticated file-sharing feature.


You can clear chats, eliminate all the additional chats, and clean up any other clutter using this tool.

Recording Condition:

Another fantastic feature of Whatsapp Plus APK allows you to conceal your recording status from others.


Only Whatsapp Business Accounts can utilize this feature, however, Whatsapp Plus developed it to make life easier for its users. Therefore, you can set and send an Auto-reply message to the people you want by using this feature.


The infinite Wallpapers offered by this fantastic program are yet another amazing feature. With this function, you may create stunning wallpaper on your chat screen. Everyone loves to set distinctive wallpaper on their walls.

The past and logs:

The History and Logs feature of Whatsapp Plus APK was created because the official Whatsapp did not offer it. In this scenario, you are able to maintain a record of every account activity. You can benefit greatly from this feature in a number of ways.

Styles and Fonts:

With this option, you can receive a range of different colors, sizes, styles, and shapes of fonts, which is something that everyone wants to maintain.



The user can share stuff using this software in a way that Official Whatsapp does not support. You can share films longer than 30 seconds, HD-quality pictures, and audio files up to 100 MB in size.

Altering the launcher’s icon

The official WhatsApp icon will be visible when you first launch the app. You can modify this app’s launcher icon on your phone by downloading WhatsApp Plus APK. It implies that when you open WhatsApp, you’ll see something different than in the official WhatsApp.

Shared purpose:

The share feature is available in the most recent WhatsApp Plus APK on your phone. It makes it easier for you to share your valuable photos, videos, and documents with your connections.

Backup for a chat:

One of WhatsApp Plus’s most intriguing features is the backup data. On your Android device, you can create historical backups of your data using the mod versions. As you are aware, WhatsApp gave you end-to-end encryption, which prevents anyone from accessing your communications.

Get notified when a new update version is available:

Constantly scanning for updated program versions might be really frustrating at times. For this reason, the makers of WhatsApp Plus APK give you the notification feature so you can receive an update. This will prompt you to use the most recent version of this WhatsApp mod even if you are occupied.

Online status is hidden:

For each contact, you can conceal the most recent choice. This will prevent the other person from seeing your last seen and learning when you last used WhatsApp on your Android device when he opens the conversation page.

Red Tick:

When you open a message on the messages screen, the blue ticks will appear. To remove the blue ticks from the conversation screen, simply download the WhatsApp Plus APK for Android by clicking on the download link.

Profile image:

Your profile picture gives you extra privacy options. Your WhatsApp photo can be hidden on WhatsApp Plus if you don’t want anyone to see it. This could prevent the individual who isn’t on your contact list from seeing your profile photo.

Writing status is hidden:

Install the WhatsApp Plus APK version on your phone to hide your writing status if you don’t want anyone to know you’re writing a message in a discussion. Therefore, the recipient will never be aware when you enter or write a message, allowing you to send them a lengthy message to gauge their response.

Hide contacts’ viewing status:

The fascinating thing about WhatsApp Plus is that while you may check your contacts’ statuses, they won’t be aware of it.

Suppress voice calls:

This phone call option that displays the incorrect number is a useful function that you can utilize when you need it.

Status of copy and paste:

With WhatsApp Plus, you have the option to copy a contact’s status without having to write it out again if you like it. You will save time and effort by doing this and won’t have to exert additional effort to create the caption on your own. You can submit that caption to your own tale and utilize it as well.

Share videos with no restrictions:

Only videos with a file size of less than 1 MB can be sent using the original WhatsApp app. However, WhatsApp Plus allows for unlimited video streaming.


Emojis are a favorite way to communicate if you frequently use Google Hangouts. Setting sticker packs to download and use a variety of emojis is recommended.

Adapt your interface:

Your user interface can be made to look really attractive. There are a ton of customizing options that are absent from WhatsApp’s official edition.

Share Address:

This enables location sharing with just one click, so you may call your friends in an emergency and share your current location with them so that they can come to your aid right away.

Size of date:

Using the most recent version of the WhatsApp Plus APK software on your phone will allow you to modify the status icon’s size and color.

Change the color of the blue tick: The blue ticks in the WhatsApp mod can now be completely changed. You can alter its colors using the available choices.

System Requirements:

  • Android Version 4.0 or Later is Required
  • It Can Be Installed on Android Devices That Are Not
  • The “Unknown Sources” setting must be activated in order to install the app using an APK file.


  • WhatsApp Plus includes all the capabilities the standard WhatsApp app lacks if you’re tired of the drab colors and low image resolutions. I’m confident you haven’t used any of these features even though you may have been using WhatsApp for months or even years.
  • Hide your online status: If you just want to browse WhatsApp or stalk individuals without anyone knowing, this option is perfect for you! The ability to hide your online status is a feature shared by the majority of WhatsApp APKs, which comes in handy on days when you just don’t feel like talking to anyone.
  • Hide blue ticks: In WhatsApp, users receive different numbers of ticks: one when a message is sent, two when it has been delivered, and two blue ticks when it has been seen. This feature is great for ghosting people because you can conceal the fact that you have read their message.
  • Writing status: The app displays many dots to let the other user know you’re typing when you’re composing a message. With the help of this tool, you can avoid seeming awkward while you’re speechless. Without making it obvious that you’ve been trying to reach for a while, you can type and delete as many responses.
  • Recording status: Just like the writing status, you can use the recording studio to cover up your embarrassingly protracted response-generation process.
  • Sticker Packs: From the website, you can purchase cool stickers that you can send to your contacts. So that you always have the newest, coolest stickers, keep yourself informed on the hottest sticker trends. If you can’t find anything you like, you can design your own sticker set; all you need to do is download the sticker maker from the website and install it.
  • Cleaner: Since the capacity of a smartphone is limited, you’ll need a technique to delete old chats and other unnecessary things that take up space. You don’t need to delete messages with this function because the cleaning handles it for you specifically.
  • Wallpapers: Without wallpapers, customization is obviously incomplete. You may get all the wallpapers you need from our website.
  • Auto-reply: The WhatsApp Business app has a function called auto-reply that is missing from the standard WhatsApp app. In this situation, WhatsApp Plus is useful. When you are too lazy to type by yourself, the most recent version allows you to arrange automatic replies.
  • Themes: You must install the newest WhatsApp Plus themes if you want to make your chats entertaining and engaging. These topics are intended to make your discussion time more enjoyable. Additionally, they enhance the aesthetic appeal and style of your interactions. Enjoy your chat time by downloading these new WhatsApp themes! Check out the many WhatsApp Plus new themes now.
  • Color schemes are a matter of taste. If you adore the conventional shade of green, you might choose a more feminine theme. In the interim, you might choose a Batman or Superman theme if you prefer a dark tone. This is due to the use of black and white in these themes. However, if you enjoy music, you might want to try the Batman theme. You can use this function to alter the application’s backdrop color.
  • Customization: You can alter the headers, chat screen, and the main screen to reflect your preferences in addition to choosing wallpapers and themes. In addition to the conversation features, you may alter the widgets and notification messages.
  • Sharing: The original WhatsApp app’s sharing feature is a drawback. Only brief movies and audio files under 1 MB can be shared. The worst part is that you don’t get the original resolution when you save an image. Thankfully, WhatsApp Plus allows you to share films longer than 30 seconds and supports up to 7 minutes. Keeping the original image quality allows you to share 50MB of films and 100MB of audio files.
  • Security: You’d want to safeguard WhatsApp if you wanted more privacy, right? However, you are unable to accomplish that since WhatsApp lacks that capability; WhatsApp Plus does. Since WhatsApp Plus offers you greater protection than the original by demanding a password before you can launch the messaging app, you do not need to install third-party software to use it.
  • Logs and history: This feature is ideal if you’re a meticulous person who likes to keep a record of your activity. Because this feature keeps track of your activity, including when you open and close the program, you can trace your log and history.
  • Fonts and design: This specific Whatsapp mod offers a large number of fonts in a variety of fantastic shapes, sizes, and forms. You would undoubtedly be eager to give them a try.
  • Are you sick and bored of WhatsApp’s plain, outdated, boring font? Hold on to your horses though, because WhatsApp Plus offers a variety of fonts. Do you wish to use fonts to display your sloppiness and eccentricity? Decide on Comics Sans. Do you intend to sound adorable? The writing style or cookie typeface must exist someplace. This is fantastic for allowing for even more personalization and font expression.


  • Similar to WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Plus is a messaging app. This improved version has none of those drawbacks. There may be two dangers associated with this APK, though. Malware or viruses are the first, and being removed from the original software is the second.
  • The versions that are available on this page have been examined and are free of malware. While downloading or installing the software from this page, there is absolutely no risk of contracting a virus. On the other hand, mod creators are eager to create anti-ban variations so that users can access limitless functions. As a result, you can use WhatsApp Plus for a long time before being blocked.

How to Download and Install Whatsapp Plus Apk?

In conclusion, WhatsApp APK is a very user-friendly program that is also quite simple to install. By following these instructions, you may quickly and effortlessly install the app on your phone.

  • You can easily get the WhatsApp Plus app for Android by clicking on the link below.
  • Installing third-party apps requires you to allow “Unknown Sources” in your phone’s settings.
  • Return to the download page, click the “Download” button in the green, and then choose “Install.” Before launching the app, wait for the installation to be finished.
  • Open WhatsApp Plus APK 2022, then touch “Sign Up” or “Log In” at the top of the page to access your account.
  • Now you may take advantage of all these new features!

Install this APK app on your device after downloading it.

  • By launching Whatsapp and then selecting Settings -> Chats Backup, you may back up your chat history.
  • Then wait until your entire chat has been backed up.
  • You should now install the Whatsapp Plus APK that you previously got from the aforementioned link on your android device.
  • Your cellphone number must be entered during installation and verified using an OTP code that is downloaded automatically.
  • Then, a request to enter your name and phone number will appear. Utilize WhatsApp Plus’s features to connect with everyone in the globe on your Android device.


What distinguishes the official WhatsApp from WhatsApp Plus, question one?

There is enough separation between the two of them. The number of privacy features in the official WhatsApp is limited. As you are aware, we are unable to conceal our opinions regarding other people’s status updates, our own online activity, blue ticks, etc. Completely of the aforementioned capabilities, however, are accessible with WhatsApp Plus APK and are all free.

Except for WA Business, neither the official nor the third-party versions of WhatsApp have sticker makers, built-in cleaning features, auto-replies, chat screen customization capabilities, or any of a number of other features. But WhatsApp Plus has these functionalities as well. This is how WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus differ greatly from one another.

Can I get prohibited from using WhatsApp Plus APK?

WhatsApp Plus has one significant drawback in addition to all of its magnificent features. And doing so results in a permanent account ban. But only when we utilize it for a very long time does that happen. The temporary use of WhatsApp Plus won’t ever result in the suspension of your account.

Better avoid creating an account on WhatsApp Plus using your crucial phone number. Use a temporary number if you must, as official WA policies, terms, and conditions may result in your WhatsApp account being suspended in any instance. The usage of WhatsApp modifications is prohibited.

Can I use WhatsApp Plus on an iOS device?

Yes, WhatsApp Plus is available for iOS. If you own an iOS smartphone, you don’t need to worry because you can still use WhatsApp Plus. There aren’t many WhatsApp Plus IPAs available right now, but some are being created. However, you can visit other websites to download WhatsApp Plus IPA files for iOS devices as we do not presently have any on this website.

The IPA file will soon be available on this website as well. So that you don’t have to waste time looking for a simple download option, we will release it as soon as we can. Additionally, right now you can download WhatsApp Plus for free if you have an Android device. Just remember to use a temporary number to protect your account.

How can I upgrade my WhatsApp Plus APK?

You can either go to the official website or this website to update your WhatsApp Plus APK. We take the most recent upgrades to our APKs seriously. We post the updated version as soon as the most recent update is available. Additionally, we provide a one-tap downloading option for quick downloads, which is extremely unique in today’s world of pop-ups and advertisements on the internet.

We just provided you with the most recent version of WhatsApp Plus, which is right now accessible online. Visit our websites frequently for additional APK mods that are updated and completely functional.

In Whatsapp Plus APK, can I conceal my view from someone else’s status?

There are numerous privacy settings in WhatsApp Plus APK that are beneficial to all users. There is a “hide the view from status” option. As you are aware, there are many lies and secrets in the world. Official WhatsApp is no longer secure because of this. In order to divert our focus, we need a little more seclusion.

WhatsApp Plus operates in this manner. Everyone can use WhatsApp Plus’s full feature set for free, young or old. However, avoid linking your main WhatsApp account to WhatsApp Plus as doing so could result in the suspension of your official WhatsApp account. For occasional use, WhatsApp Plus is fantastic.

Final Words:

Well, WhatsApp Plus APK is wonderful in a lot of ways. For instance, it contains amazing features that are far better than those of the official WhatsApp. In comparison to the official WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus allows us to accomplish a lot of things that are not now possible. But as we are all aware, there is one drawback: using it may result in the suspension of our account. You can also download Booty Farm Mod Apk.

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