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In Zombie Road Trip the rules are simple - escape the zombie horde or have your brain eaten. Are you up for the challenge?
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May 31, 2019
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Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk 3.30 (Unlocked) Free Download Latest Version 2022

Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk – There isn’t a specific scene in the game, but it’s likely that everyone has been infected by a terrible virus, and the only survivor has the unfortunate fate of having to escape the zombie-infested city on one of the cars. Along the way, you’ll pass a group of hostile zombies in addition to standing dead that is simple to press. It’s critical to keep in mind that the hero sweeps the crowd of the living dead, making a few careless movements deadly.

Zombie Road Trip (MOD, money/unlocked) is a fantastic racing sim with amazing graphics and highly intricate physics because the game is based on it. You will have access to a number of guns and vehicles in this game, including ones with laser sights. You question, “Why such weapons?” Additionally, for those who must also contend with the zombie apocalypse!

Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk is an arcade racing game that combines Hill Climb Racing with a zombie apocalypse with video game themes. Once the infection had rendered everyone a zombie, the protagonist had to escape from the crowd in a car. The player will initially be able to choose a basic vehicle without any extras. His strength is sufficient to go past a few of the introductory levels. After obtaining the initial payment, the player must utilize it to upgrade vehicles and purchase weaponry. You will acquire more stylish cars and more potent weapons as you advance.

Additionally, you must continue forward to eliminate any zombies that are in your way because they greatly slow you down. There are a ton of locales in the game, along with beautifully rendered Automobiles. While not poor, the graphics are boring and must be made up for with intense gameplay and a great soundtrack. Great arcade racing game with a zombie apocalypse theme, Zombie Road Trip.

Free direct download of Zombie Road Trip’s most recent version from RexDl. The rules of Zombie Road Trip are straightforward: either get away from the zombie horde or have your brain devoured. Do you feel up to the task? A game that blurs the lines between runner and racer trick games comes from the makers of the Tiki Totems series! In the never-ending game of survival, traverse the vast wastelands racing against the relentless Zombie Horde. Shoot the zombies in front of you with your impressive collection of weapons to see real ragdoll-packed gore in abundance!

The objective of the Android game Zombie Road Trip is to escape from a massive army of the dead, or else your priceless brains will be used to feed corpses. Are you prepared to confront these beings? Zombie Road Trip, from the makers of the equally fantastic Tiki Totems, blends elements of the most well-known genres. Along a lengthy wasteland, you’ll be chasing bloody zombies. It’s an endless race to stay alive. With the aid of an unfathomably large arsenal of weapons, you must destroy the army of the dead in front of you. It will be a truly magnificent spectacle.

Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk

In the arcade game Zombie Road Trip, we have to get behind the wheel of four-wheel-drive vehicles and go at top speed while dodging a large group of zombies that are prepared to rip us to pieces! Peel your fantastic weaponry off your car, and start and pump it as necessary. Numerous roadblocks, such as zombies, may be faced along the trip, slowing down our vehicles. Our odds of having our brain devoured decrease as the speed increases. Explode ravenous animals and perform aerial maneuvers to get additional cash for upgrades!

With more than twenty cars and more than ten different weapons at your disposal in Zombie Road Trip MOD APK, there are countless possible combinations you may make. Simple laws govern Zombie Road Trip: either escape the zombie swarm or have your brain eaten. Willingness to accept the challenge The creators of the Tiki Totems trilogy have created a game that combines the restrictions of runner and racer trick games. Race through the huge wasteland against the unstoppable Zombie Horde in the never-ending game of survival.

Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk will come across the living dead, who are easily pressurized, in addition to a horde of agitated zombies. The enjoyable arcade game Zombie Road Trip MOD APK is based on the well-known Extreme Road Trip but offers a somewhat different gameplay experience. View More Amazing Free MOD Apps & Games. I sincerely appreciate you stopping by my website, buddy. Please remember to return to the Apk Download Hunt Site. We provide you with the most recent information about the top Android and iOS games and apps.


Players in Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk will have access to the thrilling gameplay as they make every effort to get away from the evil undead. As you ride over a variety of areas with distinctive terrain and obstacles, avoid their cunning attacks.

Give them a little shove with your car, or slam into them hard. Do all it takes to avoid coming into contact with those repulsive animals. But bear in mind the condition of your car right now to make sure everything is still alright.

Keep moving from one location to the next while running. You won’t be able to stay anywhere for a long time as the zombie apocalypse spreads. Simply keep moving and give it your all to survive the game’s never-ending difficulties.

Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk

Features of Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk:

Controls that are easy to use and provide flexible options

Due to the straightforward and basic controls, players of Zombies Road Trip will initially discover that they become accustomed to the game very quickly. Having said that, you will also have the choice of changing the controls by employing tilt controls and virtual buttons. The options vary based on your interests. You are welcome to play the game whatever you wish.

Visit many maps with various landscapes

You’ll go across a range of various maps in the game, each with a distinctive scenery and its own characteristics and difficulties. Additionally, each of your trials will seem brand-new due to the entirely random terrains’ use of fresh obstacles at every turn. Therefore, in order to defeat your opponents, you’ll need to become an expert at the controls rather than memorize the maps.

Grab a variety of weapons to get rid of the undead.

For those who are interested, Zombie Road Trip also presents players with a wide range of other weapons that they can utilize throughout their daring escapes. Having said that, you can choose your preferred one from the 10 available weapons. With your quick laser beam or limitless lines of bullets, you can instantly dispatch the zombies. You alone are in charge of the decisions.

To boost your chances of surviving, unlock new vehicles.

The game also includes a variety of vehicles, from common “cars” to the most exotic ones. The epic Trojan horse, the exotic alien, the werewolf, a motorbike, a customized supercar, a unicorn, or a watercraft are all possible modes of transportation. Having said that, anything in Zombie Road Trip is potentially ridable if you dare. So don’t be hesitant to select your preferred automobile among the more than 34 that are available.

Play the game and use the add-ons offered.

In addition, Zombie Road Trip has 8 different add-ons that you can purchase, which is unique compared to other games. These will make a lot of distinctive adjustments that will drastically alter how you play the game. Therefore, make sure you’re prepared for them.

To earn extra money, pull off amazing stunts using your vehicles.

In addition, Zombie Road Trip offers a variety of incredible stunts that you can attempt with your vehicles. Of course, your cars’ design and construction—which are typically very ridiculous—will also play a role. You may still perform your mid-air flips and collect fantastic bonuses whenever you want, though. Just be sure to land gently to avoid losing your life to the hungry zombies behind you.

Several accomplishments and tasks to fulfill

Zombie Road Trip offers a number of challenges and achievements that you can choose to fulfill in addition to its thrilling gameplay. These would be some excellent opportunities for you to obtain the special rewards that are only available through these challenges. Not to mention, if you succeed in completing those challenges, you’ll have plenty of reason to brag to your friends.

Participate in online competitions with friends and other players.

Speaking of friends, Zombie Road Trip players can continue their online gameplay with other players online. To compete against others, you can either take on the never-ending driving challenges or participate on the leaderboards.

Simply link the game to your social account to connect it with friends, and you’ll be able to view every one of them who has the game open.

Free to use

It’s also astonishing that, despite its incredible features, the game is still available for free to all Android users. However, it is very accessible on the Google Play Store. You may instantly have it available on your mobile devices by just tapping on the install button.

Obtain infinite funds using our mod.

However, many of you might find the game pretty unpleasant because it still offers in-app purchases and some commercials. As a result, you might like to install our mod to slightly alter the game.

You won’t be bothered by adverts or in-app purchases because the game will be fully unlocked once you have it. Everything is totally and fully free. You can get everything ready by simply downloading and installing the Zombie Road Trip Mod APK from our website.


Play the thrilling and addicting Zombie Road Trip zombie escape game with the realistic zombie demolition mechanics. Here, you can find yourself driving a powerful car and driving through a line of zombies, scattering them all over the place. The realistic and high-definition graphics also make it possible for Android players to fully appreciate the game. Not to mention that the game will run smoothly and be enjoyable on even low-end smartphones thanks to its simple graphics.

Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk


As you assist in leading your player to his safe in Zombie Road Trip, dive into the never-ending survival runs. shoving them off with the strong engines, crushing them with the weapons, and blowing them up with the amazing rockets. Everything will sound more authentic and enjoyable thanks to the realistic sound effects.

Investigate an Open World

As was already mentioned, Zombie Road Trip is a unique racing game. While dodging obstacles and zombies, you can travel over a wide and open universe. The setting is really well made and provides players with many chances to demonstrate their abilities.

Numerous Vehicles

Players can use a variety of various vehicles in the game to get around the environment. Automobiles, trucks, motorbikes, and even tanks are among them. These vehicles can also be upgraded by players to increase their speed and power.

Numerous Types of Zombies

The diversity of zombies that players must dodge in Zombie Road Trip is one of its finest elements. Zombies come in a variety of varieties, such as runners, shambles, and lurkers. Each type offers players a unique challenge.

Do not reload.

Comparing this game to most shooting games is completely pointless. Players are not required to reload their guns or gather ammo. This keeps the game’s tempo lively and fast-paced.

9 Unique Weapons

In the PC game Zombie Road Trip, you can utilize nine different types of weaponry to fight zombies. Machine guns, shotguns, flamethrowers, and even rocket launchers are among them. Players must decide which weapon to use at any given time because each one has advantages and disadvantages.

Enhanced Vehicles

As previously noted, monies amassed while playing Zombie Road Trip can be used to modify your vehicles. You’ll never enter the zombie apocalypse unprepared because you can perform actions like acceleration, defense, and health in addition to using your weapons.

A variety of game modes

In Zombie Road Trip, players can choose from a number of modes to play. Missions, competitions, and a play-for-as-long-as-you-like option are some of these. Every day is different because the game also has daily challenges!

Multiple Places

Players in Zombie Road Trip must make their way through a variety of settings, including cities and forests. It keeps the gameplay exciting and enables players to test their driving prowess in various situations.

Over a 100 accomplishments

Over 100 achievements can be obtained by players as they progress through the game. Additionally, players can earn daily and weekly milestones. Players have an incentive to keep playing thanks to this!

Many Clothes Options

Players can outfit their characters with various outfits by earning cash throughout the game. There are numerous choices, such as pants, boots, and shirts with various graphics and styles. The color of your character’s hair can also be changed!

Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk

How to Download and Install Zombie Road Trip Mod Apk?

  • If you already have Zombie Road Trip installed, you must first uninstall it.
  • Download Zombie Road Trip Mod APK from our website after that.
  • You must locate the apk file and install it after the download is complete.
  • To install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store, you must enable “Unknown Sources.”
  • After that, you may launch and appreciate Zombie Road Trip Mod APK.


What is Zombie Road Trip Mod APK?

The game Zombie Road Trip has been modified, and the revised version, Zombie Road Trip Mod APK, has more features and advantages.

Is it safe to use Zombie Road Trip Mod APK?

Because it lacks viruses or malware, Zombie Road Trip Mod APK is secure to use. It is also created by reputable developers, so you can be confident of its high caliber and security.

Final Words:

While Zombie Road Trip Mod is a good method to pass the time, there are several problems with it. The graphics are poor, and the zombie AI can occasionally be annoying. If you’re searching for something to occupy your time while riding the bus or waiting in a boring queue, I’d suggest this app. Although it isn’t flawless, it provides a fun alternative to other smartphone games. You can also download Zoom MOD APK.

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